Quarterback LessonS

The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback 

​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you how to become an entrepreneur. The Quarterback Coach in Mckinney in Dallas will show you how to dial for dollars. Trust your Quarterback Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas. Look -- did you know that when Baker Mayfield was at the University of Oklahoma during the off-season he would be an Uber driver. Why? Because the quarterback position is all about dial for dollars, hustle, scrappy tough scratch and crawl entrepreneurship. Stop thinking about a quarterback as someone who plays a position in a football game. That is not the case. You are a start-up founder of a new business in emerging markets. You need to go door-to-door, and sell sell sell. Go onto Facebook and run target ads marketing your highlight videos. Go on twitter and post videos of you throwing touchdowns. Post on instagram videos of you throwing the game winning touchdown. You have to hustle hard! The winner gets visibility, the winner gets picked, the winner gets recruited and goes to college on a free football scholarship. The quarterback is the ultimate entrepreneur. They take a rag-tag football team of kids, and they single handidly pick and choose each position, each talent, and work with each group of folks, putting together a winning unit. Lets try a swing route. Lets try a deep ball. Lets see if this guy can catch. Constantly experimenting, constantly finding new ways to win. Constantly evolving their game. Just like a start up entrepreneur. When I was in high school I had everyone from Jimbo Fisher, to Nick Saban, to Larry Coker to whoever the heck else at my football practices every day. I was over there shaking hands, kissing babies, talking the talking, selling the product. Showing the throws. Lloyd Carr of Michigan said, "can we pack him up right here and take him to Michigan," after I threw a bomb in practice. I mean I could have checked it down. But with him watching I had to get the goose loose. Everyone has to be involved. Your family, your friends, your classmates, your teammates. They say when you start a company that your first customers should be your family & friends because they are the ultimate indicators of trust & integrity. If they believe in your product, then so will others. So you need these folks believing in, and you have to convince them, and show them, and dial them into your plan, into your system, into the mission and vision of your company. You have to promote, and market, and demonstrate success to these folks the same way Apple has to report solid earnings every quarter to their investors. You are a start up CEO. You come from 0, from scratch, raw blue flame talent. A blue flame means that you are young and dumb enough, not married, no kids, and all the time in the world to sell the product. When you pitch for a venture capitalist they see you as a blue flame if you have these qualities. Its the hottest part of the flame that burns. So you start from scratch, with raw talent, and so now you have to take that talent, that product, that skill, and you need to keep investing in ways to improve it. Keep redesigning your web page or app, keep working on your footwork. Keep finding new technologies in emerging markets. Keep finding new coaches and mechanics, and things to help you throw or play better. Its the same type of role & passion. The quarterback who is most successful is the one who is fearless, is a salesman, has talent, but also the ability to cold call, to dial for dollars, to sell to people he doesn't know, to knock on doors, to work long hours, to believe in something they cannot see yet, to market and engage reality distortion. Reality distortion is the famous Steve Jobs term where his co-workers would say he could convince you the sky was green and you would actually believe it. Can you convince everyone that you are the greatest quarterback to ever live? Steve was convincing but also delivered the IPhone. Are you convincing but also can deliver the big throws? A truly successful quarterback does whatever it takes, to make it happen. 

You will be surprised as a quarterback throughout your career. You are going to play on great teams, on average teams, on horrible teams. You are going to start with one company, have to shut it down, dissolution, and then join another company. You are going to get rich, lose money, go into debt (figurative maybe literal). The same way entrepreneurs do. You have to be resilient and able to bounce back. Be tough, be a honey badger, have confidence, be able to find and sniff out opportunity, be able to strike when you see its hot. Be able to leave when you see its bad, able to join new communities, new states, new cities, new politicians, new systems and new ways of life, new cultures. All the same way as an entrepreneur learning emerging markets. You will be have to make tough choices, with coaches and other leaders, be in long boring meetings about strategies, and tactical combats, beat out other leaders for the right to a license, or the right to start a game, or the right to a patent, or the right to operate in a new city. Its all one and the same. 

​So learn early how to dial for dollars, and how to be an entrepreneur. It will help in the long run.  

See Roger Staubach here. He started a real estate company worth $600M and sold it to Jones Lange La Salle.