QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you about Mental Reps

​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you about a new brand of football. Trust the Quarterback Coach in Mckinney. I need you to listen to the Quarterback Lessons in Mckinney. You know what folks do for a living now. They drive for Uber, they do Uber deliveries. By themselves in their beat up shitty Honda Accord. Listening to Chainsmokers, tweeting and calling their friends in between rides, and talking to them on speaker phone through their car radio. There is no TEAM. There are no bosses. There are no scripted plays, and watching film, and going to practice. No choreographic dance moves, or black swan ballet recitals. I threw a touchdown once in practice. The middle post on scat 22 texas. It was verse 3 deep. Which is probably a bad move. Because there is a middle safety. But the idiot came up for no reason to the back, and the tight end was just standing there wide open. So I threw it to him. He caught it and scored. And instead of a congratulations from my coach- he was a raving lunatic wandering over muttering/screaming that wasn't the read. Someone get me a beer helmet. Two steveweisers. Dana Bible wore socks and sandles to work. Dead serious. We would have film around 2pm and he would strut in with socks & sandles on in his basketball shorts. His mouth always slightly cracked out like a small little schnowzer dog. Ready to nip at your ankles. Some life this guy has. He just walks around the office in his pajamas and yells at people for throwing touchdowns. But that when I was part of a team. Others counted and depended on me to make the right read, and do the right thing for the team. The play wasn't designed for my rocket arm, and my talent. I had to share and play nice with others. I couldn't just drop back and fire the ball the way I knew how, because unfortunately I had to bring all my loser teammates, and lineman, and terrible supporting staff with me. Its like being an NCAA create-a-player and you can only have one. And then you are on a team where the rest of the players are like 78-82. Tom Hanks and a Volleyball trying to make a movie out of Fed Ex packages and sand. Great movie though. I just love myself so much. You have no idea. I go out in the yard, and film myself throwing bombs & rocket balls. I record them and then I go home, and I sit on my couch. And I put my thumb on the rewind FF button, and I slide it back and forth. Very slow so I can see my arm action. Its up and down. All these coaches on Instagram are teaching these kids to have all these wobbly ass throwing motions that look like a wave pool at Adventure Island. Throwing motions wave like a kite. Bro its literally up and down. Throw like a boxer punches. The ball should never be higher than your dobermint pincher ear. Up and down. Throw. Forward. Stop bending your elbow like a fucking boomerang you bought at play-it-again sports. Snap your hand down, and thumb down, under your elbow leading to your forearm twists like a turbine on the titanic propeller, and straighten that fucking arm, coming down like a proper follow through and rocket. This isn't Elon Musk watching one of his Space X rockets blow up on Twitter again. I swear it will make it to mars man with a whole caravan of immigrants on-board and loaves of bread. Up down, snap and straight. Fire that fucking pigskin. Your throwing motion should violent. Like the TREX in Jurassic Park eating that guy off the toilet. Violence. Like the raptors tearing up that cattle they lower into their feeding cage. Trees and earth shaking, and carnivorous noises and sounds, shredding, twisting, limbs & ligaments snapping, like a great white shark shooting up from the depths of the ocean like an animal rocket, knocking that seal thirty yards into the air, their bodies wiggling and shaking floating back to the surface of the water. Some fuck staring through binoculars on a south African shark tour boat half interested, half terrified, half holy shit I don't want to end up like that couple from the movie Open Sea, watching. The should be your throwing motion. Stone Cold Steve Austin holding up a beer can after kicking someone in the stomach and stunning them at WrestleMania. Give me a Hell Yeah! But the world is changing man. Its a meritocracy. Its a YOU ECONOMY. There are no more teams of people. There is no more leadership. There is just you connecting to something, engaging the moment, confirming completion, and connecting again. Life is now like a bag of 40 footballs. There is a drill that Jon Gruden has his quarterbacks engage where he takes a bunch of footballs, and throws them at your hands, you catch the ball and throw, catch and throw, as fast as your can. Laces, no laces, doesn't matter. Catch and throw. Like sticking a tree into a wood chipper. Just chugging bark. Then he will get the footballs wet and do the same thing. But that is life now. You drop back, throw. Grab another, drop back and throw. Grab another, drop back and throw. That is your career, your journey and job. You start a business, and throw. Complete it. Make some money. Start another venture. Drop back and throw, incomplete. Go grab another ball. Life isn't a box of chocolates, its a bag of footballs. Most people can't even throw. I have a theory. Here it is. Take your next boyfriend, or your co-worker, or whoever. Take them to a family barbecue. Bring a football. Stand about 20 yards