QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you about Mental Reps

Quarterback LessonS

​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you about mental reps. Trust the Quarterback Coach in Mckinney. I need you to listen to these Quarterback Lessons in Mckinney. Mental Reps baby. The worst part of playing football. Son, grab some mental reps. You are just sitting back there. The first team offense is on the field. You are by the other quarterbacks. All backup quarterbacks are contagious. They gross me out. You stand back there near them, breathing their same oxygen. Having to associate and talk to them. Especially the third string quarterbacks who are truly drowned and out stuck at the bottom of the well like the girl from the movie the ring. Dead. Their careers left to die on the side of the highway like a broke down car with a chalk date. You ever see those cars. Their front end ripped off, or a severe flat tire. Just left off the side of the highway. The highway patrol marks them with chalk so when they come back, if its still there, its get towed to the junkyard. No owners. That is a third string quarterback. A few of them still have some fight left. But most of them just get girlfriends, focus on their education, and go out modestly and defeated. They start worshiping other players and quarterbacks. Daniel Polk at NC State once said to me, "Marcus has the best arm I have seen." after he threw a dig route. I just stared at him, and didn't even offer a response. Cause I don't give a shit about him or Marcus. No one but myself. I don't have favorite teams or players. I do love Brett Favre. But he deserves it. Not the guy I am competing with, or some backup. Anyways -- see that is how you know you are fucked. You start hanging around like knuckleheads like that, with that expectation for themselves, to worship another guy. They become sports reporters. I mean, Dan are you going to write a Sports Illustrated Article about his leadership next. Its purgatory. You have to avoid this scenario. Its a cancer, that spreads vicariously, and through osmosis, one by one infecting quarterbacks. So you are standing there waiting to go in. In the summer its fine you stay warm. In the winter you just get cold. Bring a handwarmer. Do the Joe Ganz and put a dip in there, some bubble gum. You are standing there getting mental reps. What's the play you ask, and pretend to look at the crumpled up piece of paper coach gave you before practice with the play script. Oh great, its trey right 200 jet y stick x slant. You see cover three, and wonder-- I would throw the slant. He throws the slant. Mental rep. I was right. I am a fucking guest on Jeopardy! now. You watch 5 plays, then you get 2 plays. You run in. The first play is double wing right 200 jet dragon lion. You see cover 2 and throw the lion. Completion. The next play is bunch rt 200 jet x slant spacing. Son of a bitch. These are garbage plays for amateur hour quarterbacking. Its cover three. I throw the fucking slant again. Great. Two slants. Coach I am 2 for 2. You run back out and put your hands in your warmer, and join the glee club again. Coach leans back,-- hey run over and get some inside drill. You run down to inside, and hand off 92/93 weak seven times in a row. You fumble one snap. Now you are paranoid about the snap. Thanks inside drill. Everyone in inside drill is just playing the run. So the center and lineman are just crashing into each other at all costs. They don't think about the running back, the snap, the quarterback nothing. They step on your feet and ankles, its just an advanced hitting drill. Its like being a lawn chair inside the funnel of a tornado. You look down the field, and see folks throwing and catching passes. You can't escape. The whistle blows and you get some water. The quarterbacks run down to switch, and you cannot get out there fast enough. You run like you are trying to escape a mass shooting. Full speed. No turning back. Shutting off all noise in case they try to call you back. Fuck no. Run Run Run. Get out!!! You run back down to 7 on 7. Its down by the goal line. You go straight in. Whats the play. Double wing rt zebra rt 200 jet y stick x slant on the goal line. I swear to god. You take a three step drop verse picket fence coverage. The tight end is literally 3 yards from you, but you have to throw it like a rocket ball, because there is no space. He drops it. You clap your hands and walk back to the coach. The next play comes in. Bunch rt 200 jet y stick x fade. You line up, see picket fence press. You take a shuffle three step, and throw it flat at the back of his helmet. He catches it. Exciting. The hardest 1 yard pass in the history of football. Whistle blows. and its water break, and pass polish. That is the first hour of practice every day for four years. Dead serious. You sharing 5 yard passes with 5 other quarterbacks everyday. The world tells you life is about competition. But its not. Because competition is adverse to improvement. Read Peter Theil 0 to 1.  