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The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback ‚Äč

All of these motions suck!

Quarterback Coach in Mckinney will explain to you that the further that the ball gets away from your ear. The further you get from being a great quarterback. Take QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas. Almost every single quarterback who has this type of elongated throwing motion eventually sees their career end. Because they cannot generate enough power, velocity, quickness, or protection. When your arm is elongated then a defensive lineman simply can hit any part of your arm for you to fumble. Its not cocked and loaded, and supported by your shoulder, abs, chest, and neck. Its just a mangrove stick in the ocean wind. Take a look. Every single backup quarterback has this same problem. Its why they are a backup, and not the starter. Try Quarterback Lessons in McKinney

A great throwing quarterback throws the ball tight and compact right level and off of the top of their ear. Almost every Hall of Fame quarterback, and Elite Quarterback in history has the same throwing motion. Its like a punch from a boxer. Rib to ear to face. Rib to ear to pass. You have to throw with this motion or your career is over. You will have no power, no velocity, no protection, no time.