​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you how about the cafeteria. Trust the Quarterback Coaching in Mckinney. I need you to listen to these Quarterback Lessons in Mckinney. The cafeteria of a major division 1 university is pretty special place. At the University of Nebraska they have a massive griller and smoker just outside with huge hogs of prime rib, bacon wrapped filet mignon on there just nice. Grilling away. Every time you leave class and go to the cafeteria to eat, you walk by that smoking grill, breathing in the juices creating smoke like an oil leak in your Mercedes Benz clogs the throat of the bald headed guy in the Chevy bolt next to you at a neighborhood light. He rolls his window down, and says-- hey man your car is smoking. Thanks asshole, I am sitting in the car and can see the smoke. An oil repair costs $500 to fix in a Mercedes, you gonna pay for it. I just stare at him, and drive off and hope he doesn't follow me. I don't know I wouldn't know anyways because I make a lot of Instagram, and YouTube videos when driving. I haven't seen a road in a long time. I just feel and sense other cars like I am in the pocket at Colorado. God that is so bad. Hey the cafeteria is great. You can get king crab legs sawed in half. Brandon Jackson almost died from those. Had a shellfish allergy. Got them removed from campus. Thanks Brandon-- my only tie to Florida removed. No one here has even seen the ocean before. Look -- they had a philly cheese steak bar, a bacon wrapped filet bar, a prime rib & aus jus bar, a salad bar, an alfredo and pasta making station, an ice cream bar, cakes & brownies, all you can drink milk. Holy shit. Nebraska was like going to the Wynn Buffet in Las Vegas. You just found 4-5 plates of food. I would have a bowl of chicken alfredo, a steak, a glass of milk, some prime rib, and a philly cheese steak with French fries and ketchup. Just snacking on all of that at my pleasure. Then go cap it off with a dumb glass of ice cream, and cold milk mixed together with a spoon until in shake form. They use to be like Harrison -- why do you weigh 236 pounds. I don't know bro, maybe because I get to eat at the Wicked Spoon buffet everyday before class, and after practice. Although I will say James Harris had a whack nutrition bar near the weight room. Sorry bro, I am not going to eat a lucky charms crispy treat, or a Gatorade bar, or any of that nasty granola stuff. A scout once told me that the key to staying thin is to always eat foods that you can shit out without consequences. So a granola bar, or trail mix. You get full, and have no calories, or fat or anything. I tried it, but there is something about a cheeseburger on French bread. I just have to sink my fangs into it. The team snack at Nebraska was whack though. Bill Callahan ordered us grilled cheese sandwiches. WTF. They sucked. And then some stiff ass cookies. Terrible team snack. The worst ever. Lemonade and chocolate chip cookies. You ever try that combination. No. 

But then I left. I went over to NC State, and they had us eating with the students like common folks, among the peasants. Hey Chris from some random ass chemistry class. How are you? Why are you in my biscuits, bacon, and eggs, and milk line? I would wake up and go do 5 am agilities. Shower, then take my butt over to the food place. Walk in-- get a bunch of bacon, at least 30 strips, 4-5 biscuits, soft ones only, cream cheese, some eggs, maybe make them make me an omelet with cheese & bacon, cut it up, and put together an amazing breakfast sandwich. Maybe some French toast sticks with syrup to get the sugary sweet counterbalance. And just pound 7 - 8 glasses of milk. Amazing breakfast, amazing morning. Then go to my math class that a Vietnamese lady took, and I would fall asleep. Wake up, and be like, damn I got to pass this test. Then go to her office hours. The key to graduating college is to always go to office hours. They help you do your homework, and help you take the test. You pass that way. But damn I was stuffed. Then I would head on back over for lunch. NC State was not as rich as Nebraska. Lunch was like - chicken tenders & burgers, and fries-- cheap state fair type food. But I would pound at least 30 chicken tenders with ketchup. Glasses of milk. and Go to practice. The key to lunch is you had to get an ice cream cone after. The best part was when I found out that I had $300 semester on my NC State student card to use at the gift store. I started going and getting things like Milk, and Taco Bell, and Ice Cream, and Candy, and minor groceries. Blow that card out. I didn't realize until my Junior year that money was there. So I had racked up like $1500 dollars. I was student card rich. Balling out of control. Buying taco bell for my girlfriends. What do you need -- how about 10 soft tacos meat and cheese only? I got you. But then that card went blank. I used it all. NC State had the realest team snack of all time. They brought you to the Sheraton. They had all you can eat cheeseburgers, with cheese slices. All you could eat chicken tenders, and 4 different types of chicken wings. They had soft chocolate chip cookies, Snapple's, milk. OMG I would pound 5-6 cheeseburgers every night after our boring quarterback huddle. Harrison are you ready for the game tomorrow. We are going to run shallow cross. Yeah coach. Now the shut the fuck up, so I can go eat these cheeseburgers. I would be the last person in there, then waddle my ass up to the hotel room, and go to sleep. I had a terrible roommate- Daniel Evans. Like sleeping with a bible on my chest in the 1700's hoping the ghosts of the Salem witch trials didn't make me unpure from watching MTV. Hey Dan- you want to get a movie. Sure, how about Fast and Furious- something decent. End up watching Garden State or some whack movie. Damn. Anyways-- there is a recap of some solid dining in college. I will say that since my dad was a personal chef for Hulk Hogan as a kid in Bellaire. I learned how to cook as a kid. I know now when you have a girlfriend and you ask for dinner, they make you mac n cheese with ketchup noodles. But dear god, no. But I learned how to make core value meals like chicken and rice, and spaghetti & meatballs, and cheeseburgers, and roast beef aus jus sandwiches, and fettuccini alfredo, blackened grouper with jumbo lump crab meat & hollandaise sauce and much more. You can't cook shit unless you can make the mother sauces from scratch. So good. Everyone always wanted to watch the Hills at my house because it was like a catered event. I am a baller ass chef. But that goes with playing quarterback. You have to lead the huddle, and the food right into your teammates mouth. Better have a solid rack of ribs game going. You got to have the WR come over and feed them. They grew up poor and never ate like you will make them eat. They will love you. Yo H-- I am finna slide through and get some ziti. They would come in and I would have a big dumbass bowl of ziti with parmesan cheese, some rick ross on the speakers, video games set up. You have to cook for the team. You are not a quarterback unless you cater full on major dinners and lunches for the team. I would sacks of rice crispy treats, platters of pulled pork BBQ sandwiches just waiting for the game to end. Long ass bus ride home with a belly full of food. Take a Nyquil PM, do some freestyle raps to drake instrumentals on YouTube, and go to sleep. Wake up at home. Go to sleep again. Wake up and eat some more rice crispy treats in milk. Arms black and blue like I was in that Chinese bus that crashed over the bridge the other day on the news. Hey-- just remember when you throw picks, or the game is on the line, or your job is in questions. Receivers ALWAYS remember who took their to Hooters 1x a week on a $200 chicken wing blowout tab. That was me player. That's why I am beloved secretly by all receivers I have ever played with. Although I am a son of a bitch.

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