The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback ‚Äč

Quarterback Lessons in McKinney in Dallas will teach you about marketing. Listen to your quarterback coach in McKinney in Dallas. Trust the QB Lessons in McKinney in Dallas. You need to set up your twitter. Your Instagram. Your Facebook, and other social media platforms. Then go grab a football and just start making home made videos and highlight tapes of you throwing in the street and the yard. Gone is the time in high school, college or wherever that just because you don't start, or you are third string or where. That you don't have highlights or tape. Instead go ahead before or after practice, set up your iPhone and record yourself throwing routes, and passes, taking drops etc. Then hashtag and blow it up on twitter or Instagram. You don't need Mike Farrell of to be eating a sandwich and approving your highlight tapes for their platform. You can blow up on your own. I started posting videos of myself just throwing on Instagram and twitter and started getting massive views. I got 6,000 impressions on one video. That is almost 6,000 times it had a chance to be viewed online by someone. That is 1000 % the views from a video.  I am starting a new economy for quarterbacks where you don't even have to have a team or be involved with a team or offense. You can just be a quarterback who loves throwing. We have folks who play basketball in the driveway by themselves. Why can't you just go out there and throw rockets? No one has done it. Where are all the Elite 11 Quarterbacks in the country at. They missed the Pros, and tucked their arms to bed, and disappeared into marriage and their terrible accounting job. It doesn't have to be that way-- you need to use your imagination son. Go get a bag of footballs, from, and go ahead and get your iPhone camera out, and start recording your rocket balls. Become individual famous for your arm. You don't have to get hit, or play with other positions, or run any offense, or listen to any coaches. Hell football is heading this way. They are slowly eliminating positions. Lineman first. Then to 7 on 7. By the time I am 40 years old the NFL will have 3 offensive lineman line Arena football. Anyways back to marketing. You can go ahead and buy for clicks on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and get more followers. Get like 5, 10000 followers for $200 bucks. Make the investment. Then just feed them with red meat throws. Use Hashtags like #quarterback #quarterbacktraining #quarterbackswag #quarterbacks #quarterbacking #quarterback #quarterback #ceo #motivation #entrepreneur #cool . Then start a website in your name and hire an SEO developer. This is called search engine optimization. Get your name and position to the top of the google search engine. With you have to use their platform and they rank you with other quarterbacks in one style. With SEO & Google search engine you can rank with every football player in the world, get ratings & reviews, google business listings & more. You can get to the top of every search engine any time searches for a quarterback in your city, or anywhere. You can be 16 and have more search results than Ben Roethlisberger. You can become more famous than NFL quarterbacks on your own and not even play. Dead Serious. The search engine is all that matters in life. The algorithm. People go home and they sit on their couch and watch Joe Rogan standup on Netflix. America was invented in 1776, and if people live to 100 years old, that is 3 people ago. Laugh, and they open their phone and google and search. They find you on the search engine and its game over. They share to a friend, or family, they like or comment, it trends and boom you are a big star. You don't need to be evaluated and ranked anymore, or join the Elite 11. Those are nice, and I guess add merit. But the same way Kylie Jenner sells $10M in lip gloss from her Instagram fame, and search engine optimization. You can do the same thing as a sports or athlete, early too, in high school and college. For example if you start at a mid level university you are guaranteed at least 10,000 twitter followers. Which after that you can start selling things online and trending. But start sooner, start when you are younger. Engage and sell yourself online, your band and product. The whole world can follow you. If you are not seriously developing a website, engaging SEO, and developing your social game, and optimization, and just pumping out content, blogs and videos all day long. You don't want to be a quarterback in 2018. You don't need teams, coaches, other players, anyone anymore. You just need you and your right arm, and swag. You can become 10x more famous. You can be third stringer and bigger than the starter with no online game. Its fair game, wild west now. No one cares about the Heisman trophy anymore. Johnny Manziel plays in Canada. Who cares? Eric Crouch is a nice guy, but sells playgrounds. And they could have all been so much more, but their online game is so weak. If you even type in the word quarterback, your name should be at the front of the line. No one is doing this or trying this topic. Name 1 quarterback online right now that has a google business listing, and is getting rated & reviewed online. None. You can start and do that. Get like 10,000 ratings & reviews from everywhere in the world. Trend to the top of the search engine. Because a household name without having to rely on a university, or coaches, or family & friends, or Rivals scouts. Open backlinks all over the internet -- Linked In, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Wikipedia, Facebook, Yellow pages-- get your content distributed to regional newspapers all over the country. Trend. The other piece is get ahead of the game so the internet is filled with nothing but great stories about you. Otherwise other folks as you grow into the "starter," they are going to take your links and content. You can defeat all of them by starting early and hiring SEO engineers to drown out and dissolve out negative content. You are who you are online. Unless you are me. Which is the greatest quarterback on earth. 

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