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The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback 

​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you about your life span. Quarterback coach in Dallas will teach you about the span of your life. Trust your Quarterback lesson in Dallas. There are going to be a lot of opportunities in your life to engage certain things & activities. Your destiny hinges on every decision. Whether you believe that or not. Literally everything from going to Target, to using Instagram, to Tweeting, to working out and running. Life is a math equation, a calculus formula made up of all the activities that you engage every single day. One grocery trip plus one tweet plus one meeting = outcome. Each day. So if you were trying to get rich you would only engage activities that stacked dollar amounts each day for you. One sale plus one sale plus one sale plus one sale and you would try to get as close to that as possible. Few people get to the point where every minute of their day they are paid for something. But some do. Long story short. What are you doing today? Lets break it down. If you wait in line at Starbucks for 7 minutes for your Grande Americano six shot expresso. And hell you might drink it, and speed up your productivity. Even though I personally believe that Starbucks is responsible for more people losing their jobs every year than any other drug or alcohol on the planet. Lets check. That is waiting in line for 7 minutes. So that is 2, 548 minutes per year or 42.5 hours per year. Or 1.8 entire days that you waited in line for a cup of coffee. Pretend you did that every year for 25 years. That is 44 days of your life you were waiting in your car for a cup of coffee. If you made $20/Hour. You spent $21, 120 dollars of your life & time just waiting in line for that $4 dollar cup of coffee. So basically you spent $4/cup of coffee or $1,456/Year on cups of coffee x $36,400/25 years plus $21,120 in time = You spent $57,520/25 years on getting a cup of coffee. or 5% of your retirement at $1M just waiting on a cup of coffee. That is pretty insane to think about. And you thought you were just getting a simple cup of coffee every morning. No you basically are robbing yourself blind and you don't even know it. But then again that goes back to sports. The whole Outliers deal with Malcom Gladwell right - 10,000 hours of perfection to achieve great. Its honestly just about time. You spending the time. If you want to learn how to throw a football - Tom House makes you spend 10,000 hours throwing in the perfect throwing motion. I had a friend in high school who played Jazz Guitar. He literally went home from school and would sit on the couch and play guitar for like 4-5 hours a day. By the end of the school year this kid was sick as guitar. He could shred like you have never seen. The rest of the kids were out in the streets riding their bikes, and playing tag. He was just playing guitar and getting insanely good. But that is what its all about. Basically to get into the Elite 11 or these other quarterback camps or to be recruited. You basically have to just literally do that 1 thing all day long. Like when I was a kid I would go outside after school and all the way until the sky went dark. I would just drop back 5 step drops, and drop back 3 step drops. I would do bags. I would do hand offs. All to fake ghosts in my mind. I would pretend that I was Miami and I had to beat FSU on a last minute drive in a big ass grass field. With no time on the clock. I would throw the ball. Chase it. Pick it up. Throw it again. Real plays in my mind and fantasy. Go chase the ball. Pick it up, and score, and even really feel the celebration, and celebrate with myself. It was incredible. Probably the most fun that I ever had playing football. But I did that every day 5-6 hours after school. Nothing else. And that is why I was recruited, 100 D1 scholarships, and became the greatest quarterback to ever live. Because I literally did nothing else. I didn't watch TV, or go home and talk on the phone, or instant messenger. Maybe a little. But all I did was basically drop back and throw footballs. Thousands, and at this point in life, maybe hundred thousand hours of time. Just throwing. I even throw when I don't have a football in my hand. If you ever met me then you would see me just fake throwing a football like a nervous tick. Its all I do and think about is throwing something. Not getting a cup of coffee at Starbucks. But most kids don't have that interest or desire. They grow up and want to go drink, or do drugs, or go to parties, or go do random stuff. Loser stuff. I just throw to ghosts. You know when Donald Trump was growing up in Manhattan Real Estate he said all the brokers use to drink Alcohol. They would go out and drink and party every night. He did not drink. He said, this is going to be easy to defeat all these guys. I will just make calls and work while they dilute themselves in artificial time & substance. Look, and this is the problem. People do not like other people who never relax and work all day. They don't. They feel danger, fight or flight kick in and try to hide and protect themselves from people who want to work all day. Its like a gravitational pull into time and energy that most people cannot give up and covet. They hate it. They feel manipulated, and used, and so you will basically lose all your "friends" if that is what you want to call them. They will mock you and make fun of you, and abandon you. I use to go throw after school every day by myself in the football field behind the high school. I had these four kids I drove to school with in the mornings, and so they were technically my ride home. I wanted to stay and practice. And they would mock me and yell out the window "loser," as they went home to play video games. I went to work. They went to D3 colleges, and I became the greatest quarterback in the history of Florida. I still remember to this day. Kids walking around the high school about how I could bench 335 pounds as a sophomore. Yeah because I benched all the freaking time buddy. While you went to your girlfriends house to hang out after school. That is what happens. Why do you think no one ever becomes an entrepreneur or tries to ever become something great. Becomes its all about extreme paranoia -- almost to a schizophrenic level. Everyone around you bands together in packs, and groups and tribes, and they cling to each other, and you just walk right down the middle of the red sea, parting everyone. They whisper, and clamor, rumor, and try to kill and defeat you and your eager. They are nervous and scared, and call you a liar and a fraud and a fake. And you just keep going forward no matter what with nothing stopping your path forward. It is a soul testing, and spirit (almost) crushing process. You will lose friends, families, all over your destined goals and paths you will travel alone. I once knew a kid who hiked the Appalachian trail by himself. He said he got 100 miles in and it started raining and he was by himself and he just started crying.  It like a category hurricane hitting Miami, and every single house collapses, everything breaks down, and is flooded. And you're the only house standing. Hope you had ADT security so you don't get robbed. Anyways -- look not all is bad because the glory at the end if worth everything. 90,000 people screaming your name, loving you and everything you stand for. Its the irony of the journey. Those closest to you will hate you, but those fans will love you. You have never seen anything like it. It must be insane being Trump. Imagine the strength of his inner soul and spirit, and belief in himself to just take the entire world on. Some folks just take on a sport, or a song, or a speech. He took on the entire world. So basically anything the quarterback does is most likely small potatoes compared to some challenges. My recommendation is to go to the store and buy 20-30 footballs. And literally just throw 300-500 passes a day. Use all your time and energy on throwing a football. I knew one kid who said you can't throw that much because it would wear your elbow and arm out. No it just becomes leather, muscle memory. Tough and weathered, and strong. You just come Brett Favre with a rocket launcher. He says he does 10 miles on the Stairmaster, 10 miles on the bike, and throws 300 passes a day. Boom. Spend your time on becoming a champion and you will become a champion. You eat corn, take a dump, there is corn, You workout everyday, and throw everyday, you play like a champion. You are what you do. You are who your friends are. And if you have no friends. Because you spent all your time training. Then you are who you are- which is a god damn champion. Peace.