​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you about energies. Listen to the quarterback coach in McKinney in Dallas. Trust your quarterback lesson in McKinney in Dallas. Defiance is an old World War 2 movie with the guy from James Bond. They can't get Bradley Cooper to play James Bond so they have to find this old English hack with a premier accent and martini watch to play him. I don't know if you have seen A Star is Born. Bradley Cooper was hot in that movie. There is one scene where he is just shredding his guitar to pieces. Lady Gaga is watching. He is four whiskeys deep and in love just tearing that axe up on stage. His brother says - Boy I haven't seen you play like that in years. A hall of fame burst of energy. See Hall of Fame beings- football, guitar players, celebrities, Trump and who ever else they can turn their energy on like a like switch. They switch moods faster than folks switch lanes, or their seat decision when entering and walking down the airplane aisle. I always tell myself when entering an airplane to look at the people. If it seems like there are good people on the plane then I feel confident that the airplane is going to be a smooth flight and land. One time I was entering a plane and I looked up and saw this young kid, god bless his heart, but he was slobbering on himself. I said fuck, this fucking plane is going to crash. I was scared for real. My rule was broken. Son of a bitch. Usually its folks trying to get into their seats and build their nest as quickly as possible, surround themselves with clutter. They like leave a backpack in the middle seat -- oh man, I am waiting for my family, you can't sit here. Right, the overhead announcer says that the flight is full and this person thinks he is going to buck the system. Sometimes it works. He gets the window seat, and is relaxed the entire flight. Never wear a blazer on an airplane after binge day drinking in Las Vegas on a work trip. You will sweat to death, especially if you had a head cold. Terrible combination. But all these hall of fame beings have to do is pop that piece of gum in their mouth. You ever see those NFL players taking a whiff of ammonia before the game to clear their sinuses and their minds. Boom lighting bolt to their forehead. No Harry Potter. They pop a piece of spearmint gum, and its go time. Gone in Sixty Seconds with Nicholas Cage. People say that Trump can switch moods in an instant. One minute he is happy and jovial, joking, and then in an instant you're in the dog house getting verbally berated. He is sensitive to managing energies and people. They still don't get it. No one likes Trump for his words. Sure its part of it. Best Tweets of all time. Its the energy. Its like in middle school when you touched that lava lamp looking electrical current thing, and it always when straight to the part of the glass where the palm of your hand was touching.  All the great ones only care about energy. A true professional has an energy governance. A throttle that controls their sprit. They don't drive 40 mph all the time, they don't always drive a Ferrari on the highway. They pick and choose when to go fast, and when to go slow. That is why flys are buzzing around the head of a lions mouth at the zoo, and he is winking at the sun. Doesn't care. He could easily swat those flys down, bite them out of the sky. But what would it matter. Wouldn't. So he lets them live and fly. Laying there in the hot sun bathing himself. Two days in a row now I have written about animals bathing in the sun. My life's work. Look what happened in a Ghost in the Darkness with Micheal Douglas when they tried to build a railroad down the middle of the African jungle. The lions were picking everyone off in the middle of the night. Why the change from the flies? Maybe there territory meant something. Maybe it was someone who works nights trying to sleep through construction during the day at the Embassy Suites in Downtown Tampa. Man I paid for silence, and darkness, and all I hear is the caravan jack hammering away. I am going to go to yelp and write a 1 star rating & reviewing. Google knows everything I like and dislike. Its right there in their database. You know Trump has never sent an email in his life. There are some executives who have never used computers in their entire life. They are off the grid. They don't need AI to tell them how to get Doug to get his hotel fucking clean. Just do it like Nike. Folks get leadership confused. They always assume that you bring the entire team with you, and everyone gets to move forward together, and everyone is aligned, and there is a vertical integration and reporting system, a hierarchy of coaches. I think folks fly into leaders like insects into that blue zapper light dangling on grandmas porch. Dion Sanders said the other day he knew he wasn't in college anymore in the pros because folks would enter halftime together, and they are asking about each other's families and kids. Baker Mayfield thinks he is at war, and is adversarial. He is moody. He is mouthy. He speaks his mind. Him and Kanye should make a song together and post if on Cardi B's Instagram. Remember the rock band Rage against the machine. That guy climbed the speaker system at the VMA's and it was dangerous, and 2 weeks later no one had ever heard from the band again. The singer quit, and they hired Chris Cornell and made shitty songs. You think its a coincidence. Folks mock Eli Manning -- Tiki Barber is like man this guy has 0 leadership skills. He is meek, and mute. Has 2 super bowl rings and MVP awards, and 300+ touchdown passes, and