The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback 

​QB Lessons in McKinney in Dallas will teach you how to become Alpha. Listen to your Quarterback Coach in McKinney in Dallas. Trust your Quarterback Lessons in McKinney in Dallas. The irony of me listening to the Born to Be A Star soundtrack by Lady Gaga and writing this. The quarterback is the lead sled dog. They are the cock of the walk. They are a rooster. They chop wood, and eat red meat. They are a gravitational force that sucks you in like you brought a wheel chair into an MRI tube. Have you ever sold anything to someone before? You can't walk into the sale weak, and meek limbed, with a sad face. It has to be the greatest thing you have ever seen and sold in your entire life. You have to be confident in everything you do. Even if it sucks. You just rock it hard! You are just Macho Man Randy Savage on the mic after a loss threatening to take back the intercontinental title. You lost, and or are losing, and the winner thinks he is winning, and you just show up and the glass breaks and stone cold Steve Austin comes walking out. Or better yet he pulls up in his pickup truck, and beats up the low level wrestlers with a crow bar, and makes his way to the ring in a Zamboni to spray beer all over Shane McMahon. Nothing can stop you or stone cold Steve Austin, or macho man. Not thoughts, not feelings, not concerns. Someone says you threw an interception. Fuck an interception. Receiver probably can't catch. And you just throw another rocket. They sack you, and it hurts like hell. You just stand up bro, and get back on the horse, and go sheriff the city. I broke my collarbone verse Louisville one time on a corner cat blitz. Snapped that sucker in half. It hurt like hell. So I just took my left hand and grabbed my rib pad. And said I just wont use my left arm this play. Threw a bomb. Mind over matter baby. Anyways -- go have a beer tonight, and throw footballs in your football arcade machine in between sets of squats and shrugs while you are cooking a pot of spiral mac and cheese with extra butter, no milk and powdered cheese. Peace. My ego is undefeated. 

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