​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you how to pick an offense to play in. Trust your Quarterback Coach in Mckinney. Here is why? Because your entire career is going to depend on the offense that you play in. Listen to your Quarterback Lessons in Mckinney coach. He knows a thing or two having played in the west coast offense, Air Coryell, Run & Shoot, Air Raid and more. 

Its all about you getting to throw passes that are 5-20 yards downfield consistently. The offense must include basic concepts like curl/flat, flanker drive, fox 2 x/y posts, scat Texas, and 4 verticals. Most people don't even realize that a lot of teams run 4 verticals every play, and just go from inside seams to back based on cover 2 or 3. They don't ever even really change the play. Just the options. And either are open. 

You also have to play in an offense that offers protection. Not just the offensive line playing well, but also the coach being creative in your drop back, roll out, and timing. If you are in the shotgun the coach should place your feet at 8 yards. If under center your drop back should be 3 step and out. 1, 2, throw. The coach should constantly be changing the launch point. So rolling out from the shot gun right or left, 8-10 yards back and off the top of the tackle. 

A coach should avoid huddling. All plays should be no huddle, and the quarterback should call all of his own plays. What am I playing a quarterback who cannot call his own plays for? He is the one on the field. He is the on the field having to see the defense, take the risk, and make the throw. He knows what he can complete, or at least what he wants to complete to beat the defense. Not letting the quarterback call his own plays is like if you were the CEO of a company and someone told you the CEO what to do every day at work. Hey CEO - go get me some coffee! Hey CEO go make sure the copy machine has paper! No the quarterback is the one calling the shots. Making the revenue, building the culture, using his team. If the quarterback is not talented enough to manage the 11 guys on offense, to diagnose and call his own plays, and know exactly what do in each moment of every game. Then fire your quarterback, and find a new one. When a quarterback can call his own plays, he has a much more clear mind, a higher level of confidence and ownership of the play & team, and game, and he is going to call plays that put him in the best position to be successful because he is the one who called it. I can delegate blame onto a bad coach. Its not going to feel great to lose because I called the game that lost. So it puts me in an extra special position to own my job.

Its pretty hilarious to listen to most football pundits, and announcers because they do not really know the origin of the game. For example, they think that Bill Walsh created the West Coast Offense. No. It was Paul Brown with the earliest concepts of the passing tree. And Bill Walsh was his assistant coach. Paul Brown didn't even like Bill Walsh enough to name him his successor as coach. So Bill Walsh got upset and left. Years later he won with the 49ers, and became a coaching Sherpa for passing the ball, quarterback development, and the "West Coast Offense." Every single offense in history is curated off of this offense. So if you are going to learn any type of football you might as well learn this offense. Because then you can play in any offense every created day 1 without much coaching or installation. This offense is all about full field parody, accuracy, and controlling the entirety of the game. Imagine a running game, but using passes to hand off. That is this offense.

Folks think that Mike Leach at Texas Tech invented the "Air Raid." When its actually a variation of Mouse Davis in the early 90's with the Houston Oilers, Hal Mumme at Kentucky, and then lots more proteges who have carried it through time. Its a very simple stationary concept of 4 WR, no huddle, and signaling from the sideline to go fast. No you see folks like Lincoln Riley, Kevin Sumlin and others copying the offense. The difference now is that they are all using it to run the ball. Which again-- was something Urban Meyer put into the offense. Did you know that Urban Meyer averages almost 300 yards rushing per game from the "Spread/Air Raid." You will never go entirely pro from this offense, but you will put up monster stats. Its a gimmick offense, the most offense, but its meant so that when a coach loses he can at least say that he scored 30 points and his quarterback played great. I will say this though -- it all really came from Air Coryell in 1984 and Dan Fouts. Ask the New England Patriots who run this very say Air Raid offense Tom Brady's entire career. Belichek spends a lot of time with Mike Leach and his concepts, Urban Meyer and more. 

The Air Coryell offense is all about 4 verticals- down the field passing, and single back running. You see this offense wherever Norv Turner is at. It was the offense that the Cowboys ran in the 90's. Its all about dropping back 7 steps and throwing a 22 yard dig on the hash. You saw this offense with Kurt Warner and the rams -- throwing the 22 yard no look dig to Tory Holt, Isaac Bruce based on timing. This is the hardest type of offense to play in because you are not throwing to players, but you are throwing to patches of green grass. Literally when you drop back in this offense, you do not look for defenders, or your own wide receivers. You look for an opening of green grass, and have to throw the ball there without anyone being there, and someone is just supposed to be there just in time to catch the ball and keep running. This offense is for quarterbacks with slightly marginal arms who rely more on timing, trust, and rhythm then firing in rocket balls at the last second. 

If you want to become a professional quarterback you have to play in the west coast offense concepts. You'll never make it longer than 3 years in the NFL coming from a spread. Its not possible. 

I use to laugh because Mike Glennon was the quarterback at NC State and when I was the Quarterback at North Alabama. I found him on facebook messenger and we were chatting. I was like - Hey Mike I just threw for 500 yards and 5 tds today in a no huddle spread with Terry Bowden. He lets me call my own plays. Mike says, "yeah thats not real football." Because he ran the traditional under center West Coast. 

I don't know- but that is the general talking point between the two offenses, and especially when it comes to translating your talent to the next level. 

The other thing to consider is how the professional league uses new offensive creations. They let the high school teams and colleges develop the concepts. Prove the concepts. Then they slowly integrate them into the NFL over time. You are starting to see a lot more NFL coaches run the "Clemson," air raid offense. Because they want the player to feel comfortable transitioning from college to pro ball. The problem is that NFL coaches love verbiage. They love long play calls. 

I want green run rt 93 weak black FUP to a 58 Exxon. I want bunch right fake 98 naked left y slide x circle out. Mind blown. You better seriously park yourself in front of a mirror at home and call these plays out. Practice them rolling off of your tounge because they are tounge twisters. And coaches are going to say them as fast as possible at your because they only have 25 seconds on the headset and two they want your mind to bend like Keanu in the Matrix. They love riling up the quarterback and causing chaos. Which doesn't make sense, but they do. They loathe they hate small play calls, and signals. It ​is like a Ph. D. hating reading Goosebumps books. 

The problem with the Air Raid and spread is that its all based on hand gestures, and emojis. Not long play calls. So unless you learn the west coast offense, and if you only know the spread offense, then you are going to be struggling because throwing the ball and running just added history class and engineering to your school schedule, and that easy semester just turned into struggling to stay eligible. OMG the quarterback now has to think and play at the same time. 

I will tell you that more coaches have killed the careers of young quarterbacks because they require them to learn difficult offenses, than for any other reason. Quarterbacking should be like a basketball play, where the ball never stops progressing, and you can pass to anyone on the court, and there is no time for huddling or thinking. 

I played in the Arena Football league. That is a whacky offense. Its three offensive lineman, the quarterback and a few wide receivers. They put the wide receivers in motion running downhill. Its not great- because the quarterback ends up thinking about snapping the ball based on motion instead of the play. And all the passing routes are based on quick three steps (really 2 step) combinations. If you literally do not toss the ball and get it out quickly and accurately the play is over, the defense collapses, or you throw the receiver in the boards. Also a simple play like a smash, -- well you take a 3 step drop you look at the smash, and hit the bang 8 post. You basically run a full field high low, instead of a half field high low. Which can be hard for folks to understand. Since the field is smaller both in width and length. The timing and passing combinations are much more smaller windows. However you can throw 10 touchdowns in one game. Which is it what I did because I am a legend. 

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