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March 2 & 3 2019 

​Dallas, Texas

Ill teach you how to GO DEEP!

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Do you want to become a great quarterback and football player?

  •  Learn How to Play Quarterback like Brett Favre, Dan Marino, John Elway, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning
  • Learn How to Become Ranked as Pro Style Quarterbacks and Dual Threat Quarterbacks on Rivals.com 
  • Learn How to Get Selected to the ESPN Elite 11 Quarterback Camp
  •  Learn How to Make A Football Highlight Tape and what throws to demonstrate, how to send them out, and who to mail them 
  • Learn how to host college coaches at your home during recruiting visits 
  • Learn How to Handle & Deal with College Football Coaches & Recruiting 
  • Learn How to Handle Football Recruiting Letters 
  • Learn How to Pick the Right Football Offenses & Football Coaches 
  •  Learn How to Get Ranked on ESPN 100 & ESPN.COM
  • Learn How to Get Selected for Football All- Star Games like Army All-American Game or the Cali-Florida Bowl
  • Learn how to take recruiting trips
  • Learn about what its like your first year Division 1 Football 
  • Learn how to navigate the political waters of playing quarterback
  • ​Learn how to manage a quarterback room

Quarterbacks Harrison Beat or Was Ranked Higher Than Factually in High School:

1. Mark Sanchez

2. Andrew Luck

3. Carson Wentz

4. Chase Daniel 

5. Colt McCoy

6. Dak Prescott

7. Nick Foles

8. Jared Goff

9. Mitch Trubisky

11. Josh Allen 

12. Blake Bortles

13. Ryan Tannehill

14. Philip Rivers

15. Russell Wilson

16. Baker Mayfield 

17. Jake Fromm

18. Def Mike Glennon

19. Sam Darnold

​20. Patrick Mahomes