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QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you about Mental Reps

​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you about fans. Listen to the quarterback coach in McKinney in Dallas. Trust your quarterback lessons in McKinney in Dallas. I always like to call kickers Dr. Pepper challenge contestants that get to play on the team. It feels good inside to have fans. To be adored. To have folks know your name, your position, your stats. To get respect in the classroom, at restaurants, at the gym, in your hometown. Fans. Not the one blowing above your bed at night giving you a horrible cough in the morning. You should get your vacuum out and vacuum out the panels, maybe run a wet Swiffer down them if you don't mind. I love fans. Back in the day in your house, all you had was a fan. No air conditioner. Unless you were a Hatfield. Hey man, where did you get that AC from? My dads a lawyer bro. Oh yeah, right. Great. But hey everyone has fans now. Except when you go on vacation in Hawaii, and none of the condos have fans, because the island breeze that blows in off the beach. You don't need them man. Enjoy that 80 degree breeze. Rolling around in your bed with sweat on your forehead. I love pretending to have Malaria. Hell yeah. I love fans man. They have school spirit. They are the best. They wear T-shirts with your team logo on them, during games they paint their faces, they buy flags for their front yard, bumper stickers. Entire industries dedicated to decorating fans. Human Christmas trees for your favorite team. The best. Fans are like if you were an animal at the zoo but instead of having plexiglass to protect all the swimming baby penguins. You could just swim with them. Especially when you are at the mall. You just walking in a crowd of fans. Hey look, Harrison just went into Spencers gifts to get a poster of incubus. Ha! No he didn't, but I already typed it and hit send into the Wolfpack Insider on Rivals. Nevermind it wasn't Harrison. It was Channing Tatum. Pulls camera out and takes a selfie, but the kind where he doesn't know he is in it. #MagicMike. I love fans man. Hanging on your every word. Your every breath. They think you are so hilarious. So funny. Man hanging out with fans is like killing a Netflix special. You are just like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber lighting your fart on fire, and throwing almonds into your face. Man people are dying laughing. Rectum, Damn Near Killed em. hahahahah! riotous laughing. Fans. Every story is the Christmas miracle. Enchanting. You are M. Night Shamalya of story telling. Yeah so I was at Nebraska, and you will never believe the size of their prime ribs. There eyes the size of the independence day space ship hovering into the clouds of above New York City. No way bro. Tell me about the size of the steaks. Yeah and they had a salad bar too. Fans. I love them man. You got to your girlfriends house, and everyone can't wait to hear stories about your football career. Man, you want to know the truth about the time I saw Kyle Orton with sunglasses on after a night of partying. Incredible story man. So he goes out and Brad Smith from Missouri is mad, because he doesn't party, but Kyle does. And so the next day you can tell there was tension. Your story is like when you go to the movies, and the previews are on. Man I want to see that movie. You literally just told the dumbest story of all time. But hey it felt fun, and was great. I don't know. I probably have spent 50 percent of my life just talking about things I have seen or done. Does that mean I am actually doing something, or even have done them? Maybe I was just a fan too. A human Wikipedia being edited by my exposure to a certain situation. No one to verify but me. I collected the facts, and filtered out a fan's recollection of events. Hell yeah. I love fans. You will be sitting there at the University of Colorado, and they will pour drinks down the back of your shoulder pads. You turn and tell them to stop. Because why does it matter right? I am a player. I definitely deserve a beer poured down my shoulder pads. I mean its just part of the competitive culture of the rivalry man. Hell yeah. I love it. You know T Boone Pickens once invested like $500 M into wind energy, and lost it all on fans. You know what my favorite fans are the kind you keep in your purse. You pull out and wave in your own face. Its a little bit the fan. Its a little bit you. Like when your dad is a fan of you. He is a stakeholder you know. I knew a kid one time who had all these football stats memorized. He loved it. So much so that if you caught a stat he didn't know then he would double down, and lie about the stat just to keep his trophy as the kind of stats. I knew he was lying, but for some reason I just let him go. I wanted him to be the king of stats. It made him proud to be the greatest statistician of the Cincinnati Bengals in history. He knew 95 percent of what he was talking about. You know. So I let him. If I completed 70% of my passes, I still wouldn't be as accurate as him. But maybe that is life. 70% of what I can do is equal to 95% of what you can do. And that is the difference. That is why he is a fan. Martell told Falco, "I put the fans in the stands." But I don't know if that's true. See the fans are there to prove that they are fans. Not to worship you. Not to cheer for you. They want to prove to themselves that they are fans of your team. They spend their hard earned money. They buy your jersey. They wear your team colors, and buy food & drinks, bring their friends & families, thousands of dollars, to prove to you that they are great fans. They are the best fans ever. You work for them. Here is why. See. And when you lose, or you play bad, you are telling them that they are bad fans. You are actually bad fans. Because of you we lost. Because you didn't know the stats well enough. Because you didn't pressure the owner enough. Because you didn't cheer loud enough. Because you didn't support the team. We lost all because of you. The fans can't handle the truth. You can't blame them for pressuring your coach to bench you and end your entire career. They just bought a 24 oz Margarita at the Food & Beverage counter. They just turned you into margarita. You look down at your hand and its a pretzel with salt on it. Ah! You scream. Close your eyes, and look again. Its a hand.  Fans are the bacteria in your stomach. You see you think that you make decisions. But you really make no decisions in your life. You are not guided through your own brain and mind. You are guided by the bacteria in your belly. If it likes Pizza, then you eat Pizza a lot. If it likes Burgers then you eat burgers a lot. When you don't give it what it wants. It makes you cranky, irritable, mad. You drive crazy. You beat someone up. You fall asleep. All controlled by your bacteria in your stomach. Not you. Because of its decisions. Maybe YOU didn't want burgers, but you never really had a choice to make. Either though you thought you did. The entire time. Maybe you didn't even want to play football. But the fans wanted you to play football. Maybe they didn't even want to be fans. But the players needed them to be. Who is the bacteria, and who is the pizza? And who is the one connecting the two. Maybe neither is who they really say they are, and their intentions are not what they want them to be. Maybe they are symbiotically destroying each other in the name of the game. Did I really lose this game? Or did the fans? or did we together? or maybe the game is responsible for being a bad matchmaker. If there were no fans, maybe I would focus on my skills and extract the most potential of my abilities. Still be playing quarterback.  If there were no players, maybe the fans would focus more on themselves, and extract the most of their abilities. Get promoted at work.  Maybe I am hot water, you are cold water, and together we are warm water. Maybe I am just the word Maybe all the time. Any given Sunday.  I think in the end you just turn into a sentence written somewhere. All your hard work, and dedication didn't turn into muscles & touchdowns. Like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Mohamed Ali just became a TMZ article at the end. The hard work.  It just turned into an article that some fuck gets to write while eating a doughnut & coffee. You do all the work, he takes all the credit. I am Brett Favre. I have his Jersey on. Maybe we don't really have coaches & trainers-- we just have fans. Hi Fan! What can I wear to school today? Maybe the fans call the plays. There is a seen in House of Cards six where Bill Shepherd asks Claire to sign a chemicals regulation act. She goes to sign. And he grabs her hand to sign with her. You know when someone passes, they say- they will always be watching over you. Maybe that person is just a fan. They say the average thirty year old should have 40 friends. A cup of coffee in the bigtime. Imagine how many people are fans of cups of coffee.