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Every Football Player & Coach should watch this documentary. Its the Bible of Football Coaching. Required Reading for Every Football Coach

​QB Lessons in McKinney in Dallas will teach you about your life's work. Trust the Quarterback Coach in McKinney. I need you to listen to the Quarterback Lessons in McKinney. You see your little wiener dog pistol just run out into the backyard, start chasing a squirrel. It is like noon. Its half sunny, a slight wind, and crisp outside. The wiener dog comes over to the mat by the door, and curls up into a ball and sun bathes into a nap. His eyes squinting. The heat on his forehead. Like when you place your Samsung phone on a chord less charger. Vitamin D being absorbed into his soft skin, and fur. Come here widdle wiener dog. Let me give you a little rub and kiss. So cute! That is his life's work. He is 100 percent at piece. There is nothing better than that to this wiener dog. He is free. He is the American flag waving in the wind. Make America Great Again! You go outside, grab that football, grip the laces. Third Rung like Brett Favre. You drop back and pretend the tree is a curl route. Fire that pigskin. Like Mox at the beer can on his dads forehead. Watch the bark shatter off to the side. The tree makes a groan noise. But can't do shit because its planted stuck into the ground forever. Accomplishing its life's work. Just growing into a tall ass tree with branches. Little kids jumping all over its branches. Daddy, look I am a jaguar. Mom takes picture. So cute, shares it on Instagram. In Florida, they make these massive Oak Trees with Spanish Moss hanging off them like wizard beards. Sprawling trees with low branches. You can run up on, jump up the first five feet, get into the tree, and climb to around 10-20 feet high and get scared. Jump down. Slip down. Feels like your knee caps might explode. For sure torn ACL. But they don't. You just land, and run inside. Chug some milk. Anyways- there you are with a bag of 20+ footballs. You have a full 7 on 7 tournament going with nature. One tree is the curl, the half eaten fence to the left is the flat. That decaying fence from years of rain, and your failure to go to home depot to get lacquer to protect it from decaying. Every time you check the ball down it shatters off another piece of fence. You love that shit. Just fire a rocket at it. It explodes like a boxers face during a jab at Madison Square Garden. A chunk of fence shatters back. He caught it- first down! Just about 30 yards down the field. A line of hedges against my neighbors house. They stop, right before the end of the field. I drop back, and survey the field. The tree isn't open, oh the defense fell, I pump and throw it just past the ending of the edges, but before the sidewalk. Touchdown! It was in-bounds. Hedges can't cover shit. Can't stop me. I run down there, pick the ball up. Throw an Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary! As far as I can back down to the other side of the field. High too. Up in the bird flying range. About 65 yards. I throw it so far, that after I release it. I get 1-2 seconds of just watching it fly through the air. Like when you log into those military cameras online, and can't watch tanks blow subterranean Afghanistan tribes out of the holes of rock in the mountains. You know that there are over 1000 sub tribes in Afghanistan. Some say they can live on a backup of food for up to 6 months dead serious. That is why it is so hard to win in that region. I run back down and find my ball. It bounced once it hit the ground and is tucked behind the bushes. I slide behind the bushes as far as I can. To reach down and grab the ball. This part sucks because the leaves are so pointy, and they are scraping my chest. But I get close enough that I convince myself that I should make a final lunge, grab the ball, and exit out. Deep scratch stick right into my kidney. No pain, no pain, no pain. I get the ball and exit. God I hate that shit. But its fine. That is the price you pay for playing football by yourself. Maybe the reason I hate teams so much. Is because I practice throwing so much by myself. I don't have to listen to coaches, and teammates with their silly & nonsensical ideas about the middle east. Look I just want the fucking troops home, Trump says. They can't understand a simple sentence with simple clear meaning. It has to be convoluted with a thousand words on tactical strategy and rhyme or reason. No call the fucking army. Send a fucking plane. Come home. I drop back again, and my dad built me this stick with tires on it. So I throw it threw the tires. Pretty easy. One time Jay Norvell was with me as Nebraska camp. I said, Jay watch this! I dropped back, and fired the ball through the hole of the net on this golf cart driving about 50 yards away to put the net back. He was chewing gum like a horse chews sugar cubes. My grandma use to take me to Publix. Buy me a birthday cake square. I would hold it in my hand, through the fence. And the horse would lick it out of my hand. Eat the piece of cake. That is how Jay Norvell chews gum. He has 5 cases of red bull in his office stacked against the wall. Its unbelievable. Chugs it. Guy just chews gum, chugs red bull, and smiles all day long. Insane. Solid coach. Don't know why he is coaching quarterbacks when he was a DB at IOWA. Doesn't make sense. I go inside a chug some milk. Sit on the couch and eat some sour patch kid watermelons. I always had two big ass bags of sour patch kid watermelons, zours, Swedish fish and Mike & Ikes. Just grab massive handfuls. Shit there, eat a couple of handfuls. Maybe that was my red bull. I hate red bull. Disgusting. I love candy though. Then I realized inside sucks. In Florida, all you do is jog, ride bikes, go outside. If you don't now, you will move to Florida and within 6 months be able to jog 5 miles, and ride a bike 20 miles with a single water bottle. And probably not even drink it. Its all you do there. Is play sports, and exercise. All year long. They say the folks that play football down in Miami are so fast, because they chase Jack Rabbits through the swamp for fun. Google it. Old urban myth. Dead serious. Bill Walsh in a Football life was talking about his Life's work. He said the pain from coaching the 49ers was so unbearable that he almost quit several times. After winning seasons and Super Bowls. His life's work. The ballet on the football field. A quarterback drops back 5 steps, hitches and throws the curl route. The quarterback drops back 7 steps, and throws the flanker driver. 