You end up wasting space and oxygen, and real talent on forcing them onto the bus next to their peers. You shouldn't have to ride the subway with all the degenerates of the world just to get to work. I mean, why is a walk- on anywhere within 100 feet of me. Talking to me. My brain and conciousness having to download his garbage, being exposed to his swagger. A backup quarterback is the equivalent of clicking on a website, and you get a computer virus.  Its like leaving meat from the grocery store out for hours. Its not the right temperature. Its not the right environment. You are going to spoil the meat. You are going to spoil the meal. Give that meat the ingredients, the temperature, the pan, the utensils it needs to be a fine high quality chateaubriand. Mental Reps. The coach wants you to sit back and watch your peer quarterbacks make decisions. To pretend this is some kind of VR porn campaign where you are actually the POV on the play. Just sitting there dying. Wilting away all your feathers. You start becoming resentful. You were once a peacock, now you are a pigeon. You and your family of backup quarterbacks pecking at almonds off a local parks concrete.  You get irritable. You just lose all your swag on mental reps. You start staring, and get disoriented like you have been lost in the desert for weeks searching for water. You can't remember what is going on, or where you are at. You don't recognize anyone. Two of the other quarterbacks are way worse off. They are really pissed. They have entered transfer territory. You need a Tyvek suit just to be within their radiation. They hate everyone, everything, their entire existence is to not go to a bowl game, not for the team do well, to just be a piece of shit, sabatoge and complain about everything. There is 1 quarterback who never plays, but is a good guy. Thinks he is going to be a coach one day. He claps, and acts like a third party leader. He is like one of Hillary Clintons advisors that shows up on the news to make talking points for her, that she never has to claim for herself. He starts to partner with the starter, helping him prepare and study hard, and know coverages. Offers him insights. He wants to be considered a graduate assistant when he is done playing. This kid makes the total transition. He is an spy behind enemy lines. He gets respect for being loyal, and having integrity, and doing things the right way. The coaches trust him, and check the temperature of the team and quarterback room through him. You can't say or do anything near this kid. You just wonder to yourself-- how fucking stupid is this dumb mutt of a quarterback? Thinks he has been rescued from the SPCA by a rich family.  Just being used and abused, never playing, and just a pawn in the culture of the football team. I mean sure he could end up being Zac Taylor and coaching for the Rams. But who gives a shit about that. Trent Dilfer from the Elite 11 will save me. And there I am just standing with my helmet on, its starting to rain, and we are in team drills now. Looks like coach wants to run the ball a lot this weak. I run in an handoff twice-- 92 week, and 66 booster. I run out, and grab some gatorade. Stand back in position like one of Lady Gaga's backup dancers. You ever fall asleep standing up. What the fuck is going on? Dude period 29. How many periods we got today -31. We running today? I turn and ask Daniel, now a withered Indiana Jones skeleton. Looks like his last words were mom. Jaw open.  Welp he doesn't know. He died period 19. I just assume we are. Oh wait today is 2 minute drill. Hell yeah, ill get to do that. I am backup. What if I have to go in the game? I hear my name called. Beck - first team. Lets go. I run out there. He says, call your own plays. I say okay. I call double wing rt 200 jet dragon lion. I hate this play, buts all my memory can remember. I throw the lion verse cover 2. Bunch rt 200 jet y stick x slant. I throw the slant. Fucking MK Ultra mental reps. Out of nowhere I call and hit four verticals verse cover 3. Coach yells - wtf son. The first two plays were great, but then you started to think you were the starter again, and thought you were try to go ahead and throw a touchdown. Get your ass out of there. Jordan hop in there. I can't be having no god damn middle linebacker at quarterback. I put my hands in my hand warmer. I am going to dicks sporting goods after work to get a visor so  coach can't see my face. Itll be like one of those sleeps masks old ladies wear to bed. Can I get some IB Profen? I ask the trainer. Practice ends.