Quarterback LessonS

The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback ‚Äč

Listen to your quarterback lessons in Dallas. Trust your Quarterback Coach in Dallas. Hear your QB Lessons in McKinney in Dallas. Won't you stay for a while? I can take you on a ride if you can keep a secret. Division is necessary to build anything great. There has to be extreme tension. Positive tension. But there has to be war mongering occurring. They say in the fourteen principles of Amazon that executives fight to death to promote their ideas. One because its all about bloviation. Some folks have great ideas, and can speak a great game. But they can't pull the trigger. They talk. They are not killers. Trump likes to call his most hardcore executive killers or basically folks who find ways to go get it done. So Amazon says you have a great idea, fight for it. Get past the rhetoric and war for it to happen over anything. And that is when most people just quit. May the best idea win, but may the best idea backed by the most blue flame fanatical person who is going to drive everyday to make it happen- win. Then you get Amazon over 20 years. Its like building pyramids in Egypt. You think people just wanted to lug around huge stones and rock in the hot son for 14 hours a day. No, you need a guy on a horse with a whip. You need authoritarian leadership. Obviously times and goals have changed. But divisiveness is good for the world. Because it pins folks against each. And in a Darwinism way the winner, wins. And you get what nature says you should get based on all factors. You see folks on Linked In posting memes all day on Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and all these cult like figure chief executive officers. Elon says things like, "how am I supposed to change the world with you at the birth of your child," to one of his engineers in a posted email. Folks from 30,000 feet away are like oh my god Elon is so brutal, but in a romantic way. They watch these guys like they watch the movie Halloween. Elon is just Michael Myers. A fictional savagery. But the truth is that he is not. This is a real person, saying these real things to real people. And everyone loves divisiveness from far away, until its right in their face. Then they hate it. They crumble. Its like when a massive hurricane hits your city. Everything is destroyed. But maybe 1-2 buildings are still standing and in great shape. How did that happen? Maybe they had a great foundation. Were built with quality products. By a quality team. Divisiveness wipes out the rotting city buildings. Leaves the best ones standing. Spreads some new seeds & flowers. It brings together a community vs evil and destruction. Next thing you know the New Orleans saints win the Super bowl. And Hurricane Katrina was a blessing. They are tough to endure man. But you need it. It has to happen. Its a cleansing. At halftime of a game once Bill Parcells dumped a trash can on top of the defensive lineman's heads and said you are playing like garbage. Ask yourself. Do you have the balls to do that? That might be why you are making $60/K at a do-nothing job, and some people get to make $500K or $1M, or more. Because they are gutsy. They are fighters. They are divisive. It can be the most powerful energy on earth. You force people to choose sides. And when they choose. They commit. The first four letters in culture are CULT. The strongest part of the word. A group of people together that are willing to die for a cause. Well that applies to business, and to sports, and the best teams. An insane leader, a controversial and divisive leader, building a cult. Look, yes you have to gain results. But if you have even one ounce of magic in your body. Its what I call people who can influence other peoples energies. You don't realize it. But that is why when you listen to a song like Chainsmokers, you feel like you want to go to the club. The musical beats and sounds, and energy manipulate your brain waves to release chemicals & endorphins that change your mind and make you do things. Side bar. Great leaders are divisive orchestra leaders. They know each and every instrument on their team. Tom is the Tuba. Carol is the piano. Greg is the drums. And they can play them all. Steve Jobs says Ill play the orchestra, you play the instrument. A symphony. Anyways look at history. Throughout history. Anyone who has ever made it to historical levers of leadership. To all time leadership. And leadership can be both good and bad, and still be good leadership. People say Kim Jon Un is a bad leader. Yes maybe a bad person, but he did find a way to get an entire country to believe that he can golf a perfect game. I didn't do that. Yes Hitler & Stalin are horrible people. But they did take over entire countries and periods of human history. I made hamburger helper yesterday. And watched Bravos Below Deck. See the perspective. You might no like Trump, but he went in a head to head battle with a political dynasty, good bad and nasty, and became the winner, the most famous human on earth. I don't care that he is a jerk. I am just like -- bro how strong does this guy have to be, and how smart. I do uber deliveries. You watch sports, and you see anyone who has ever made it to the HOF. All of them are sons of bitches. Sorry to curse. But there is a YouTube segment on Dan Fouts. Calls himself the Mother Fucker in Charge. The MFIC. Not the Chief Culture Officer. They said that IBM would come to bid Apple. Steve Jobs would open the door, and first thing he would say is that "your product fucking sucks, and I don't even know why you are here." Look do not fight, do not be violent, do not do illegal things. That is not my point. But the IBM guys sinks back into his chair. Like holy shit, is he mad or is this meeting going to go bad. And is already at a disadvantage because of fake rhetoric and words. Steve Jobs used divisiveness as a tool and won. Look don't get into fights with family and friends, and ruin your Christmas party, or Thanksgiving. That is not the point at all. Be tactical, and strategical, be smart. But understand that the reason corporations create core values and culture is to keep their hands in front of their face. To suppress their work force into focused work. Like a work pig pen. The divisive leaders are all upstairs disrupting industries and making billions. They tell you thinks like respect, integrity, innovation. You follow those core values. They are upstairs kicking doors down, lobbying government, buying news cycles, creating controversy, releasing Kapernick Nike Ads. Because nothing will ever get done with war. Its the anti-thesis, thesis, synthesis. Cold, and hot, combined make warm. Long story short-- all I am saying is that. Divisiveness is not bad. Its a tool. Its a spark. Its change. Its a throttle. And only a few people understand this gift, and know how to start this lawn mower. But when they do get it revved up. They had the best god damn lawn in the neighborhood. And I bet its in the yard of a huge house. Because they are rich, and balling out of control, and a high level executive. Damn I have 2 expensive watches. One of them came after I removed 2 directors from a hospital 3 years ago in East Texas to save $200K. My peers were like. You can't do that man. I wanted to replace them with $14/HR Supervisors. You can't do that. Just called them on the phone. Gone, the next day. Worked perfect. The customer loved it. Company was proud. Man, what if I had listened to my peers. I went to the mall that weekend. Bought one. I see his face every time I look at it. Poor Kevin. He said I was mean too. Hey, but be happy and just rock out. Do awesome stuff. Be a champion. Be tough. Follow your heart. Whatever makes you build your version of the world is what you need to do. A version where you are king.

The Mother Fucker In Charge