Quarterback LessonS

​QB Lessons in McKinney in Dallas will teach you how to hold a press conference. Listen your quarterback coach in McKinney in Dallas. Trust Quarterback Lessons in McKinney in Dallas. The problem with a lot of coaches is that they do not understand a press conference. They believe that they report to the masses, to the reporters, and to the customers. No. The reporters report to him. They are a slave to the coach.  His every last word and breathe is the scuba tank on their shark dive. Trump says the media is a massive shark, and if you do not constantly feed it. It will eat you. A good football coach is constantly managing news cycles. At the press conference. From his office. From home. In public at charities and events. Constantly delivering the same message in varying combinations like twisting a bike lock. How many different ways can you say something without revealing nothing at all. Or maybe how many different ways can you send various reporters. For example-- tell one reporter that your quarterback has an injured shoulder. But then tell another reporter that he is perfectly healthy. Then let them release conflicting statements to the media. Your opponent has no clue which one is true and which one is not. Another example is creating controversy. If the focus is on your performance. Leak to a reporter that your athletic director sucks. Then publicly say that it is not true, and the reporter is lying. Have the athletic director release a statement that your relationship is better than ever! Now his hands are tied to yours, but he is at a disadvantage if you continue losing. Because now someone has to choose the right side of the relationship and role. He might before you because you two could not get along. By the way this is really dark and scary. But honestly-- you will never get far in life of politics and football unless you can play chess. And manage news, and stories, and distractions, including creating them. Creating Villains. Every good football team needs a monster. They need someone or something to resent, and to hate. Someone who is going to destroy their village. It is long time a part of humanity and the culture of folks and people to create these scenarios. Whether it is the 1% vs. the 99%, or the illuminati, or the deep state. Or it is Bill Walsh pinning Joe Montana vs. Steve Young. Or it is Jimmy Johnson bringing Steve Walsh to the cowboys to challenge Troy Aikman. Or it is Marc Benioff pinning Salesforce against Oracle. Or it is Apple making the 1984 commercial pinning itself against corporate giants IBM. You have to create a monster that the whole village must destroy. And with extreme passion and aversion to consequences. Speak with ruthless honestly and brutality. Do not be afraid to rock and roll, and create a mosh-pit. Tell people and players, and reporters they suck. One time Steve Jobs walked into a meeting with IBM and before saying Hi! the first thing he said was, "your product sucks, and I don't even know why you are here?" and the VP for IBM sat back in his chair. And for the rest of the meeting mumbled his words, and Steve Jobs had all the negotiation power. Listen-- don't get me wrong.You have to win, and be generally accomplishing your goals, and innovating results. But there should be a ton of tension and a ton of pressure at all times. If its not that way-- then its easy. It should not be easy for a reporter to ask you a question. Just get away with asking whatever they want. There needs to be consequences for being able to ask the head coach a question. That is why you see Nick Saban going on rants about the press being rat poision. Because the same way that the players have to get tackled, so do the reporters, so does the environment. Everyone is going to play the game together. Everyone is going to sweat it out, get tackled, get battered and bruised. Together. But then all the sudden you are nice. Because why? It mixes it up. It draws them in. They are dumbfounded. Confused. And that is when you have won. Because they are paralyzed, they become a Waze App that keeps re-routing. They shut the phone off, and just ask you where to go. So you tell them the exact location. Welcome to hell. 

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