Elite 11 Stats:

Top Schools Elite 11 QB's Pick:

USC - 11

Florida- 11

Georgia- 10

California - 9

Alabama - 8 

FSU, Tennessee, Texas, UCLA, Clemson- 7 

Elite 11 History of Transfers

80/233 = 34% of Transfer

133/253 = 65% of Stay at School Committed to

Colleges with Most Elite 11 QB Transfer from:

Florida, Notre Dame, Oklahoma: 5

Alabama, USC: 4 

Georgia Penn State: 3

Colleges Most Elite 11 QB Transfer to: 

Florida & Ole Miss: 3

Utah, Pittsburg, Cal, Arkansas: 2

Elite 11 Class with Most Transfers:

2009 - 8

2006, 2010, 2012- 7 

1999, 2004, 2008, 2011, 2014- 5

2003, 2005, 2015 - 4

Elite 11 QB Heisman Trophy Winners: 

Matt Leinhart, Kyler Murray

Chances to win: 2/233 = .0085%

Listen to the quarterback Lessons in Dallas. Trust the quarterback coaching in Dallas. Agree with the QB lessons in McKinney in Dallas. Here is how I would change the Elite 11 forever. First I would become Chief Executive Officer. And the first day the first thing that I would do is fire Trent Dilfer & Brian Stumpf. Have the security guards from Allie Barton remove them from the facility. Then I would go to my office, and sit into my chair, and press the intercom button to tell everyone in the facility that there is a team meeting in 15 minutes in the conference room. Including the administrative assistants. Then I would put on sound cloud explosions in the sky your hand in mine. I would put the stapler on the intercom button, and have the music playing for 15 minutes throughout the building while everyone gossiped and got nervous about who I was going to can next. I would go to the Uber Eats app and order a larger pepperoni pizza, some raviolis in vodka sauce with extra vodka sauce, and a side of lasagna. On the company credit card. Just enough food for me to snack on after this meeting. By this point I would start walking to the meeting around 5 minutes early, and I would walk in. Folks would still be drifting in, talking amongst each other. I would tell an assistant named Zach. Bro go shut the door. He would say something about everyone is not there yet. I would just say something like - Zach go check and see where the last few folks are. He would walk out to go see and I would shut the door behind. Everyone who didn't make it and is outside is fired. Jordan Palmer would pound on the door. I would pause the meeting, call Jeff at the front desk, and tell him to ask Jordan to leave. I look back up to the crowd. Roughly 15-20 people. I would say guys- Hi! I am Harrison. Great to be here. I am really excited about where we are headed. Finally someone is here who understands quarterbacks, and football, business & politics. First thing we are going to do is re-do our shitty website. I want an interactive user experience for quarterbacks, parents, vendors & all partnering firms. Every quarterback selected here needs their own platform link, video highlights, biographies, and interacting live streaming platform, Q & A forum, blog. Hire someone to develop an SEO, Content and Digital Marketing platform that uses their name to develop search engine results that associate their person with quarterbacking, winning & success, and drowns out and destroys any criticism of their game. I want all of their names monitored every month, and anything that is not popular and professional destroyed and removed immediately.  Second thing we are doing is I want you to hire the best PR consultants, business coaches, and executive mentors in the history of business. Then assign them the project of developing these selected quarterbacks in professional politicians with mic skills, empathy & compassion, news cycle management, and team building (with a focus on empathy & compassion). I want every god damn quarterback in a suit and tie with great shoes and socks, and belts, and the perfect haircut and facial hair.  Third thing I want you to do is to reach out to Elon Musk, Marc Benioff, and other high level celebrity executives and schedule them to speak to our quarterbacks, to share contact information at their company that sets up internship programs every off-season and provides a defined leadership path to executive level management. I want these entrepreneurs to detail their stories, their dial for dollars attitude, how to create an idea, build a team, and start up a company. Every single summer these quarterbacks will spend 40 hours a week working at Tesla, Salesforce, Pay Pal, Uber & Lyft, and other companies assisting managing teams. The fifth thing that I want done is these quarterbacks to watch film of Steve Young, Brett Favre, Dan Fouts, Joe Montana, and know the complete historical perspective and fundamental understanding and stats of every historical figure in their position. The sixth thing I want to do call Tom House up, get their throwing motion measure, and I want this shit fixed. Every quarterback will throw like a boxer punches, and each quarterback will stop crossing over their legs. Instead they will shuffle back, and throw faster than any quarterbacks in the history of the earth. I am tired of these long ass throwing motions, and shitting footwork. I am also tired of the spread offense. The only offenses we will demonstrate are the west coast and air Coryell. You can leave that garbage spread offense for their YMCA high school coaches. Next thing is that we need to do is that every single quarterback gets 20 footballs and a throwing net with three holes to have on them at all times like its middle school and they are wearing a Jan sport backpack. These kids will be told to throw 300 passes per day until their forearms and elbows Sammy sosas corked bat. These kids are going to eat steak, drink milk, and workout with real weights. Squats, bench press, run 5 miles bouncing a basketball, and 5 hours of 7 on 7 a day. Get your ass on the phone, and pay local high school kids $10/HR to come catch passes every single day after school as their only job. I swear to god every quarterback we select better be able to throw a football 75 plus yards flat footed. Be tougher than Brett Favre's dad IRV. I want your ass to get a team of lawyers in here. Assign them to these kids. Have these lawyers broker every single scholarship offer, and run an analysis on the college program that aligns with their skill set, their logistics, their family, their attributes, their talent until you run a pivot table that shows a 98% match of college to quarterback, and success guarantee. Then the kid goes there. I want the lawyer to add a clause to the scholarship that guarantees playing time percentages, qualifiers, and the ability to sue the college for breaking any promise. We are going to make the Elite 11 so bullet proof that you won't be able to recruit a 5 star quarterback without these details for the rest of your fucking life as a University unless you comply. You will have to go find your quarterback at the cashier at nearest 711 gas station if you don't come through the Elite 11 and qualify for one of these quarterbacks. Getting one is going to be harder than buying your first house. I will personally fire anyone who doesn't have this up and running in the next 6 months. Meeting dismissed. I would then call my wife, and ask her if she wants to go see A Star is Born tonight at 815 at AMC with our fandango gift card. And pull out of the parking lot in my 2019 black Chevy Tahoe listening to Bradley Cooper sing Maybe Its Time.

In this picture with HBECK is the following:

  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Kyle Orton
  • Chase Daniel
  • Mark Sanchez
  • Dan Orvlosky 
  • Derek Anderson 
  • Brian Stumpf
  • Jason White

** I am better than all of them, more handsome, and have a much better arm. 

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