QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you about Mental Reps

​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you about the 2 minute drill. Listen to the quarterback coach in McKinney in Dallas. Trust your quarterback lesson in McKinney in Dallas. They say you can take a 6 foot quarterback and put them in the shotgun and they become Joe Montana. The shotgun was a place only for third down, and for trying to come back and win the game. The coach screams 2 minute. Mayday Mayday alert. You wind your arm in a circle. The fireman go and get the hose. They unwind it and start spraying water on everything. Every play is a pass. Every house is on fire. Every receiver on a route. Go go go! The team feels like private fire fighters hired by the Kardashians to save their beautiful home in Calabasas. How much does that shit cost? BTW. Anyways-- the play calls & names get shorter. You just say things like Randy Randy. Larry Larry. Halle Berry. One word names. Everyone knows the play, and you run it. Back in the day you use to have to native code apps. Now you just click, drag and drop templates. I want the twitter app. You click and drop into the cloud. Boom now you have the Instagram app, and just call it snapchat. Make a billion dollars. The 2 minute drill is a Chinese counterfeit version of football. Anyone can play. No thinking involved. Go to Vegas, grab a slot, pull the lever and win. Glitz and glamour. Every quarterback is a hall of famer celebrity. Somewhere Dan Marino, Steve Young, and Favre are like -- wtf bro I could throw 60 touchdowns a year in this system. Why the hell was I running so much I-formation? Green right slot z short dart 2 jet flanker post, black to a 93 weak FUP. Like having marbles in your mouth. Now you just scream. Razor Razor. And everyone runs sluggo seam. Not the 3 step, pump, slant and go, backside inside vertical to a stop. Just catch it in the shotgun like a short stop, pump and throw. Touchdown. Man that is the 6th one I have thrown today. I got to North Alabama, and Terry Bowden said, son I want you to throw 55 touchdowns this year. Not win games, not lead the team, or workout hard, or be a good person. Just I want 5000 yards and 55 touchdowns. 20 years earlier he went 21-0 off the toss sweep at Auburn with Dameyune Craig throwing one dig, and one slant per game. The irony of these old school coaches. Well you know what happens is they become analysts. They start traveling around for college gameday, and visiting practice, and seeing Texas Tech, and Washington State. They go- oh my god. What is this treasure I have found? Its brand new. Mike Leach is actually thinking about going back to the I-Formation. You know the old they go this way, I go that way. Never trust a group of people. Always do the opposite. That is why I am starting not to like Trump. I am scared of groups of people. So spread them out. They say Mike Leach has 1 sheet of paper. He lines up in the spread 4 wide receivers. They are all- preset to 4 verticals. He signals one of them to change to an option, or dig, or whatever. And you never know which one. This is different than the old if he runs a slant, he has to run a flat to pull the linebacker out method. Now you are creating one on one matchups like the golden state warriors. 1 on 1 and done. Gone. Touchdown. Every snap. You think you are playing zone, and the offense is just forcing you uncomfortably into man every play. Hey Wade, WTF I called 2 Man. I know but 3 receivers just ran shallow crosses and scraped across my face. It felt like when I go to the museum and step inside the hurricane machine. Or chuckee cheese and go into the wind phone booth that blows tickets around. I know there is a $100 dollar bill in here somewhere you said as a kid, only exiting with ones. Hey for charity, right. Look the 2 minute drill is life in the fast lane. Folks don't listen to Tom Petty anymore. They listen to Chainsmokers. Just like constant beats and heart rates, and catchy choruses. A ping pong ball bouncing around in your brain. When you play Madden football, you throw every snap. No one runs in the video game. Hence no one runs in real life anymore. I still don't think Lebron can play football. Bill Parcells recommended a drink a warm glass of milk, and listen to some smooth jazz, take a short nap. I tend to agree. Wait never mind they are playing picket fence and I am just going to throw it near the bottom 90 of the goal post. Not at an actual person, and he can jump and catch it. That is a real play by the way in the red zone. He would be perfect for it. Look, the 2 minute drill. Is about winning the game. You get in the shotgun. You declare that we are about to throw every single snap. You say stop me. The game is on the line. The crowd is liquored up. The coaches are like fuck it. Go deep. Everything is ready for primetime quarterback play. No plays to call. No time to think. Just animal instincts. A lion roars. A quarterback throws. Set Hut. Drops back. How come every time I tell a defense I am going to throw every snap, they just let me complete the 5 yard check down to the back over the middle. Here is why-- because coordinators all across the country have a bet that the quarterback is not patient enough to just take 5 yards. To