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Quarterback Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you how to read coverages. Listen to your Quarterback Coach in Mckinney in Dallas. Trust your QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas. Guys most coverages are fake. They try to talk you into Cover 2, Cover 3, Quarters or Gold. But they are really just folks standing around in space. You will run four verticals and vs cover 3 you should bang the seams, maybe drop it down to a tagged back or maybe a backshoulder outside vertical. But then it will be cover 2 so you start outside and come to the middle bender, down to the back. But none of it really matters. Just take the snap and drop back, and find the open patches of grass. Defensive players are on defense because they are not that smart. They can't think that well. They have to be told what spots to stand in, and still can't even do that. So you have to think of coverages as a framework. For example, when you play Clemson. They just stand around in various shapes, and don't really play any coverage. And you just drop back trying to pretend its cover 2 and it doesn't work. Because no one in the stands, no coaches, no one knows what it is. You will end up starting to work the outside vertical, and spend and waste time trapped on a dead route all because of your Pre-Snap read. Your best bet is to use your peripheral vision, and to look for open space and grass. Drop back and read pockets. And I guarantee that a wide receiver will be someone near that gap. If they are any good. Think Texas Tech for example, on a curl route, their receivers don't just take a 12 step and curl, they take a twelve step and slide like a basketball player. They bend, and slide, and move and are malleable. If the quarterback took his traditional 5 step hitch and throw to a 12 yard curl he would be dead. He should drop, and find the open space to pitch the rock. Another example -- would be like -- why should I waste the time to go through a whole entire progression. If I drop back and the Y over the ball is open. I should just throw him the ball. The key is to get the ball out of your hands as fast as possible. Loser quarterbacks get hit. They wait. They run. They scramble. The great quarterbacks who win forever, and play the longest. They see it. They throw it. Next play. Its not his responsibility to get yards. Every time a quarterback scrambles and waits to throw it "further" downfield. He is doing the job of the wide receiver. He is managing their employees. He is micro managing. Your job is to throw it and get it out quickly, and the WR does all the work. If the WR cannot get yards, and cannot find space to score- then maybe he is terrible. And maybe you need a new WR who can run after the coach. Any pass after 5-10 yards is being a hands on CEO and managing front line housekeepers when you should only be talking to other Presidents and VP's. You drop back and throw it quick. Get it out now. The WR, the Tight End, the RB get paid to get hit, to run, and to score. Not you. You are in charge of lining people up, calling the plays, and getting the ball out to a person to run. No one cares about your 75 yard bomb to Tyreek Hill that you stood in the pocket for 10 seconds to throw, and got blasted. It looks great on instagram and twitter retweets, but your coach is like -- thanks for wasting 10 seconds, and a potential 2 other plays, and your health, and the fortune of our team because you wanted to throw it really far, and micro manage everyone on the team. The ultimate quarterback is really like a Rich Gannon. He drops, 3 steps, and throws the slant. And Tim Brown runs and scores. Out Out Out. Ball is out. Now. Its out. Faster. Why do you think Tom Brady gets to play into his 40's? Because he drops and throws. If he feels like he is going to get hit, he falls down and lives to fight another play. You get 70-80 plays a game. Its okay that a few didn't work. No one cares. If 4 of the plays worked for a score out of 80 or .05% and you scored 28 points. Then the day was a success. No one is scoring 80/80. So back to coverages. Just remember that they are reactive solutions, they are preplanned, and templates for defeating offenses. Everyone on that side of the ball can't run, can't catch, can't throw, can't break tackles, can't think, can't call plays, can't do anything. That is why they are on defense. Its where all the worst players on the team go to be. Otherwise they would be on offense. Think about JJ Watt when they tried to play him at WR and he dropped the slant. Yeah bro- great catch JJ. You're so athletic you dropped the pass, and wasted my damn play. No go put your hand on the ground, and practice crawling. This is how smart defensive coaches are - they play 2 man. Okay so they body all your receivers. The middle linebacker turns his back and runs up the middle with the tight end or back. And the quarterback is like- wait no one is covering from 0-15 yards because all I had to do was run everyone deep and they actually followed the receivers like a couple of knuckleheads. Like robots. Everyone is running a vertical, and the defense is like - hmmm. I think I can going to just keep running with them. Then the quarterback just runs for 12 yards and slides. First down. I mean its not even rationale half of these defensive coverages. A quarterback will be running, and they pump fake 7 yards down the field, and a LB jumps. For what? Because they are not that smart or savvy. This is how useless coverages are. A quarterback can drop back on a curl flat combination. They can basically stare at the swing route, and the LB or DB will get confused and come up and leave the curl wide open, or even a trailer. All you did was look at him. They are trying to guess the entire time. Wait until you play on a rainy field. The defensive is trying to run in the slog. The offense knows exactly what it wants to do, and where to be, and how. The defensive is dropping back trying to guess run or pass, and also their own coverage and play. Coverages are not real. They are guesses. Don't get caught up trying to understand every coverage. Just see the field and where people are standing, and notice the gaps in the grass. Defensive backs fall down, people slip-- and WR are too fast sometimes, and too quick, and next thing you know you are throwing a deep dig on cover 3 because that guy throught there was a post somewhere. The defensive coach is like- what. And Nick Foles wins a Super Bowl Ring. Thats all that happens. The defensive coach is like Alexa. You ask it to play a song, and it offers a 90s rock station. You have to scream at it. To play the Stone Cold Steve Austin Theme Song. ALEXXAAA!!! PLAY STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN THEME SONG. Did you say Black Hole Sun? Nooooooo!!!!!! That is defense. But anyways I can teach you all the coverages, and all the throws verse them, and play calls. You have to wonder how a quarterback has 172 plays a game, and the defensive has like 4-5 coverages and fronts. I mean what does that tell you. 

Cover 1, 2, 2Man, 3, 4, Gold, Bracket,0

Blitz Crossdog, MBomb, MBE, FUP,MS,Cat 

Front 3-4,4-4,4-3,5-2,6-1 

Ill teach you all these coverages, and they will never change your entire football career. Just write them down on a piece of paper.