​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you how to become a true dual threat quarterback. Trust the Quarterback Coach in Mckinney in Dallas. Listen to your Quarterback Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas. Most quarterbacks think being a dual threat suggests that they can run & throw. I have a different opinion. I despise running quarterbacks, and think that they should be able to throw only. In fact, so much so I believe that quarterbacks should be able to throw with both arms. Almost equally. I can. I broke my thumb when I was a kid, and so I taught myself how to throw left handed. At first I was terrible. But I don't know, 10-15 years later I have a rocket launcher for a left hand. I can throw well enough left handed to be a high school starting quarterback, and probably even a college starting quarterback. I can drop back left handed. I can throw curls, outs, deep balls, on the run, anything-- you name it. I can left handed. It almost became an obsession for me. To the point where when I am in the house, or throwing in the yard, or playing catch at a backyard barbecue I almost always throw left handed first. I rarely throw right handed. That is because my right arm is an absolute rocket launcher. I use my left hand to throw a more modest and catchable ball. The key is to spend time every day throwing with both arms. Dropping back with both arms. Literally all the same drills you do right handed, you should be doing left handed. It expands your self awareness. There were times at NC State where I run the entire drill left handed. I would get bored, and I swear to god I would complete passes on the opposing defense at NC State left handed. One of the coaches told me stop throwing left handed, because the defensive morale would be low from being defeated by me using my non-scholarship hand. I really think this is the future of the quarterback position. A quarterback who can drop back right or left handed, roll out right or left, and play the entire game and position with either arm. Imagine the opposing defense having to game plan for two separate offenses based on your throwing arm. Because the game totally changes arm to arm. The left arm makes the right tackle more important. The right arm makes the left tackle more important. And much more. Anyways -- you must learn how to throw a football left handed. There will be times in the game where someone is tearing down your throwing arm, and you have to shotput, or push pass, or underhand or whatever the ball with the opposite arm. Don't let your team down by not being able to compete with either arm. The best left handed quarterbacks throw the football like a spin top. Honestly if you can be a 6 foot 7 left handed pitcher. That is every father's dream son. Left handed quarterbacks are artists, and god has only given us so few. 

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