QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you about Mental Reps

​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you about compliments. Listen to the quarterback coach in McKinney in Dallas. Trust your quarterback lessons in McKinney in Dallas. Hey man I am going to start my own business one day. I think gas station bathrooms should be cleaner. I say to my boss. He looks at me and he says, "you're an idea guy." and "maybe one day I will be working for you." Any typical fuck would be excited for the compliment. Man my boss really thinks I am special. He says he could work for me one day. He thinks I am great. Not me. I stared at him. I knew what the fuck he was doing. Trying to lull me to sleep. Passive aggressively telling me I can't do it. The odds are stacked against me. I will never be able to pull it off. Cause why the fuck would he want to work for me one day. Unless he is a total clueless Sherpa. He doesn't believe me. Thinks I am just mindlessly rattling off bed time stories to the clouds. One day man. One fucking day. One day I will have enough money to buy my own car. Fuck him. And I know I am right. Because guess what I started that business 1 year later. And it was baller. And I got rich. And when that boss saw that I started that business and got rich. He got fucking pissed. You could tell in his quivering voice his astonishment. He forgot one thing about old H Beck. I am a rattlesnake son of a bitch. I stand in the pocket and deliver the rocket. I don't give a fuck who is at my feet. Who swinging around me. Terry Bowden use to call me the man of stone. Because I refused to run. I dropped back. And I stood right there in the middle of the war. Daring you to stop my elbow from changing your girlfriends mind about who she wants to go to the bar with after the game. Never let people compliment you. I am not saying that you should openly stop them. Tell them to shut up. Just be aware of what they are doing. Its a weapon. They are trying to disarm you. Its called the DISC program. Dominant Influential Steadfast Conscientious. You see a dominant person. You compliment them. They will float like a Mohammed Ali bumble bee. Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the mouth. Look -- they don't teach you these things in middle and high school or as kids. Beware of compliments. When you get complimented it releases dopamine into your brain. You get high. You get delirious and distracted. You get sleepy. You rest of your laurels. They think because they complimented you that they are obviously superior. Because they complimented (aka looked down) on you. One day you will be me my son. They think they are your father figure. They know. They can predict your success. They can write your story. They know the outline and all the chapters in your book. They know what you are going to do next. Keep your hands in front of your face. Right. I had another co-worker. I am telling him a story about Elon Musk. He says you can be Elon Musk. I ain't falling for that trick buddy. He wants to empower me. I don't fall for that shit. He thought he was going to float me right into obedience. Man my boss thinks I can be Elon Musk. If I just listen to him, and stay in this position, in this role, and on this track under his leadership then I can be Elon Musk. No because if I was Elon Musk obviously I would consume and devour my boss within seconds. Why would that be smart for him for me to become Elon Musk. Beware. Playing quarterback is all about battling compliments. You're whole life. Some quarterbacks can only play on criticism and not compliments. See Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Look - if you are down by 21 points in the game, the crowd is booing, everyone thinks you suck. You don't give a fuck. You just start dropping back, and winging that son of a bitch. If its 3rd and 15. You don't care. Its 3rd and 15. I am going to just drop back and throw it 16 yards. No expectations. Who gives a shit. But then you are winning. You're up 21, or its 2nd and 6. Oh no-- here come the compliments. He has 3 tds today and 400 yards-- a perfect game. Drops back. His hands start cramping up, he starts getting OCD about his reads. Oh no. The compliments. They are caving in the temples of my brain like when I am done with a coca cola, and I crumple it up and toss it into the trash can. Where is right where your play goes. In the gutter. The compliments they ruined your career. You become Tua Tungaviola in the SEC championship. I have been saying all season long. When everyone is saying. Man this kid doesn't play in the fourth quarter. He is great man. He is the best. No one knows how terrible he can be. What is his rock bottom? What is his finished coke plate. Fuck I am out. Stays up the rest of the night listening to the Doors and writing poems to his lover. All these compliments. A peeled orange in the squeezer, draining juice into a jug. Man this is gonna be some great orange juice. Ill drink it the morning of the Heisman ceremony. Goes out in the game and can't throw a spiral. I forgot how much sugar there is in this juice. It takes good, but I feel jittery now.  