The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback 

​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you how to have a fantasy. Trust the Quarterback Coach in Mckinney. I need you to listen to these Quarterback Lessons in Mckinney. This is what you need to do. Go take a nap. Drink some warm milk. Lay down in your bed. Put on La Vie En Rose by Lady Gaga. Make sure its dark. Make sure you have a down comforter. Make sure you have down sheets & pillows. A wiener dog down by your feet sleeping. Hear the french horn. The calm tapping of the piano. The sax slobber through its solo. See yourself. Dropping back. Perfect mechanics. Dropping back and snapping off a throw. A perfect throw. The receiver catches it because of you- not him. Everything is because of you. You yell out Q8 Q8. Flash the Q sign to Antonio Freeman. Hut hut huthut hut hut. Snap it. Roll rt. Pump and fade to back of the endzone. Touchdown. You just beat the 49ers. They knew Q8 because its day 1 installation in the west coast offense. Drop back. 4 verticals. 2 deep. Inside post. Mike Drops, Safety Topples, Shredder down the left sideline. Touchdown. All because of you. Your whole entire life. Think about it. Manipulate it in your dreams. See yourself doing things. Being things. Accomplishing things. Laying there. Remember the movie the Matrix. Where they plug into your skull and download APIs like Karate. Then Keanu knows perfect Karate. You can do that in real life. You can lay there. You can download API's into your own memmory and mind. Wake up and go do those things. Humans have built in wifi. That is what they mean when they call Steve Jobs a visionary. Or the king of reality distortion. Because he dreams, and sees himself in a light, in a way that he envisions, that he has downloaded and practiced, and rehearsed. All the sudden an IPOD pops into his dreams, and downloads the file. It installed. He wakes up, and goes to invent it. His manager is like - what the hell are you talking about Steve? But Steve has seen it before in his dreams. He knows exactly what to do, what to build, what to sell. Steve is Keanu. You are Keanu. People are using apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook to download fake APIs. They are downloading other people and their realities into their minds. It use to be that Henry David Thoreau would go spend a month at Lake Walden Pond detached from reality. And charging his mind battery, thinking, and downloading organic ideas to operate his soul. Put your phone down. Put twitter down. Every single tweet you click on. Every website you click on. You are downloading information into your brain. Your brain has cloud storage being used up. You can't delete your memmory. You can only train it. Accept the thoughts you have, and then direct them. I accept a negative memmory about an interception, but I choose to file it away. Then my brain files it away like you would a picture on your desktop. I choose to think about making Hamburger Helper. Your brain activates the hamburger helper file. Your soul and your brain are not attached to each other. Your soul is the mouse, clicking on files in your brain. You can control where you click, what you save, and how you file it. The quarterbacks who are the most successful are masters at compartmentalization. They don't just lift weights. To get strong biceps. They workout their brains. They have olympic strength brains. They can control their thoughts, feelings, and emotions, their behaviors. They can control what they click. They can click a file of 173 plays, and see it like that digital screen in minority report with Tom Cruise. Their soul doesn't use a mouse. Its a touch screen. They can sort files, go google searches, open and close, use multiple screens and monitors. Their brain is a carefully controlled 57 point algorythm. There is no fake news in their brains. No memes. Russia can't hack into an elite quarterbacks brain. Here is how you can tell someone with this kind of brain. They stare an excessive amount. You are having a conversation with them, and they stare and sort. When you say a word to them, their brain is entering it into google search and in .043 seconds the first page of results pop up, the first options pop up, and they click on the first links. Most important at the top. All their social interactions are search engine optimizations. They are rating & reviewing every interaction, and filing, categorizing. The longer they play, the longer their careers, the faster and more optimized their brain. They see a cover 2 man 4 vertical. Inside, Outside, Back. In .023 seconds. Complete. That is why Tom Brady never gets sacked, and you can barely pick him off. He is not throwing for completions. He is throwing for acing the test. Answering the question correctly. Not choosing the "both A and C" selection. He is narrow and defined, and refined. He chooses back. Back is wide open. Doesn't care about the open outside vertical because the back is the algorythms most optimized choice. He has seen this in real life, and in his dreams. He didn't just practice this play on the practice field. He turned the lights out, laid in bed, and has played entire football games in his dreams while sleeping. His body totally asleep, his brain in the 3rd quarter against Aaron Rodgers and the packers. By Sunday he has played the game 10-12 times in between sleep and naps. Every scenario, up down and all around. He has been there. By the time he has the first snap, the game is already over for him. His body is like a southwest airlines flight on autopilot. He can step out of the cockpit and go take a piss, grab a cup of apple juice. Come back, and they are almost in San Diego. Next weeks game. The whole team is safe, in the back relaxing. 

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