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​QB Lessons in McKinney in Dallas will teach you how to have a powerful memory. Listen to your Quarterback Coach in McKinney in Dallas. Trust your Quarterback Lessons in McKinney in Dallas. A great quarterback has a memory like an elephant and who tazed him. They see everything everywhere and remember everything. No conversation is safe. No relationship is safe. No interaction is safe. Its all downloaded. They download everything they click on, and keep it there mind forever. Its actually problem, because when you download everything you remember good and bad. This means a receiver catching the ball, and someone running the wrong route. This means a coach praising you, and a coach crossing you. Its all in there, and twisting internally in emotional and physically rotations, like a bike lock that is constantly spinning to find the combination that unlocks your mongoose BMX bike so you can get home from school. Sometimes you have to pull out the steel cutters, and cut that lock in half. A 4th quarterback comeback, dealing with a teammate, etc. You just hit alt ctrl and delete. The delete wizard pops up. And you delete your open web page that is taking too long to load. And start over.  Their mind is the ultimate computer hard drive with gigs of space. Their mind is a human USB port they always have in their pocket. They can memorize 5-10-15 pages of notes word for word to the period. Per day. They literally just sit in their rooms, and memorize page by page. Imagine like when you scan a document into a PDF color. And your computer saves that PDF file. That is the quarterback brain. I remember just sitting there with a playbook, nobody in the room, just sitting there staring at a page of formations and notes, literally just reading it, closing my eyes, and spitting the entire page out perfectly. If I didn't remember every single sentence structure, and play structure perfectly. Then I had to go again and again. It became obsessive and compulsive. Which is one of the problems with being a quarterback that creeps into off-the-field life. You hear stories about the Auburn coach having to draw out plays on white card sheets with permanent markers, and the lines being perfect. They say Peyton Manning has to pick his outfits from a picture ring. That is what a football coach or quarterback, or any good player does. The reason they made it is because they are obsessive about controlling their mind and memory. They just constantly memorize stuff like a vacuum cleaner on a carpet. I can run at least 3-4 full entire offenses without even having to look at film, or a chalk board, or listening to a coach. I could go to any practice with any team today, and a coach calls a play, and my brain would immediately find that file, click it open, and I could call the play in the huddle, and run the play. Your memory gets so sharp that imagine like constructs - you see a slant route, and there are only so many combinations with a slant. So you just hit a slant rolodex, and there is 20-25 plays. All based off just seeing one specific route. Dragon, Lion, Spacing - boom. You start memorize groupings and words. A coach calls bunch, and you are running some kind of stick combination, some kind of block down stretch, or a waggle. The word bunch explodes into combinations and determinations. You have the mind of a dolphin waiting for the trainer to give him fish for a trick. A memory is a good and dangerous thing. Because when you may have excellent recall, but you will also never forget anything. You get so good at memorizing that you don't even read anymore. You literally just see entire pages at once. Download the entire page like when an app asks you to fit the rectangle around your credit card, and then takes a snapshot, and gets all the numbers perfect. That is the quarterback meeting someone new, seeing their face and mannerisms, recalling a similar breed of human being, and immediately aggregating attributes and characteristics, and responses to this type of animal. Hi George. Looks at him and immediately sees a liberal. He shouldn't have had such a tight face. See that's the problem. All quarterbacks who ever become anything are basically genius level academics and street smart. You can't play the position unless you are a genius. Everybody thinks that means you have to invent rockets like Elon Musk. It doesn't. It means that the same way you line wide receivers up and memorize route combinations- you walk into a room of people know everyone's roles instantly from a scan. The same way you scan a defense- he can run, he cant, he is good, he is not in 3 seconds before snapping the ball. You will be at work, and managing 11 people in a room, and know exactly who goes where, what happens, who is who, and how. Its a tragedy really, and preferably you want it to stop. But being a quarterback it is bred and ingrained in your mind and memory. You are almost predatory because of your memory. Everything is Alpha or not alpha. Time gets crunched. You hate explaining things to people, and wish you could just hand signal or stare. They take too long reading emails or other things, and you download it like a zip file in a mission impossible movie. Just walking around a human computer. You are extremely funny and hilarious, because not only have you been leading your whole life, and reading & memorizing, but you have so many combinations in your mind from life & situations, that you can put together almost any story or conversation for any person at any moment, on any topic. You basically know everything in the world. Your brain could power a Tesla. Its like the extra battery pack they use to sell for your Nokia cell phone. You are like - damn I can't keep this big ass battery pack on my phone, it won't fit into my pocket. Why do you think most quarterbacks have huge skulls & jaws & craniums? All that data storage. Their brain is a Facebook server. I could sell my memory the CIA, and they could use my brain to spy on people, and predict future behaviors. My memory looks like the green screen from the Matrix with the numbers flashing and moving up and down. When I think about something, its like a machine counting machine. And your brain is like your thumbs flipping through 1 dollar bills. But then at the same time I am really dumb, and a meat head who just wants to throw a hunk of pigskin against the wall of my house and film it. So what do I know? You ever seen the Netflix show Maniac where the AI they created gets given empathy, and learns how to create fear and emotions out of nowhere. The computer gets a human element. That is a quarterback. They are like at the end of Terminator where he protects the Conners from the guy who can turn into metal liquid. He is a robot, and you are not sure if he really knows, but he did lower himself into the hot lava. And you are like- wow thanks man. He isn't so bad after-all. An interesting comment on James Comey & Trump. They said, "do you think Trump is dumb?" and he said he tracks conversations. Right -- a quarterback is always tracking conversations for holes in the defense. Whether its a game, or meeting his sisters boyfriend, or hiring someone, or whoever. They are tracking, and starting, and watching, and doing combinations, and seeing holes. They said Trump is ultimate predatory. He finds someone's weakness and can zero in on it instantly. That is basically  a quarterback. They stare at a defense, and find its weakness. Then it spills over into their real life. They end up at family events pissing folks off because a simple conversation about a game, or internal issue becomes a 2 minute drill to throw a last second touchdown, and win. Everyone is like -- dude that is your brother. You are like -- yeah but there is a gap in his cover 2. I remember. They just stare at you. And you leave to go home, and stare at Instagram in your bed and go to sleep. Probably memorizing every picture you see there. Part of you is like - please stop memorizing. Recalling things from 7 years ago because you saw a picture on Linked in. And you just end of sitting there like Leonardo Dicaprio at the end of Shutter Island. How are you doing this morning? Good- can't complain. Lights a cigarette. What's our next move? You tell me. Got to get off this rock Chuck. Get back to the mainland. This place makes wonder- what would be worse? To live as a monster or die as a good man. Walks off into the garden. That is the life of a quarterback. The most interesting thing though is that you get memorize that you are the baddest mother fucker on the planet forever with the biggest hugest most baller arm anyone in the world has ever seen ever. So there is that. I can throw that football a mile bro, and you're just a hot dog without a bun. Don't ever forget!

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