Quarterback LessonS

The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback 

​QB Lessons in McKinney in Dallas will teach you how to get interviewed by the local news media, websites, rivals.com and college coaches, and all the people who want to talk to the starting quarterback. Quarterback Coach in McKinney is going to teach you the appropriate things to say like, "We are a team, and we work as a team, and I just put my head down, and go to work." That is fine. My suggestion is that most coaches want you to avoid the radical or overzealous comments. So if you are going to talk with rhetoric about anything-- make it about yourself. You don't have to talk about another player or another coach-- or something that is not you. Listen to Quarterback Coach in Dallas. Because when you talk about yourself you can say anything that you want to because it is all about you. When you talk about your teammates then you are now in a Venn diagram of people with differences and alignments. Keep it about yourself. And anything that you say about others make it pleasant, even-keel and consistent. 

Talking about yourself is important. Because being a quarterback is not just someone who goes to work with a lunch pale and throws the football and is done. You have to be a salesman. You have to not just play great, but be interesting and funny, and have stories, and know stand up, and high energy and know your product, know the history of the game, know the players, know the stats, know the legends, and really paint a picture of yourself as a football Sherpa or savant. Yes be humble, but also consider yourself the greatest quarterback to ever live. Because why not? Talk about how strong your arm is, and how smart you are, and how fast you are, and that you are the best quarterback that anyone has ever seen in the world. Because folks will eat this up. They will love it. It will become embedded into their mind, into your mind, into everyone's mind. They may have never even seen you play before but they will remember you as the greatest quarterback to ever live. You have essential tagged their memmory of you as great without having to do anything. Do this with as many people as possible. 

Consider anything that is anti- or against you as the greatest quarterback to ever live as fake. A lie made up by folks in the mainstream media who never exercise. 

For example: 

I would often tell folks that I am Brett Favre. So they started to see my play as Brett Favre because I told them so many times. Now I am tagged into their mind as Brett Favre-- which is a positive thing. It makes them think that you are great. They believe that you are great. They maybe have never seen you throw but they see you as Brett Favre. 

In fact- at one camp later in life for a pro ball league I told the guy that I was Brett Favre, and he said I even looked like him. His words not mine. You would be surprised that the opportunities you can get just based off rhetoric. Which is good because it maximizes your bandwith. This is why people like Instagram. Because you share a picture which is worth a 1000 words. But on twitter you have to type out- it takes time and only 280 words. Think of your career as meme. 

"I am Beck Favre." 

"I am the greatest quarterback to ever live" 

"I have an arm that causes chem trails" 

"I have a rocket launcher arm" 

"I can throw it further than anyone in the world" 

Folks &  Interviewers and others go into a disbelief, and day dream about your abilities, and in return are saving you in their minds as that picture of the greatest quarterback who ever lived. 

"No one on earth can take a snap better than me" 

"I read defenses like Elon Musk reads Cap Canaveral Leases" 

"My leadership style is Jim Harbaugh" 

Using these quick, loaded and powerful mythologies, analogies, or metaphors gives people years of research in 5 words or less. That will stick with you forever. 

They try to say for you to be "yourself." and that is fine after you have proven it. But early on when you have no followers, no supporters, no credibility, nothing -- it will take way too much time, and way too much work to just be yourself. Free your time and energy up, and use these loaded phrases. 

The reporters are not that smart -- and in fact they idolize people. They think things are funny. They think people are interesting. They feed off people saying and doing things they cannot physically or as a person. So when you feed them lines like the above it is like throwing blood into a shark tank. They eat it up. They spread it wide and far with huge headlines. They do follow up interviews. They never forget you and always come back for more like a junkie. You start getting promotion for free, and start being spread around the country to various regions-- your myth, your legend, your phrases, your ways. People start researching you. 

You can really accelerate your career if you act more like Stone Cold Steve Austin, than you do an accountant. 

In fact, I had a fever one day at NC State practice, and coach Dana Bible said "what do I have a freaking accountant at quarterback today?" because I was tired and ill. Basically saying that he wanted a peacock. He wanted a WWF wrestler. He wanted a larger than life personality leading the troops. 

I am telling you. Bluff-- play it up, and you will get 10x the outcome for half the price. 

However-- do not get me wrong you still have to perform well. Folks still have to see you throwing bombs. People still have to see you making plays, and playing well. Both have to happen. All I am saying is that the rhetoric combined with solid play --- can explode your career. 

Sell your brand. Sell yourself. Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell. To everyone everywhere. 

I have seen quarterbacks with manners, who wait their turn, who stand in line, who are quiet-- and its admirable, and its humble, and then in college when they call first team the peacock runs to the huddle first without a care in the world. Might not even be as talented as the quiet guy-- but the peacock is a son of a bee sting who doesn't care and goes and takes what he wants without empathy or compassion. 

Read the Peyton Manning book where he locks the doors on the backup quarterbacks so that they are late to meetings and he is first to the meeting and gets the edge on the quarterback competition. 

Playing quarterback is for entrepreneurs- cold callers- dial for dollar folks.