The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback 

​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you how to understand the genius janitor. Trust the Quarterback Coach in Mckinney. I need you to listen to this Quarterback Lesson in Mckinney. Isn't it ironic, yes I really do think. I love Alanis Morrissette. So there is this movie with Matt Damon called Good Will Hunting. This guy is a genius janitor. He sneaks into your classroom and does calculus problems for fun on your white erase board late deep into the night. His janitor closet is perfectly organized and stocked, and he meticulously cleans all of this equipment with obsessive compulsion. All of this floors are brilliantly swept and mopped, buffed & burnished. Stripped & Waxed. He is so sweet and polite, and very calm and to himself. He smiles briefly if you ever get to see this phantom of the opera. He lives in a small modest apartment, and can only afford groceries from the local gas station. Eats cheap things like 711 pre-made turkey and cheese sandwiches, with a half seven up half lemonade big gulp. Delicious! This guy is a genius. The smartest human being you have ever met in your life and no one knows. He doesn't have a Netflix show like Neil Tyson Degrasse. Or a daily article in the business insider about AI taking over the world like Elon Musk. He is way smarter than them. Than everyone. The genius janitor. He can manually write the google algorythm, all 57 points, in seconds on a napkin. If you play him in pool, and a fight breaks out because you just lost $200 to him, then he will mock you by reciting a re-enactment of Napeloean's two front loss in a war to highlight your miscalculation. You smash a beer on the table, and hold it to his neck. And your beautiful girlfriend with empathy, and compassion, bleeding heart tactics, mesmorized by his heartfelt folklore switches teams. Don't do that to him! She pleads. He hands you your money back, and leaves with her. Until she finds out he walked to the bar with his reeboks on. She is like - fuck that, and goes back inside. It was cute until I found out you're poor. He doesn't need this. He is just a smart kid without a chance. From a poor family. Instead of being Will Smith in the Pursuit of Happiness, scratching and crawling, selling computer monitors, and hustling his way into a major bank firm. No he is smart enough not to want to try to do that. He doesn't want to apply on or go to job interviews, or start his own business, or become an entrepreneur, or build a website or app, or work his way up the corporate ladder, or whatever. Not for him. He is the smartest dumbest fucking person on earth. Wants to clean toilets with his Albert Einstein brain. Here is what is going on. We have a world full of genius janitors. Folks with big brilliant ideas, all talk. No action. They spend $70M on instagram ads to win an election in Texas. They say curated, funny quips & analogies during BIG 10 media days before the football season about the BIG 10 changing the rules for their salt of the earth program. Then they lose, and lose some more distracting you with othello in the garden siloquoys. Every week distracting you further and further into a deep REM sleep. You are not dreaming. Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting is the kid you grew up with in high school who plays guitar great in his moms house, and has an updated live opinion on every topic in the news. He is a liberal cuck with a scientific reason for immigration, and social darwinism. Who will do all the construction jobs? Um, americans? And when you ask him to go to the club. He doesn't have money. He can't. Doesn't have the clothes and is afraid to dance. So people are like - well money is not important. But it is. Because money is the hardest thing on earth to acquire and to keep. Society and all its levers are built on taking it from you. So someone who has money, is not only smart but the money is their driver license that says yes I am fucking smart. I am not a Genius Janitor artist writing poems no one will ever read. One day they will say I am Henry David Thoreau at Walden Pond. Writing eternities about the impact of silence on my rationale self. How romantic? Folks are suffering from the genius janitor syndrome. You are a bum. If you don't go take, and rip out the heart of what you need, and want to accomplish in life. Then there is nothing. If Frost doesn't go an win 10 games a season, or take the huskers to a National Title then there is no Scott Frost. If Beto O'Rourke doesn't win the senate race in Texas. Then there is no Beto O'Rourke. You don't get a netflix special. Your season 1 gets canceled. You don't get a slot on the Voice on ABC. You go straight to the NOW 50 cd with all the other no hit wonders. You have to produce constantly, and consistently. Making new slogans, making new songs, winning more games, throwing more touchdowns, creating and circulating more media & meaning.  Constantly over and over again. Taking what you want to accomplish. Not talking. Not asking. You don't ever hear from Leonardo DiCaprio, or Britney Spears, or Micheal Bloomberg. They don't talk. They just do. They just make Wolf of Wall Street. They are killers. Literally. They are out for vegenance and blood. They don't hide in a secret classroom and write their name 5000 times on a white board. They aren't genius janitors. They are genius actors. Genius coaches. Genius politicians. Genius Moms & Dads. Genius Corporate Executives. And for only one reason. Because while you thought you were smart, they knew that the only version of smart that matters is the son of a bitch who does. Oh we are going to be 10-1 sometime soon. No they just go 10-1. When I watch Goodwill Hunting - I think Matt Damon is the laziest, most self centered, ignorant moron of all time. Not smart at all. Just a banana peel. A slippery spot on the floor he forgot to mop up. Because he was too busy building touch screens in his mind. I fall and break my arm. I scream-- where is your wet floor sign. I look over at the closet and it has permanent marker all over it. the pie sign 3.14 x 5.2 * square root of four. And its the time it takes to actually make a pizza in algebra. God dammit. Call the ambulance. You are fired Genius Janitor. No common sense. In the equation of life, he can't find a number to assign himself. Its certainly not number 1. Maybe he doesn't even exist. Maybe he is a ghost. A poltergeist. Maybe I should call a ghost hunting team to investigate this local college for conjuring. A group of fucking idiots who believe ghosts are real, bought some cameras, and make a million dollars a season chasing bad light bulbs. Fuck you Genius Janitor. You forget to change the lights bulbs, and someone gets rich. I bet you planned that shit. and its all just math. I severely underestimated you. 

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