second longest iron man streak in football. That's because no one knows who the fuck Eli Manning is. He is the pinnacle of management. He has built more alley ways to escape than downtown New York City. Or maybe the Mayor just hands him the key to the city, and he smiles for the camera. I met Eli Manning one time at the Peyton Manning Passing academy. I was talking to Philip Rivers, and Philip was trying man- he was really engaging with me. My high school coach davis, his son Jay was his backup at NC State. Eli stayed in the golf cart with his Oakley glasses on. At least a natty light deep, maybe not. But total frat star kappa tappa kegga swagger. He says Philip- bro lets get the fuck out of here. Philip hops in the cart and sports off down the campus. Ill never forget that. I still don't know what it means. I would be at NC state football practice, and Philip was more defiant than ever. He was talking the entire practice. Shit to the entire team. It was a one on one drill, he changed out the wide receiver with himself, and caught a short fade route from Jay on the DB. Spiked the ball. Screaming. So god damn annoying. If practice was slow he would stir up a fight with the defensive lineman. Get the offensive lineman fighting, and sneak out the back. Now you have an all-star practice. Like the 4th quarter of the 3 straight Gator Bowl vs. Notre Dame games. My coach told me that if you want to gain weight heading into college to drink a slim fast shake with every meal. Its like two meals. You can from 190 pounds to 230 pounds pretty quick. My friend got mad because he said it made him fat. Like who cares about that. He needed to gain weight because he had chicken legs. Got a little thicker, and stronger. The best part of Stone Cold Steve Austin was when that glass breaks, duhn duhn duhn and his theme song came on, and he walked out with his pigeon toed strut, and you knew he was fixing to whoop somebodies ass. One time he ran out and just stunned literally 25 people and won the royal rumble for the WWF. Took down the entire WCW on his own. Jon Gruden calls Peyton Manning the sheriff because they were winning the entire game, and in the last 4 minutes he threw 4 touchdown passes, and beat the bucs on Monday Night Football. What does it all mean? Why can Lady Gaga sing an entire song in French like La Vie En Rose? There are entire industries trying to help you capture that power in a bottle. Redbull, 5 hour energies, redlines, starbucks. Did you know that one cup of Starbucks coffee is 3.5x the power of a single cup of coffee. That is why the line has 50 people in it at the airport at 6am on your flight to Detroit. Then they only staff the starbucks kiosk with three underpaid employees making 25 cups every 5 minutes. You have to wait 25 minutes to drink the coffee because its so god damn hot. You drink it on the plane, and have to take a dump. But can't because the toilet isn't big enough for your ass cheeks. I just wanted that energy player. The same one that Brett Favre had on that last minute touchdown pass in the back of the endzone he threw verse the 49ers. Swung his arm out of a sack, and fired. Toe tap. Touchdown. Another Jim Harbaugh loss and defeat in the primetime. My favorite Jim Harbaugh moment is watching him slam his headset against Atlanta. Now he just wears glasses, and fakes Bo Slumbucket. Brett sucked the whole game except for that throw. Won the game. If you smellllll laalalala what the rock is cooking. Talk about a dopamine drip. They make social media like buttons so every time someone retweets what you say you get a dopamine drip like pulling a lever at a casino. That is why you need a shower after a day of tweeting to stop feeling so strung out and desperate. All these fake products trying to capture energy in a pill. Then sell it to you. Fake energy. 20 minute high and crash. Maybe I am just not that interested, and I am just bored. Just tired, and want to take a nap. Wake up, pour a vodka powerade, and watch the Big 12 championship. Around the middle of the second, turn it off, start watching an episode of House of Cards season 6 on Netflix. Turn it back on with 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter. See what happens! Maybe order some Uber Eats Hooters Wings. Different Strokes for Different Folks. I miss when they use to put Trump rallies on Fox News on Saturday nights. Now its all just re-runs. Had to stop watching. Steve Jobs said he use to cry all the time because it washes out the soul. You ever cry it feels great after. You feel clean, like you took a shower that sprayed down your insides. You ever called someone a champion. Shit feels good. Their ears perk up. You're a champion! Folks pay for vacations. They pay for gifts. They pay for Holidays! They play instruments, they play sports, they love & hate. Just a bunch of magnets looking for other magnets. You walk by someone and they try to stick to you. Get the fuck off me. Oh hey, you're hot. Man he is funny. Fuck that guy. Energy particles flipping through an old school phone number rolladex that they have to dial on a rotary phone. They say Hurricanes sprinkle new seeds & new flowers grow. Man its a great day outside. Give me a hell yeah! Its like saying the word Fuck. You only say it when you just hit your thumb with a hammer, or you are eating something Guy Fieri made on his back patio, or whenever man. That word has a lot of fucking energy. Fuck Yes! Say it and see what you feel like. 

QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you about Mental Reps

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