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The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback ‚Äč

Listen to your Quarterback Lessons in Dallas. Trust your Quarterback Coaching in Dallas. Hear your QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas. It takes a special breed of leadership the higher that you go in life. One of the old men who use to coach me as an executive. He said, "the higher up the flag pole that you go the more they can see your ass." Which is entirely true. So this opens veins of criticism, and murmuring among the peasant crowd of folks. They don't want to join you at the top. They want to gossip, and whisper, and form cliques at the bottom. Cause hey strength in numbers man. There is 3 of us mad about the same thing. I love it. They shake hands. But hey look so you have to be tough. Jeff Bezos says that the worst part of being an entrepreneur is the extreme paranoia. You have these grandiose visions & ideas. Larger than life plans. Its not meant for everyone. They can't understand it. That is why it confuses me that so many reporters have slightly played football, but can comment on it accurately. Because they don't have the DNA of an 80 yard throwing swirling through their blood stream. This DNA sparks their synapses. It sparkles in their eyes, and ears. They hear songs different, they see life different, their attitude is different. Their haircut is different. The 80 yard DNA makes you put on your socks different, and shower and brush your teeth different. Its like looking through a telescope, and one person sees stars, and the other person sees orions belt. Everyone can't see orions belt. Its hard as shit to see Orions belt. The 80 yard DNA can. They are a higher caliber life. And the person who can't throw 80 yards. They cant comprehend conversation, thoughts ideas, programs and policies of that swag. Instead they have palace intrigue. You know that disease that white house cabinet members get a few months into joining the president in office. They are in the office. They are close by. But the President is the talent. The chief of staff is the guy who knows where the staples are at. So you have to co-exist. But its different. And right now we are not seeing great delegation of personalities in sports. The same way a young man joins a corporate environment at $40K and has to sit behind a 5 year (vet) at $65K for 2 years, just to maybe get promoted. That is the problem in the world. We have $60K managers teaching $40/K managers how to get $60K. Well how the hell do I get a $1M dollars. I guess ill never learn because everyone around me is a $80-100K manager. Through osmosis I basically just learn to suck. I can never get rich because no one around me is rich. That is basically the work force that local high schools who want you to be factory workers created. A few escape, find real leverage, a real mentor and blast off to their fullest potential and abilities. All it takes is timing and a smile. Jump. We bring on Sam Bradford to teach Josh Rosen. For what.  The CEO of Burger King got the job at 26 years old. Why? Because of the Peter Principle. This is when a manager has 10-20 years of experience, and therefore based on that gets promoted to higher levels of job status. Their physical body gets promoted, but their mind is stuck back at an assistant director level. Coaches, Sports Writers, and others are promoting folks who don't deserve to be $250K a year Vice Presidents. Just because they have been alive longer. Or they have served their time. Steve Jobs use to say that the number one job of a great CEO is to recruit. We bring on managers who can tell us what to do. Its the same in sports. we need to sharpen the iron. Start bringing on reporters with experience, with passed education backgrounds. You want to write about football. Show me your West Coast Offense License, and in-the-field experience managing it. I don't know where I am going with this topic. But long story short, some people are executives and some aren't. They can't handle honesty and decision making. They are soft in the heart. Blood all over the floor we have to mop anytime we make a decision. I just decided to go eat some tacos with corn on the cob. I cant wait until 5 pm to coach flag football tonight. Peace. Life is like a mercedes benz. Its great to drive. You love it. Then the security system thinks it locked itself. And it costs $3k to unlock. and you dont have the cash.