7 steps and 1 to the basic. 7 steps and 2 to the back. 7 step drops are really hard to do. Annoying. Hard to remember the last two steps. Only school that still consistently attempts them are Michigan, or was Michigan. When Lloyd Carr had Chad Henne. One hell of a Freshman year Chad Henne had. Surprised it is so rough for him in the NFL. That is how it goes. Most people think Bill Walsh created the West Coast offense. But it was Paul Brown, and the Midwest Browns and Bengals, Sam Wyche and Bill were assistants. A choreographed, a synchronized swim of throws. They say playing quarterback is harder than becoming a lawyer. The amount of data and information being processed. A quarterback ballet dancer dropping back processing massive amounts of data, and delivering the football 1 foot in front of the numbers. You don't read the defense. You read the open patch of grass, you trust your feet and your timing, and throw the ball even if the receiver is not there. He will be. The old Mike Martz drop back 7 step drop, and throw the dig on the inside Hash. Isaac Bruce will be turning as the ball is delivered 22-23 yards down the field. Floating through the air. The quarterback committing to the marriage of the throw. Imagine having to get married 35 times a game to a girl you just met. My beautiful throw. I love you. Will you marry me? in a courthouse. For $75 dollars, and a $100 ring. Yes. Happily ever after. They catch the throw and score a touchdown. So simple, yet so naturally eloped. Together forever. They say when you find your life's work that it consumes you. Forget about the clock, about the distractions, its just Michael Angelo -- all his personal demons aside, just chipping away at a rock in perfection. Painting his ceiling in silence. No audience. No admiration. No crowd cheering. Just you in the office by yourself working on your project. You don't even care if anyone else likes it. You like it. Peter Thiel talks a lot about this in his book zero to 1. To stop competing with others. To just do what you are passionate about, and what works for you. If I am always worried about what my neighbor, my teammate, the other quarterback is doing. Then I am using time, energy, and focus on a product that I cannot control. I can maximize these tools onto myself. You know that old man who collect civil war books about Robert E. Lee. Its because he loves the Civil War, and likes to read about it. That is it. Stops there. Its not selfishness. He is not laundering himself to anything other than the silence of him reading, and the warm feeling of whiskey bathing his tongue 30 pages in. He hasn't blinked in an hour. And for no reason at all. The magnets in his eyes attracted to the iron in the ink lifting the words off the page into a holographic universe. Aaron Rodgers gave Danica Patrick the book the Holographic Universe to read. Basically we live in a computer simulation. It is why he have dejavu. Our code is premeditated into an algorithm of life. The same way all google can do is spend its entire life searching. And billionaires are actually paying millions of dollars to scientists to find a way out of the algorithm. To break fee of the simulation. Its their life's work. You dropping back in the backyard, throwing footballs at trees. In your office at 4 am and Rich Gannon is throwing rocks at Jon Gruden's window to let him into the facility. Jon has been there since 3:30am. He loves this shit. Loves Rich Gannon. Is Colt McCoy Rich Gannon? Similar. Their life's work. They show up and start watching film, and drawing perfect diagramed lines for a scripted 15 play install. Erasing each line that isn't a perfect curve. Their life's work. Its in their DNA, its their code. Why aren't they developing the next Facebook app? Or working as a Sales Rep for a local produce company. Ma'am Publix deserves the best bananas on the market. Beware because Bananas are an endangered species. Google it. Maybe there isn't such a thing as Darwinism. Only the fittest of the fit survive, and all others are displaced. Look here is why it is so expense to fix a Mercedes. You need a Mercedes screw driver to unscrew the Mercedes screws. Its a closed system. Like all apple products. You need apple headphones to listen to SoundCloud on your iPhone. Don't go use 23 & me to find out who your ancestors are, and end up putting your blood type on a billionaire donors list. Hey Rockefeller needs a new kidney. Look here Sheryl in Arkansas has your blood type. Car Crash. That is terrifying. Look sit down. Pour yourself a glass of apple juice. Put on some morning music on you-tube. Get out a pen and paper. Write down your absolute number 1 skill. Not what others say. But what your number 1 talent & skill is as a human being. Write it in the center of the paper. Put a circle around it. Then make little branches of the circle of your other skills that help emphasize that skill. Now you the tree of your life. Then I want you to crumple up that piece of paper and throw it in the fucking trash can. Put down your footballs, go take a shower, get a cup of coffee, drive your ass to work. Spend 8 hours sitting in a computer chair. Emailing people. You killed a poor tree for some paper to write your hopes and dreams down on. You use to throw footballs at the tree shattering its bark. What do you fucking hate trees? Its people like you who are causing climate change. Its gonna raise 4 degrees by year 2100. Thanks! Stares out the window of his office cage. You're like that Buffalo that Colorado runs around before the game. I am a star. Roars the crowd. 

QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you about Mental Reps