drop back, throw it five yards accurately. And do that 20 times on the way to the end zone. So its a backhanded insult to the quarterback. The problem is Tom Brady just keeps saying thanks! That mother fucker takes takes takes. Don't leave your wife's jewelry on the counter when his ass comes over. That is how he beat the Seahawks in the Super Bowl 4 years ago. Also how the democrats are going to beat Trump. Death by a thousand cuts. Loss by a thousand throws. You would be amazed at the quarterbacks play in the 2 minute drill compared to his play in the middle of the first quarter on the second series. Is there batteries in this remote? That is why you see the coaches sometimes switch into 2 minute out of nowhere because it gives life to the game. All the sudden people are running back to the line of scrimmage. No more loafs of bread. The problem with the 2 minute drill is that it drains batteries, but you don't drain time. Games take forever with teams that throw a lot. The average quarterback is going to complete 70 percent of his passes. So 30 percent of the time the whistle is stopping the clock. I always blame failed passing attempts on the receiver, because they are not smart enough to blame it on me. Or I will fire their ass. I knew Blaine Gabbert was going to be terrible in the pros because you can't play in the Missouri spread offense and only throw 16 touchdowns. That is like the first 3 games. Anyways - the game lasts too long, and it can get kinky. You can go 3 and out really fast. The defense just got to the sideline for some pickle juice, and sardines and crackers. And all the sudden they have to go right back out there. Damn its like a soccer game now. So lots of running. Then you defensive backs get burnt in the 3rd quarter because they aren't use to running 6 miles a game. There coach convinced them to run 3 cone drills for agility. Old school vets like Steve Deberg run 5 miles a day bouncing a basketball. Why do you think Aaron Rodgers looks like the Maroon 5 singer? He probably only goes on runs with his boyfriend, and plays wall ball with Jake Plumber. But like I said the 2 minute drill is where the coach puts the plane into autopilot and lets it fly itself to Vegas. Dan Marino is like thank god-- as the cops take the handcuffs off his wrists. I told you officer I had a few margaritas and a mahi mahi sandwich. I am good. Next thing you know he takes the snap, and fakes a spike, and throws the game winner on Aaron Glenn of the Jets. No way the coach could have called that player. That was Marino in the 2 minute drill. I bet that dolphin in Ace Ventura was happy when he was kidnapped because he finally got to swim in the real ocean. With his fish friends. A smart man said to never watch a basketball game until the last 4 minutes. Nothing else matters. That is the 2 minute drill. 2 minutes that takes ten minutes, but feels like 2 minutes. Intense focus, intense energy. Last night I was watching Patrick Mahomes get the ball at 2 minutes, and get the ball at 1 minute. Almost like Goddell called down to McVay and said. Hey man throw the ball three times. Let him get another crack. This game has to be the Super Bowl. But then Mahomes with plenty of time, just tried to throw it 50 yards and got picked off. His entire game he was the biggest star on earth. But his two throws made me think. Wow- maybe he is just Jeff George. He got dented like a Tomato can. Like when folks take a submarine to the bottom of the ocean, and the pressure puts a dimple in the door. Hey its a Megalodon. You have to go up slowly from scuba diving 150 feet so you don't get oxygen bubbles in your lungs. Pat raced to the top. Got an aneurism. Died right there on the field. A black hole ate his star. It was like an end of the world movie, where you see an entire neighborhood shut their lights out in one electrical burst. He blew a fuse. Someone get the food out of the fridge. We have a warranty with Samsung on the fridge for grocery loss. Damn Patrick. I just texted my friend you were the realest. Now I have to text him NM with a crying face emoji. My credibility is shot. And I would like to think I am a quarterback savant. Andy Reid hands Wade Phillips a $20 bill. I fucking told you he couldn't just throw it 5 yards to his tight end 10 times. Look there were no x's and 0's, no talent on the field. Just two guys betting on a golf shot. Golf is hard because its about technique and concentration. And its hard to concentrate when you are getting blown by the Duchess of Bay Ridge in your white Lamborghini. Someone calls the FBI, and the SEC investigates your firm. You end up on house arrest drinking O'Doul's beer, patting your ex best friend on the back. Man those were the days. Now I just travel around the country giving motivational sales pitches. I guess it all worked out. They say the earth spins at 680,000 mph. That is why your feet are stuck to the ground. But my talent is out of this world. We have only been to the moon once. Space X has only launched a handful of rockets. You are better off just driving to work. Following the speed limit. Nicholas Cage was gone in sixty seconds and now he is on Netflix. I don't care. Fuck it-- I threw 6 touchdowns.

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