Quarterback LessonS

The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback â€‹

​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you how to condition at the quarterback position. The quarterback should not be in shape like a wide receiver, or a soccer player. The quarterback needs to have a nice solid dad bod shape to him because he is going to get absolutely molly whopped in the games. Trust the Quarterback Coach in Dallas. Destroyed. Helmets in his chest and face, and mouth, and belly & guts, and legs. If you don't have a little fat there then you are going to get injured and be watching someone else play your position. So you can't be out there running 7 miles a day and losing weight. Listen to the Quarterback Coach in Mckinney. Keep yourself in shape, but nice a thick & plump to take the pounding of playing the postion. 


  • Take a basketball, and bounce that basketball with your throwing arm, and run 2-3 miles at around 15 minutes per mile. Nice and relaxed and bouncing the ball under control. Your legs will get the feeling of a consistent pavement pounding, your arm will get used to 2-3 miles of game action and throwing sensation, and you will develop a solid cardio conscience. Do this 2x per week.



  • Unfortunately there will be times when you have to run as a quarterback. A running quarterback will never in the history of the world win a championship at the pro level. Do not run, ever. Its Fake News. However, just to save face engage some gasers. Go ahead and pick a long driveway, or the width of a field. Run down, and back, down and back, down and back in about 60-65 seconds. Do this 5-10x in a faster than jog pace. With 1-2 minute breaks in between each rep. Not only will you get the sensation of sprinting, but its more like the game-- a 3rd and 8 scramble for 9 yards and stop. Not the 70 yard sprint on a post route the wide receiver has to run. 



  • Go ahead and get a spray paint can. Spray paint four dots to make a square and a dot in the middle. Stand at the bottom two dots and jump with both feet to the middle dot and then to the top of both square dots and back to the middle dot and back to the bottom square dots. Do this at a nice moderate pace in 60 second clips with 60 second breathers. Get to use to bouncing in very small 1-2 yard boxes in the pocket. To avoid sacks. 

Stair Master

  • Do the stair master for 45 minutes at least 3x per week. Get to use to walking, and climbing, and putting weight on the front of your thighs, and your butt, and use your calves to take that next step. This is Brett Favre's number 1 workout. 

Spin Bike 

  • Do 45-60 minute bike rides at a moderate speed while reading a book. Its relaxing and easy on the knees. 


  • Try to drop back and throw 200-300 passes 4 days per week. Folks will say- oh you will burn your arm out. No- your arm is like a leather whip that needs a lot of use to tighten up, get stronger, get more durable and long lasting, and unbreakable. You will be throwing rockets in the 4th quarter while the ice pack quarterback is holding his arm and getting picked off on lazy lofty underthrown out routes. You don't need wide receivers, or targets, or anyone. Just you, a ball, a field, and your imagination. Pretend the tree is a WR, or a spot in the grass in a tight end. Make up scenarios about 2 minute drills and beating the vikings on a game winner. Throw and dream 200x per day no matter what. Cleats, no cleats, whatever. Just do it. 

Throw Deep A Lot

  • Make sure at every throwing session that 40-50 of the passes are deep bomb throws. I am talking throwing it as far as you can. Lengthen your arm out, push your arm to the limit. Let is get memmory on throwing bombs. Throw fake posts, go routes, roll out and throw back side posts, whatever. Launch it. Air it out. So the next time you have to in a game or real life, your arm knows how to handle passes 50-60-70 yards downfield without throwing ducks or being too weak to hit someone beyond the coverage. 

** Always make sure you are reading a book on the stair master so that you are thinking and working out at the same time. Music is for losers.

**I would plan 1 of these conditioning events 4 days per week to align with each workout. Never condition past 4 days.