Quarterback LessonS

The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback 

​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you about watching film. Trust the Quarterback Coach in Mckinney. I need you to listen to these Quarterback Lessons in Mckinney. Everyone has this fantasy that Peyton Manning spends hours watching film. Just clicking forward and reverse on his best buy $19.99 remote in a dark room, with a half eaten box of chicken wings, and Marvin Harrison on the ground in a sleeping bag, half napping half watching film together like its a middle school sleepover. Marvin can hear my voice in his head when we play like I am yelling into a yoohoo can stringed between my neighbors house. Stop. No one actually watches film. Not Jamarcus Russell, not Peyton Manning, no one. The same way that you get off of work at 5pm and take your ass to home depot to get some lawn care products after work. Because you are about to go home and weedwhack. These guys are doing the same shit. Look, don't get me wrong. Yes they watch film. But its basically you just starting at a screen. You watch 1-2 games-- you see they bring the MOB, or a cross dog, or mike will. You choose slide protection. And then you go to the team cafeteria for lunch. You will spend all week watching Clemson play quarters, and get into the game and its man to man cover 1. Why? because film is mostly fake. Coaches insert fake plays, and formations into the film to make you "prepare for it." Thanks Clemson, I was planning on running Fox 2 X Y post for a quarters beater, and now you are in man and the game is all about shallow cross, flanker driver. We didn't prepare for that because it wasn't on film, right. You might as well play quarters are your college roommates keg party. Because that is more real than the hours of my life I just wasted on Clemson film. Look there are some decent versions of film. Don't get totally confused. Watching yourself. I love watching myself throw. I can spend 5-10 minutes stuck in FF/RW on just my elbow to forearm to snap. Watching it. Admiring it. Admiring me. Then post it on instagram and twitter. You will learn some things from watching yourself. Like man I have great hips, and a great wrist, and great throwing motion. Wow the ball looks great coming out of my hand. Non stop- Harrison. Look -- Steve Deberg once said he was in a game, and he kept getting sacked because the defensive tackle saw him move his hands before calling for the snap. A twinkle of his fingers. Or the white in his knuckles before the snap. Even though you can barely make out jersey numbers on shitty non-hd game film. Why don't folks film their team in HD Blue Ray quality? With all the snap chat filters out there, and I have to watch film on a Nicolas Cage 8mm film reel. Jesus. But look he got sacked 8 times. All because of his hands. So yes, if you want to get in the DETAIL like Peyton. Then that kind of film watching can work. But you have to say, okay I saw this on film. Then go to the practice field and you have to change the behavior. Its not just a cheeseburger at the movie gallery, and you rate the movie on Fandango. 3 star. Tom Hanks was to die for. You have to leave the film room, and go spend 3 hours in front of a mirror not twitching your fingers like a bird with a broken wing before the snap. My focus running a team would be on practicing. Actually running plays in person. Improving my skill in person. Live reps. Not mental reps. Not film reps. Actual muscle memory. You have all these damn kids doing sprints, and olympic lifting, and diets. When the reality is that if you are a quarterback. Then you need to throw. A lot. 300 passes a day. If you are a running back. You need to line up, and take a hand off, and key cut a lot. If you are a lineman you need to get your hand placement right, and battle a lot. You have to do. Film is solid. Film is great. It will catch things like two lineman chatting while Baker Mayfield gets sacked, and playing each other. It will have the eagle eye view that catches a wrong route. Or someone falling down. Or bring perspective after a game to a bad read, or highlight difficult decisions you made, and provide evidence and examples of why for the grand jury fans, family & friends.  Everyone on social media is a football analyst now. They breakdown your 30 seconds Gary Daniels voice-over clip of your throwing 1 pass out of 49, and write the eulogy for your entire career. One time I dropped a snap verse UCF and Dana Bible goes in the film room, "Harrison, did you drop the snap?" I said ,"I don't remember," while watching the film of me dropping the snap. Because who gives a fuck. What is the point of me watching myself dropping a snap. So I can relive that nightmare and memmory in my mind. When a quarterback is about compartmentalizing and moving on. This knucklehead wants to me to relive Halloween the day after the game like I am Laurie Strode, and Jamie Lee Curtis can't escape Micheal Myers. By the end of the season you are Bill Murray in Ground Hog day. Just jumping off buildings every time its a Tuesday morning film session. You are who the film says you are. No not really- it doesn't have me playing a beautiful song on the piano. I can do that too. It was great. I basically learn nothing, but the film gets used to punish me with evidence in front of my peers. In politics they pay to have the film burned. In third world countries you would get shot for airing anti- propoganda against their glorious leader. But no, in football they use film to perpetuate mistakes. Then call it a learning experience. No your just fucking up the character I am building, and interfering with my management. You are like google in the Arab Spring trying to start a coup in Turkey to overthrow the leader. After a bad game, maybe you should just show highlights of me in practicing throwing bombs. Show an HBECK mixtape. Get my swag back. Damn NC State sucked. But look-- life isn't rivals.com and your recruiting stops your freshman year. From there on its all about using film as evidence on your unemployment claim. Anyways-- look go ahead and watch film. Try it. Try to get 30 minutes in without yawning. You might get fidgety in your chair. But remember. You can't be fidgety because if you are moving your hands, you'll get fucking sacked dawg. Thanks Steve.