away, and throw a pass. First check if they have a natural throwing motion. If its whacky. Not a good sign. Then check if its a spiral. Then check if it gets to your hands. Was it catchable? Then you return the throw to them. If it bounces of their face. Unfriend them on social media. Block them on tinder. Break up with them. Delete their phone number. You can't fucking date someone who can't throw a spiral or catch a pass. You will destroy your DNA and your genes. This goes for women too. Women better know how to throw at least a 15 yard pass to you. And be able to catch as well. I guarantee Pat Forde can't catch, or Mike Farrell from Rivals.com. The Jeffrey Epstein of college football. Hunny, what are you doing? Just watching a bunch of 15 year old's weigh in online. Jesus. The irony of the life of a football player. You start out as a recruit going to football camps. You are doing the best press contest, the 40 yard dash, the 3 cone drills, and throwing 1 on 1's. Nothing to do with teams. You get ranked 5 stars like me, based on individual performance and expertly and acutely accurate laser like passes. Then you go play for a Team. Why would I when I am at my best as an individual? Go play for a TEAM. I wasn't ranked a 5 star TEAM. I was ranked a 5 star quarterback. Now you are asking me to distribute my stars out to the team. Here is .02 for you, and .03 for you, and .05 for you. Ill just keep 1 star. That is what happens. You give out all your super powers to everyone like football is Venezuela. Being a quarterback is like being a Billionaire, and you have to open a charity just for tax relief. Steve Jobs once said that he refuses to engage philantrophy. Says its a waste of time & money. Because once you donate to the red cross, it gets shipped in 1.8B to Iran on pallets. Hey what about that cure for Ebola? The CEO of the red cross drives a Ferrari. Look -- that is what happens. The quarterback is expected to hand out Thanksgiving Turkeys, and feed the community in the name of leadership. But no -- I just want to throw. I want to keep my money. I want to hoard my talent. Its mine. I am the one born with it. I own all the equity. No you want me to dilute my stock. Why can't they fire Zuckerberg at Facebook? He owns all the shares. All the board seats. He didn't let some shitty college coach come into his living room, and flirt with his mom, eat up all his filet mignon and lobster, and take of with a 51% stake in Harrison Beck's cannon right arm. Kyler Murray wants to play football, not baseball. No one wants to play baseball. Ask Tebow. The problem is that Kyler sold stake in his soul & talent for $5M. He is a human LLC with no equity share anymore. He needs approval on his expense report now. Here is a rule of thumb in business. Never give up your equity. They go on Shark Tank, and ask for $50K for 25%. To a smart businessman that immediately means their product sucks and they are a desperate loser company. Because if you can't take the time to pull your couch cushions out to vacuum up all the skittles, and find $50K in loose change, then you are a garbage entrepreneur, and suck, and get the fuck off the stage. The Elite 11 isn't a quarterback camp, its a scholarship accelerator. Its like in Tech, an incubator for your company. Your quarterback. You go there, and they convince you to sell your arm out for a $100K scholarship to East Carolina. WTF are you talking about. The quarterback is Kevin Synstrom at Instagram. Zuckerberg and the Elite 11 convinced him to sell his company to Facebook for $1B dollars. Highway Robbery. Ooh its the big time. The college football playoffs and shitty algebra and level 200 Spanish class power-points. 5 years later Facebook says Instagram is worth $20B dollars, and Kevin leaves the company because its an autocratic coup. Man great job Kevin. Great decision. You got a great house now, a nice car-  go fucking raise a go fund me to stop Tua's dad from beating his son with a belt. Quarterbacks are bankrupting them and their families by selling their arms off to third world country militias for the promise of oil and imperialism. Only to find out they used your cannon to create ISIS. But mom, coach said that I was going to start so I gave him the farm. And now I am just an animal in the circus. Go see Dumbo this Christmas. That's you. A flying elephant performing in a tent for some Sheckles. Instead, you should have taken your right arm. Keep investing in it. Keep training on it. Promote yourself using social media. Pay for your own college. Build your own company. Hire your own team. Hire marketing and brand awareness consultants. Hire sports agents and coaches. Wait until you are about 22 and the first time it sees a TEAM its for $50M dollars year. That way you don't have to fake an ankle injury in the SEC championship because you saw twitter was trending on the fact that your dad gave quite possibly the worst interview in college football history, and you got exploited in front of millions. That is what selling your left arm for a bachelor degree got you. You could be in Hawaii learning how to be a CEO building the foundation of your company, and selling it to the NFL for $200M dollars. How am I going to pay it? Idk bro, go throw on the beach, and do Uber deliveries at night. Become the world's first UBER quarterback. Fuck that last passenger just rated me a 4 star. Son of a bitch. 

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