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​QB Lessons in McKinney in Dallas will teach you what music to listen to. I know this sounds like a non-sense topic but rest assured it is not. Listen to the Quarterback Coach McKinney in Dallas . You should be able to be flexible. Be able to listen to a type of music for each personality on the team. Listen to Quarterback Lessons McKinney in Dallas . For example: you are going to have the offensive lineman. Most of the offensive lineman are going to listen to country music. They are going to listen to bands like Luke Bryan & Led Zeppelin. They are going to listen to new metal & rock music like Korn, or heavy metal like August Burns Red. So you got to be able to like breakdowns, blast beats & double bass kick drums. Also screaming music. You have to be able to play wagon wheel on your acoustic guitar. Its just the way it is. Then you have the wide receivers and running backs & such. You need to be able to listen to rap music. Not just like Gucci Mane, and Jeezy, but even more deeper R & B or soul searching singers like Frank Ocean. Be able to listen to Drake 3AM and reflect. If you can't talk about your favorite rappers, your favorite rap lyrics, or your be able to freestyle over instrumentals. Then you are done. They won't trust you. You have to know how to engage the rap culture. They will tell you Gucci Mane sucks because he says silly lyrics. But he has 808 beats, and the true dirty deep down homies like Gucci Mane. They like Pastor Troy. They liked TI, Jeezy, Weezy, and more. Understand the Mix Tape game, and always have the mixtape available on your sound system or vehicle to play. For when you drive them to practice. Then you have to be able to understand songs like Bon Jovi, Queen, and other old school anthem songs that the coaches listen to. You have to know songs like Crazy Train, Iron Man, and more. The coaches will like these songs. And you need to be able to relate to the coaches. Go even deeper and get into Tom Petty, CCR, Prince and more. Be well rounded and able to understand the musical landscape. One caveat that I forgot to mention was that you need to know Michael Jackson and the Rolling Stones. For some reason this means that you have a nice pallet of music. People trust you and it gives you credibility.  You have to remember that these guys are vulnerable. They are big monster offensive lineman, and gladiators. But they are unusually sensitive to music, and their feelings deep down inside. So every once in a wheel you will catch them drinking and beer listening to something sensitive. You have to be able to make them feel like you like it, and its cool, and even though they are tough-- its cool to like Kesha or Circa Survive, or Explosions in the Sky. They will trust you. I even knew guys who were the baddest cats on the team, and they listened to Justin Bieber. Just go with it bro. Know some Bieber, and relate. Don't alienate. They will trust you. 

What Music to Listen to? 

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