This old man who use to try to "mentor," me said that the higher up the flag pole you go the more they can see your ass. You will get complimented right into the Peter Principle. You look around, and are like -- man how the fuck did I become CEO, I can't even do a pivot table. Doesn't matter. The people love me. You turn into Lindsey Graham. Beware of compliments. They are the number 2 killer in sports behind the innovation of the socialists spread offense. The running back use to get 38 carries a game at Michigan. Run for 240 yards. Now he has to spread the ball to the QB's and Wide Receivers and Tight Ends. Everyone gets to play and participate. And they lose 58-35 but everyone got something great to tell their parents about and share on twitter. Ford is like fuck we use to just make sedans. Now we have to invest in bicycles, and electric scooters for the sidewalks in downtown Columbus. If you sign up to be a charging station you can make money. Compliments. Your wife loves them. Why do you think there is a like button, and heart button in Instagram. Because a compliment is an addictive drug. Omg I got 300 views on my throwing videos. A cyber starbucks americano. I am a star. From the click of a button. Maybe I will just lay in the bed of my expensive hotel room and keep refreshing my likes and views all day. Its 12am and I can't sleep. That is compliments. Beware of them. Why do you think god gave the human body the ability to smile? You think its because you have a beautiful face. You are really handsome. No you are smiling because you are finished. You just had success. Its over. You smile. Its happy. You are smiling. Its actually a weapon of disbarment. Its like in the elevator scene of the movie speed. You can cut the blue wire with a smile and the bomb won't go off. Everyone gets to live. All because of a warm smile. But maybe I am wrong. Maybe I do need an expensive gold watch to make my forearms look bigger. Maybe I do need diamond earrings for my fiancé.  Maybe I do a Mercedes Benz for the road to feel better about itself. People walk all over me. I look great. I feel great. Dion Sanders use to say. You look good. You feel good. You feel good. You play good. You play good. They pay good. Maybe the problem is that I am not managing compliments appropriately. I had this idea where there is a hospital and it generates all that patient waste every day. Bio, Trash and more. Well what if you put a dumpster on the back on the hospital that turns all this waste into energy to power the hospital. They say one of 1,000 pounds of trash could provide enough energy for the entire city of Longview. Something like that. What if I just collected compliments. The pure fucking garbage that they are. And I learned to recycle them into useful energy. Welcome to the WWF. You see these wrestlers. Rick Flair. Just blow it out of the water. The Rock. The great one. It feels good to be back in Miami. The Brama Bull. Just go nuts. Just over the top. Be insane. Bring the madness. Over complimentary of yourself. Beat folks to the punch. Cut their compliments off at the pass. I am the single greatest fucking quarterback to live in the history of the earth and planet and solar system combined. My arm and elbow created the big bang theory. The only reason humans are alive is because of the energy created from my elbow exploded footballs that a wide receiver dropped, and the ball hit the ground. That is why I love wrestling. These guys don't need compliments. They create their own compliments. They don't need joe blow or Scott Van Pelt on ESPN to tell they are great. They are the ultimate masters of their universe. Nothing can penetrate their sphere. Why do you think Trump made the comment - the reason I talk so much about myself is because I can't let others control my destiny. One they either will say or write something negative about you. Or they will compliment you in flattering ways. Either way you don't control the message. I don't want to be called handsome. I want to be called the most handsome man on the earth. And every time you simply call me handsome. Even though it seems to be a compliment. Its not good enough. And people read your marginal compliment. The Trump Tower is not the Best Western. We are not Best. We are a golden fucking tower in Las Vegas. Get your stories straight. And the people love it. The fans love it. They melt like when you put butter in a pan on the 8 setting getting ready to cook a chicken breast. You the butter start to melt and you like, man this thing is hot and ready to cook this chicken. You put the chicken in the pan, and hear the sizzle or crackle. Words are the toolkit people use to build their narrative. I wonder if their was less compliments in ancient Egypt when people had to draw pictures to explain situations on cave walls. Man I was going to say that Pharoh Algabarez was a great rich man. But it was really hard to draw great on this ratchet ass cave wall, and I ran out of ground up palm tree frams that make the color green for the money sign. Fuck it. Now no one in the future is every going to know that he was rich. I will tell you that I make the best chicken you have ever had. I just wanted you to know its the best. You will never get to see or taste it. Just take my word on it. It is the best. Maybe the best way to deal with a compliment is love. You wait your entire relationship to tell your girlfriend you love her. The ultimate compliment. I love you babe. Omg you really do. They smile and show. You hand them a diamond ring. He really loves me. Then 6 years later you realize that you have absorbed so much love into your bloodstream. Its not a compliment anymore. You're just Tom Brady. A built up tolerance.  Its just you. Its just her. Together. Married, joined at the hip. One person. Like when they let all these immigrants across the border hoping they breed and blend humanity into one race, one religion, one world order. Maybe the entire existence of humanity is just one big compliment by mother nature. You guys are cool man. I like those cool boats you made that drive across my oceans. You guys can stay here and live. I like you guys. Some folks are like we love you to mother nature. Paris Climate Agreement. The other side is like we fucking hate compliments. World War 3 Bombs exploding her surface. Hey whats under there. Oil. The Saudis are masters of compliments. They dig deep, found oil and control the world now. America founded Instagram videos. Anyways-- I don't know. Be nice to people. Remember who you are. Fear is the ultimate motivator. So it doesn't matter if you are a winner or loser. Both compliments. I am neither. I am the greatest quarterback to ever live in the history of the world. Hey, I just complimented myself. Fuck.

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