Quarterback LessonS

The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback ‚Äč

Listen to your quarterback lessons in Mckinney in Dallas. Trust your quarterback coach in Mckinney in Dallas. Hear your qb lessons in Mckinney in Dallas. Go get a tape measure. Put your hand on the table. Spread your fingers out from thumb to the tip of your pinky. Measure it. Drew Brees was a 10 1/4 inch hand. Brett Favre was a 10 3/8 inch hand. Cam Newton has a 9 1/4 inch hand. Mike Vick has a 8 3.8 Inch hand. Very small. Ron Mexico. Hey but listen your hand size is a big deal. Don't be like Tua Tagoloivolia who throws like a shot put. This kid throws a football like he is by his driveway picking up stones, and grabs a rock too big for his hand, and grips it off to the side. His finger tips busting under the pressure. Its all about hand size. The bigger the hand, the better you can grip the football. You can tell a quarterback has a smaller hand when he grips the back of the football. For example his ring finger is on the first lace rung, or he has to have multiple fingers on the laces, and usually the top. I mean Zac Taylor use to have his ring finger and his pinky on the top back of the football. It was embarrassing. Big hands allow you to covet the ball into your palm. Your ring finger should be on the second or third rung, and your top two fingers split into almost a 90 degree angle, with the your pointer finger near the top tip of the ball. If you are throwing a ball short 10-20 yards, then you need to hump the grip down toward toward the middle of the ball. But if you are going deep then slide it back like you are holding a javeline. And throw it. Big hands are key. For handshakes. Engulfing your competitions hand. The tips of my fingers wander down the backup quarterbacks forearm. He gets nervous and calls his mom asking why his hands arent bigger. Does the Jared Goff, goes home and gets out the jergens lotion, and massages his finger tips, to stretch them out, and make them longer. Seriously, this is what college quarterbacks are doing before the draft. Hand massages. Jelkin their fingers. Jeez. Anyways -- look it matters for taking the snap as well. Most young quarterbacks hold their hands open like an alligator mouth. But you need your hands separated. Your hand on top of the boat, with the wings wide open, and closing on the snap. Small hands you will have trouble swallowing the ball from the center, and fumble the snap. Then spend the rest of the practice not even able to focus on throwing the ball. Instead scared you are going to drop the snap. You don't even want to go in. Just standing there nervous about dropping the snap. Everyone thinks it sucks when a quarterback throws a pick. Or when they lose. No, purgatory for quarterbacks is fumbling the snap. Its 100 percent the worst feeling in the history of quarterbacking. Ruin the whole day. Anyways -- grow your hands out player. Get them bigger. Take a forearm gripper to class, and squeeze that thing 200x a day. Get strong hands. Make them pump. Get the muscles pumping. Get a strong John Wayne grip. Do things like learn how to play piano and guitar, so they get flexible and dexterity. So your hands can do gymnastics. You need flexible hands like Lady Gaga in the bad romance video. Can't have old stiff Brian Urlacher neck hands. Gotta have huge 10.5 inch HBeck hands. Makes great london broil hands. Son your wrists stiffer than a corn on the cob. Can't have honey moon dick for wrists. You'll will break it falling 50 times a day. Need strong, flexible forearms, wrists and hands. All your power comes from the hand, from the wrist and grip. Grab a football the same way Trump grabs a pussy. And throw that bitch.