​QB Lesson in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you how to pick the right coaches for your son. Listen to the Quarterback Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas. Trust the Quarterback coach in Mckinney in Dallas. There is a huge and fatal flaw in football with coaching. One a lot of the coaches are meat heads and do not have any perspective of the totality of the position. They want to put a dip in and yell at you, and turn you into a tough football player with barbaric & draconian styles of management. They will spend a lot of time name calling, and cussing, and just overall testosterone and masculinity filled macho environments. This is fine, but its not reality. You have to find what I like to call "Horse Whispers." You ever seen the movie City Slickers and there is that one wild white horse that eludes their capture throughout the movie. The only one who can calm the horse to get close enough to touch it is Curly. The ghost cowboy. Quarterbacks are a lot like wild horses on the frozen tundra. They are sturdy strong young men with emerging egos and the guts for glory. They are front of the line kinds of guys. They are basically like Chief Executive Officers - total & supreme confidence, cockiness, toughness, and march to the beat of their own drummer. So finding the right coach is important because the personalities have to match. In common business environments the CEO is top of the food chain. So if the quarterback is the CEO or a CEO type then they believe they are at the top of the food chain. But the coach also believes they are the alpha. So you have to find a coach that is more like a Chief Operating Officer. Someone who aligns with your personality, with your skill sets, and with your confidence. Someone you can trust & develop extreme loyalty too. Someone who compliments your skills, and doesn't challenge your skills. They can challenge you, but they do it in a way that promotes growth. They should be coaches that teach and develop you. If the coach and you are not on the same page, and there is not 100% devout loyalty, and trust. The relationships is done, the same way a company would fail with that type of C-Suite leadership. Its like when Steve Jobs hired the guy from Pepsi Co. to become CEO and teach him the CEO skills. Well the Pepsi guy turned a coup on Steve Jobs, and next thing you know Steve Jobs has to resign from apple. Even though Steve Jobs is the most talented CEO in history - he hired the wrong guy, and dumped the entire apple cart on the ground. Boom, done, finished. Coup. 

Go to a team with the wrong coach, and your career is finished. There should be, again the most extreme version of loyalty, and devotion to your career that you can find. Anything less, and you need to remove that coach immediately. When I played with Tom O'Brien at NC State he was very ambivalent, guarded, and very disloyal. When I played with Terry Bowden he was very warm, rewarding, loyal & wanted to see you perform well. Tom O'Brien told me he wanted 4 yards a snap to keep the chains moving. Terry Bowden once told me he wanted 55 touchdown passes in one season. See the difference. Chuck Amato was another very loyal coach. I got sacked one time, and he blamed it on the ref instead of me. Cussed the ref out. He called me his "Jimmy Mac," after Jim McMahon. I would probably be a first round pick in the NFL if I had kept him as my coach because of his extreme devotion and loyalty to his quarterback. 

Signing with a team, or being recruited by a coach is a lot more closely aligned again to entrepreneurship and building your brand. You are essentially making an acquisition or merging with a company that you think can increase revenue for your company. The same type of litigation, or introspection into the company you are acquiring their leadership, their books, their customers ratings and reviews, etc. You should spend researching and identifying your new coach. Ask yourself the following:

  • What are his core values? 
    • ​Do my core values align with his core values? 
    • Where are the same or different? 
  • What does resume say? 
    • ​Length of time at each school
      • ​Why 2 years per school? 
    • Did he win games? 
      • ​How many? 
    • Did he send quarterbacks to NFL?
      • ​Name his references in the NFL (at least 3) 
  • Who are the coaches role models? 
    • ​What are his favorite quotes? 
    • Who are his idols? 
      • ​are they similar to yours? 
      • Why? 
  • Does the coach have a hot wife? 
    • ​Never trust a salesman with an ugly wife
  • Offense 
    • ​Does the coach know who Paul Brown is? 
    • Ask him if Bill Walsh invented the West Coast Offense? 
    • Ask him about the run & shoot, and Mouse Davis? 
    • What are his offensive goals? 
    • Does he believe in running quarterbacks? 
    • Who are his favorite quarterbacks? 
      • ​Why 

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