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The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback â€‹

​Quarterback Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach how to idolize quarterbacks. Quarterback Coaching in Mckinney in Dallas knows exactly what to do. Listen to your QB Lessons in Mckinney in Frisco. Folks have a tendency to like certain quarterbacks and it can be damaging for your career. Take Cam Newton for instance. Cam Newton is probably one of the worst idols that a quarterback could ever have. His mechanics are flawed, his game is weak, and being athlete means nothing to the quarterback position. If you like wearing funny hats after the game, then go ahead and idolize Cam Newton. Cam Newton is not even as good as Rex Grossman. Rex Grossman is someone you should idolize because he has one of the most beautiful throwing motions in existence. He can shoot the football like a cannon in the flick of the wrist. Strong thick body, and explosive power behind his throws. Don't get caught up in idolizing quarterbacks who dress up for games with all kinds of underarmour leggings and stuff. They don't wear headbands, or doo rags, or any of that garbage. Quarterbacks are more like Larry Bird than they are RG3 or Johnny Manziel. They are goofy, one track mind, like horses with only 1 master. They don't report to anyone but themselves. They don't listen very well. They think they can always win at everything, and their entire life is one big simulation of a competition with family, friends, co-workers everywhere and every time. No one at the quarterback position cares about swag, about their look, about their appearance or appeal. They wear stuff like basketball shorts, tennis shoes, and a white t-shirt. They can exercise at any moment. They cut their own hair at home. Their idea of dressing up is a great comfy sweater some jeans, and some tennis shoes. They are gym rats. They keep a solid beard. They constantly look ready to call a play, and run a two minute drill. Their energy is more powerful than a Sam's club case of red bulls- but naturally. They don't walk around. They march around. They strut around like a rooster. Their elbows pinned back. Their toes cocked inwards. They constantly have a confidence that could suck in other planets, and space ships who wander near it. It is a confidence that is unexplainable. No one knows why it exists. Its a gift from the heavens and from god. Unlimited confidence that you are the champion of the universe. You can use it at any moment too, and when you really need, tap into like an OZ tank in two fast two furious. For additional serum. Anyways -- idolize folks like Brett Favre. Blue Collar ballers. Tough guys. Folks who love to hang with the offensive lineman. Be friends with linebackers. High fives and head butts brother. Actually you kind of have to be a little bit of a bully. Learn that from Ben Rothelisburger. You go to sack Ben Rothelisburger and he might burp out a beer can. You have to be the common man with uncommon gifts. A construction worker. Most of the best quarterbacks love to sweat, to get dirty, to tackle and get tackled, they are just animals and savages. Idolize Carson Palmer. You retire and just live in the woods of Idaho hunting and fishing. Idolize Warren Moon. You retire and just make batches of chocolate chip cookies. Idolize Joe Montana. That guy is always in a tshirt and some sketches, and probably throws 300 passes a day in his backyard by himself still. Get rid of all these loser spread option swag rapper quarterback garbage. Lame. Real quarterbacks have pumpkin pie haircuts, and forget to wear deodorant. They walk around to pretending to throw passes all day long. They don't play video games. They don't watch TV unless its football. They love their dads, and moms-- and eat huge plates of food and corn on the cob. They have forearms the size of the end of baseballs bats. When they bring the groceries into the house, they carry all 30 bags in one trip and still are able to shut the door on the truck. They constantly throw in a pair of Oakleys so that way if their mechanics are out of whack the glasses will fall off their face. Have big dumb racoon eyes from being outside so much. Idolize coaches like Jimmy Johnson-- makes his staff do mobile meetings and run 5 miles while talking strategy. Idolize Bill Parcells- at halftime of a football game he took a trash can and dumped it on the defensive linemans head and said they are playing like garbage. Idolize Bill Walsh pinning Joe Montana and Steve Young against each other. Idolize winners. Go outside of football. Idolize Travis Kalanick from Uber for bullying his way into 400 countries. Idolize Elon Musk for sending his employees crazy emails about working 100 hours a week. Be an absolute lunatic. Dream so big, and go so hard that its intergalactic. Every room you are in the oxygen should be so thick it feels like people have their mouth on a muffler. Folks should feel your presence from 20 yards away glowing like a portal into another universe if they look into your eyes. The same feeling someone gets at the zoo looking into the eyes of the tiger. Thank god their is glass between you and the cage. But then also be a sweet boy who is helpful. Being a quarterback is the most sand baggin son of a bitch position on the face of the earth. Like managing the inside of a prison yard. You are dealing with everyone from blue collar front lines, to high level executives, to rabid fans & customers, marketing, sales, operations, start ups. All of it. There is not 1 single managerial position on the planet that is tougher to be in than the quarterback position.