Quarterback LessonS

The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback 

​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you about loyalty. Trust your quarterback coach in Mckinney in Dallas. Listen to your Quarterback Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas. Loyalty is extremely important at the quarterback position. Never have a meeting with anyone - family, friends, co-workers, staff, coaches that has more than 3 people in the room. Why because loyalty is extremely thing, fragile, hairline-- and really only meant for numbers in 2-3 folks. The slightest of sound, of movement, of hand can destroy it all. The quarterbacks EGO is like a glowing piece of agro rock from the Superman movies, or that weird picture of Trump & the Saudis holding a glow in the dark globe. As you get older only a few people in your entire life will ever see inside of you to your core. Most never get past the smile. A quarterback is the most fragile beast of all time, capable of powers beyond human kind blasted off in outerspace. There are almost no people on earth capable of playing the quarterback position, and every interaction you have in life you will clearly understand the difference between yourself and others. From the way a person eats hot soup without checking the temperature to the way their eyes take time to download a thought, to the way people become afraid of others, and so on. Quarterbacks are fearless freaks with hyrda swagger. 


The entire world is hunger games. Folks that are social climbers, navigating in and out, bobbing and weaving, writing & tweeting. Most of the people on twitter are absolute slobs. Like anyone from Rivals.com or most sports commentators. They all have ugly wives, boring friends, terrible vehicles, and shop at Steinmart. Seriously nothing about them has anything to do with being rich in any way possible. When you see their twitter picture it was taken in a freeze frame where they look at it and are like man-- I think I look good here. Then they tag is as their profile picture. But no- they don't- they still look like the same kid who was a loser in high school, and had to go work at the Fresh Market stocking shelves to help pay the car payment on the mustang their single parent mom had to co-sign for them. Meanwhile you will be throwing touchdowns, hanging out with hot girls, you will be strong and capable, and when you see these sports writers in the hallways, as kids in high school they will usually be in groups, like pack animals who only feel safe with friends nearby. The same way you would see a group of ducks, or a litter of baby rodents wandering together. That is the folks who write for sports. You can't trust them. I mean,-- think about how wierd it is for one man to idolize another man, and want to write stories about how great he is. Its cool for like 1-2, but to sit there and watch tape on their favorite athletes, and write all day about them. Its a wierd industry man. Don't trust any of them. They will call you at weird hours in between bites of jimmy johns sandwiches, with lettuce still hanging out of their mouths, to ask you your thoughts on an upcoming opponent or game. I had one guy get mad at me because I told him Miami offered me, and he said I had no proof. I was 16, and literally just got off the phone with Dan Werner- who pretended he butt dialed his sister, to call me and offer me. I mean, what did this guy want me to do. Whacky whacky people -- sports commentators. And twitter has made them even more weird. They all make like 50K, and can't even take their wives out to dinner. They go see movies constantly in their spare time. Since the athletes were never their friends, unless it was a Russell Wilson instagram pictures in PPE at a local hospital, they become writers so that they can force the athletes to talk to them. I am telling you. Sports Reporters get gobsmacked at the dumbest stuff. You could tell them you have a tradition where you eat a turkey sandwich every day, and one of them would write a unique story about how you make and eat your turkey sandwiches. Then blast it on twitter. Whack! 

The other thing about reporters is they are very indecisive, and can't make decisions. It is why they are reports-- because they are bland and melancholy. Their whole lives are a store brand prescription empty bottle of sadness writing themselves into someone elses dreams. Then they call it a fun blog name, or podcast. The whole time you talk to them you just think of- and say things, anything you want, and you can steer them wherever you want them to go, because they have no inner compass or direction to straighten them over, you can take them over a cliff, right or left, up or down, and all around. And there they wander off. Yeah man-- I have to wear black socks every game! They will write an entire article about you buying & wearing black socks. Dead serious. They think every single new head coach, or player is going to win the heisman and go undefeated. They weren't born with self awareness, or inner confidence - like I said, so they have to live vicariously through other people. Just be careful you don't get them too excited that they explode like an over inflated balloon. 

​Back to Loyalty, 

So that means you & the head coach need to be thick as thieves. And never play for a head coach that ever shows any attempt to cross you ever. Once that trust is broken it is over, and you will never be the same again. If the coach tells you something then it is his responsibility to adhere to it. And if you tell your coach something then it is your responsibility to engage it as well. Lock in step. You and the coach need to gameplan together, need to manage news cycles together, need to manage the team together, everything. The only team to really get this strategy is the patriots. Most others fail because of Loyalty. I would say 1 in 10 people understand loyalty and what it means. Almost everyone in your life with cross you, and some several times. Not saying you have to totally get rid of them, and you can still keep them in orbit. Just be aware. And use them as need be in ways that fit their personalities and strengths. But almost every single person on earth will cross, and stab you in the back. No questions asked. You have to become great at being proactive, self awareness, understanding your position and role in society, in others futures and minds, and anticipate ways to be successful, to counter, and to achieve your goals. But you will never find more than 1-2-3 people in your entire life who will understand unconditional loyalty. The one who finds the most, and builds the most loyalty ends up accomplish the most amazing or signifigant human feats. Simple as that. Don't be afraid to fire your family, your friends, anyone at the drop of a dime because of loyalty. Never give someone more than 3 chances maximum depending on the severity. It will be the hardest lesson you will ever have to learn in your entire life, and especially in sports. Because its not tangible until its too late. But you can do it. Just be aware. Read and see yourself, and your position, and your role, and your destiny in yourself, and in your peers, and if it meets your expectations, and their expectations, then strike that balance, and approach. If the cost/benefit ratio is out of whack, the loyalty is out of whack. You say something nice about and ill say something nice about you. Eye for an eye.