QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you about Mental Reps

​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you about decision making. Listen to the quarterback coach in McKinney in Dallas. Trust your quarterback lesson in McKinney in Dallas. Grip it and rip it. Pull the trigger. Drop back, plant your foot and fire the ball. Don't cross your legs. Never cross your legs dropping back ever. Try to throw a football with your legs locked up like a huffy mud dog to your middle school bike rack. Decide faster. You need to make a decision. Streamline the process. Time is of the essence. Back peddle. Don't drop. Keep your chest open like an Arizona plateau. You can throw right, and throw left, and down the middle. All at the same time. You drop back and you'll end up like a flounder. Have to turn you whole body just to swim right. Hey shark, oh man I didn't see you until I turned. Eyes down the middle, like the sun coming up over a grand Pasteur. You can see all the flowers wake up at once. Hey sun. They talk about your forty speed. How fast can you run 40 yards. 4.6 man. You are really fast. NFL network talks about the quarterback. This guy can really run fast. No one cares. Running quarterbacks are generally losers. We hired you to pass the ball. To have mind speed. To be able to think fast, and on target. If this was an SAT test, we don't need the D. All of the Above guy. We need the guy who does the math, and selects answer B. and moves to the next question. He doesn't flinch, or think about the last question, go back and take that pink little eraser, and erase his pencil out of the bubble. Never mind the answer is C. No wait A. Smear marks all over his god damn test. No wonder you got an 800 on your SAT there are smear marks all over the answer gram. The computer is like did you just scan a painting from art class. A quarterback has to make final decisions that impact everyone. They are like the father of the football team, and have to ensure that all the kids are going to get to eat dinner tonight. You can't make decisions, then you're football huddle will end up on food stamps & hungry. Eating out of trash cans like a third world country. Quarterbacks analyze data like the computer scanner at work eating a document into an ADOBE PDF. I think I would like this document in color. Crystal clear. I can save it to my hard drive. Quarterbacks are named, and think like Supreme Court Judges. The honorable Harrison Beck. If you don't understand politics. Here you go. The house are all trial lawyers. They debate, and make cases, and talk a lot. The senate are the judge and jury. They decide on the verdict. That's the difference. We don't need glee club debaters with harlequin evidence. We need deciders. The power.  Drop back on flanker drive, and hit the basic route like when you call your mom from your phone. I need money. Opens phone. Clicks mom and calls. Boom, done.  No one cares if your decisions are right or wrong, as long as they are made with conviction. You know why folks like Bernie Madoff, and Trump, and other leaders make it so far in life. Because they speak with authority and command, and direction. They aren't concerned with the content, or discretion. They simply and very easily, and confidently tell you their decision. They don't hiccup, and yawn, and flinch their eyes, and look away, and limp dick their way through their decision. Right or wrong, they double down, and lock in their vote. People follow folks who are believe they are right. Quarterbacks need to pick their platform, and believe they are right all the time. You will be in a game or practice, and your quarterback coach will keep asking you, on both good & bad decisions what you saw, and why you did this or that. They don't even care if was a touchdown or an interception. They are asking to track your methodology, your analysis, and your confidence. Coach, it was cover 3, so I threw the inside verticals. Then the backer dropped, so I hit the option route. I could barely fucking see him because our left tackle sucks. Stares at the coach. The coach is like- alight alright alright. Hits you with the Matthew Mcconhonay. You will grow up and get a job one day, and join these things called governance huddles. These are a team of knucklehead executives who want to go on a journey with you. They remain curious. Basically what they are saying is that there is a second level to decision making. When you are young-- its all me. My guttural instincts verse yours, in a predatory match to the death for rights to the zebra carcus.  In high school you are the star player. You make all the players. You don't need to talk to anyone because you can rip of a 75 yard throw or run at any second. You're the best player in the city, state, or wherever. It doesn't matter. You are a lone wolf, and don't need anyone. But then you get to college. There is an evolution. A lot of folks are good at football now. You can't do it alone. You need other people. So now you have to talk, and consult with other players. You start to collect information, and input. Your decisions are not your sole discretion. They are the embodiment of a collection of aligned folks. when you make a pass now its because it agrees with a handful of other folks. You threw that pass because it was taught by the coach, practiced by the players, and performed by the quarterback. You start to see young quarterbacks die off because their leadership doesn't evolve with their environment. A manager once asked me. Son, if you were trapped on a island with a bunch of monkeys. What would you try to do? Dominate the monkeys, or teach them how to use tools, and have their build you a castle, and hunt food for you, and protect you. I would become the monkey god. It was a lesson on dominant vs. influential leadership. Lots of young folks see dominance in the physical and mental sense as power. However, they need to transition into influential. Become a 4 star player by the pros. This is basically being able to be dominant, influential, steadfast and consciences. Then know how to use each tool for each perspective. Reality is all about perception, and its master. So now you are a college quarterback learning how to lead your offense. You're no longer the best violinist. You are leading the Tubas, the saxophones, drums and whatever else. The orchestra master. Different strokes for different folks. Aces in the right places. You start looking at people differently, and notice their specific attributes per person. Man Zach has a great haircut, but bad hands. Man Greg has great hands but is slow. Maybe he should just run stick routes, and be a tight end. You start making decisions for decisions. Its not just take off running. That's the play. You put Greg in motion across the line, because its man, and the LB will have to scrape the formation, get picked, and Greg is now open. And you knew that would happen. That is why you called it. Or you could do the Josh Rosen- When there are a lot of mother fuckers over there, go where there are not a lot of MFers.  But the decisions become tactical, and strategical. A tactical decision means short term success. Like punching a guy at the club for talking to you girl. Strategical decisions means that you don't go to the club, but instead stay at home, eat some spaghettios, and go to sleep at 9am. So you can wake up, be the first to the quarterback room, lock all the doors behind you, so the other quarterbacks who are dragging ass, are late to practice. Coach sees you there first, and you become the starter. That is a true story from the Peyton Manning book. see the difference. You have to evolve. Look it all comes full circle. You are going to go from animal, lion in the jungle leadership. You are bigger stronger faster, and just attack and eat your prey. As a teenager. Roar and shit from the top of a rock cliff, and all the animals in the valley look up. But the old lambs are like-- man H sure is a cocky piece of shit. I hope he falls of that cliff. And you will fall off the cliff, and have to climb back up a few times. To getting older. You start learning that you have to keep the buffalos happy. You can't just kill them. Because they will bunch of together, hundreds of them and stampede. Create rock slides, and disturb the jungle. Trample your ass. So you are like. Hey Mr. Buffalos you guys doing great, you got enough land over here to eat. They nod and say yes. And you go great. The buffalos know you just want them to be happy, and eat and get fat. So when you eat them they have lots of meat. But for now they are cool. No stampedes. Mutually exclusive relationship. You are managing the prison yard. The jungle. The energy. Steve Young didn't play in the beginning of his career, and it wasn't because of his talent. His talent got him mollyewhopped with the Bucs. Picked off and ran out of town. Too crazy. Too nuts. They said Steve, what have you been doing this offseason. He said, "working out like a psycho" Wrong answer Steve. Joe Montana was relaxed playing Tennis, eating right, studying well. Using his brain. Analyzing, and acknowledging, and making fact based decisions. There was a test with Bill Walsh. Joe says, throw it to the basic. Steve is thumbing through his playbook. How did he know that? Holgrem faxed it to Montana the night before. Steve says, why didn't you fax it to me? The only difference being Montana probably thought to ask. Instead of waiting. Steve Young is so busy working out, and running, to be competitive. He forgot to just be an adult, leading a governance huddle. Remaining curious, asking for data. Aligning with his peers, using various tools like a fax machine to get the edge. Where do you think the term meat head came from? But you will eventually age. In job interviews, how much experience do you have? You don't understand that question until you have it. Its going through trauma, through challenges. Living to talk about it in the present. See it in the past. And when you run into it in the future. You already know what to do. They said Jim McMahon, whats the best part about being at BYU? He said seeing it in his review window. After getting kicked out for drinking beer. I used to cook cheeseburgers on really high on the stove. Burn the shit out of the patty. The middle still pink. But so burnt I couldn't cook it anymore. Then I learned to cook it on around 4-6 heat for 10-20 minutes. Low and slow. Beautiful cheeseburgers. Delicious. In only ten years difference. Look don't be afraid to slap someone in the chest, kick them in the stomach, and drop the stone cold stunner on their ass. Then call for a lunchbox of beers, pop the top and pour beer all over your face. And that's the bottom line because stone cold said so you son of a bitch. Fuck you, I am right, and you are wrong. The end. Now get the fuck out of my office. 

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