​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you how to lead in a variety of settings. You have to be able to lead yourself first. Listen to the Quarterback Coach in Dallas. This means avoiding drinking, drugs & distractions. I would recommend no girlfriend until you are a professional quarterback, and even then married to football. Then you have to learn how to lead your own family & friends. The folks around you have to understand your goals, and you have to be compassionate and empathetic to their lives as well. Trust the Quarterback Coach in Mckinney. The two will collide, and you will have to deal with keeping that balanced or at least consistent. Learn how to lead your classmates, the hallways, and being class with your teachers. Then you get into your first impressions with new coaches & players, and leading the practice, workouts & film rooms sessions. Learning how to lead study halls. Learning how to lead the cafeteria, and living facilities with your teammates. This all before you even get into the real deal of leading in the games and winning. There are some many layers of the onion. And onions make you cry when you try to cut through them. 

Drinking, Drugs & Alcohol

  • Do not smoke
  • Do not drink
  • Do not do drugs 
  • Do not party
  • Do not go to bars, go to parties, or go to any activities involving these items 
  • Go to sleep 

Family & Friends 

  • Not everyone has talent or passion or is type A personality 
  • Be gentle with your brothers, sisters, moms & dad, friends
  • Have compassion and empathy if they like other activities like song & dance, or art or whatever else -- in fact, go support them 
  • If you want support, give support 
  • Football is like being an entrepreneur- if your friends and family don't buy in then other investors wont buy in. Friends and family are the first fans and the first customers. 
  • Talk to your mom about your goals & dreams, and ask about going to football camps
    • Your mom and dad will need to bring you to 5-7 football camps per summer as you get into your high school years
  • Make sure your mom is feeding you lots of meat, milk, and hearty meals to get your some girth and some energy 
    • ​Do not let your parents talk you into eating salads or becoming vegan
    • You have to eat meat, and drink milk, and eat potatos corn and other big league meals like pancakes
  • Make sure your mom has candy in the house. You should eat candy because it normalizes you, and it makes you personable to have candy and to know candy, and when your teammates come over to understand the quarterback has candy in the house
    • ​Make sure she also has desserts like Brownies, Rice Crispy Treats, Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese Frosting Cakes
    • Make sure your mom teaches how you to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • Make sure your mom teaches you how to make desserts 
    • Make sure your mom teaches you how to go shopping at the store
  • Every Top Quarterback in history has a strong dad behind them -- look it up!

Don't Get A Girlfriend 

  • All that is going to happen is that you will be on the phone, call or texting, or messaging them 
  • All that is going to happen is that you are going to spend money on dates
  • When you come home late from practice or have to spend 13-18 hours at the facility they are going to get mad and be upset about why you aren't home yet
  • You will have to go do stuff with their family & friends & ultimately "fans" who you basically spend any free time trapped in an interview setting with
  • Simply focus on football and being a football player 
  • Girlfriends want to go to the club, want to socialize, want to go shopping & drinking & to events, and have much different priorities than you
  • Instead of going to bed at 9pm you stay up and watch Jersey Shore with your girlfriend. Go to bed bro. 
  • Instead of eating a steak and potatos and milk - you end up eating salmon and asparagus and going on wierd diets. No. You have to get strong. 
  • Instead of bench pressing at the gym- you are forced to walk laps and talk or do a light quick workout. Blowing an entire opportunity to work.

Classmates & Teachers & Hallways

  • This is one big press conference 
  • Do your homework 
  • Do your work 
  • Get good grades
  • Participate in class
  • Get a 3.5-4.0 GPA
  • Study for your tests and get good grades
  • Finish your projects
  • Smart people make it far in life -- and that doesn't necessarily mean intelligence. It means reading your school books, getting to class on time, turning things in on time and completed, answering questions correctly, shaking peoples hands, smiling, being positive, being nice to people
  • 'Always dress down the middle - go get a nice little pumpkin pie haircut. Wear some Nikes. Wear clean and appropriate clothes. Lay off the jewelry & tattoos. Look like Eli Manning. 

Social Media 

  • Stay AWAY 
  • Don't be on instagram 
  • Don't be on twitter, facebook 
  • Don't be posting pictures and status updates and location updates
  • Don't be laying in bed at night looking at your phone or in class or before practice
  • Dan Marino doesn't use Social Media

Practice & Film & Facility 

  • If you are not at school, and the sun is out, and its daylight then you should be doing football 
  • School, lunch-- football 
  • Go watch film - be seen, leave notes on your coaches desk that you were there and watching film if you don't get seen 
  • Make up questions, even if they are rhetorical questions, and ask different coaches on different days their explanations and listen, and accept the information 
  • Watch Film for open spots of grass, not for players or completion
  • Anytime you are in the facility you should look like, and be prepared to work out, to run, to lift, to throw 
  • Have at least 20-25 footballs in your locker at all times
  • Have footballs in your car
  • Have a football in your hand 
  • Always nod and smile, and say hi to everyone in the hallway -- check on the training room. 
    • ​Although never hang out in the training room and do not become friends with the the kickers or with the trainers 
    • Kickers are fans who were allowed to play on the team -- they are like Dr. Pepper Challenge Contestants who are disloyal, and fairweather, and their only pride is knowing peoples stats and potential draft status, and driving them to the club in hopes to garner respect and friendship
    • Never in your life trust a kicker ever as a player or person - punters included and especially holders 
  • When you are in the cafeteria eating, then you need to eat like a hog. You need to grab your dog bowl and eat like a hog. Show everyone that you can out eat them, and that you are hungriest wolf in the pack. 
    • ​Never trust someone who can't eat a lot 
    • Never trust someone who doesn't drink milk
    • Never trust someone who drinks soda with their meals on the regular 
    • Never drink soda 
    • Coaches are looking at the team meals & snacks to see who is dominant, who is focused, who gets attention from their teammates, where people sit, who people are friends with
    • Always make sure you are confident and sitting with other high performers and winners 
    • Never sit with backups unless you think you are a backup 

Apartments & Housing

  • Stay away from ratchet apartment complexes where all the students live
  • They are too populated and distracting, especially on a Friday/Saturday night 
  • Stay away from the parties, and music, and loud cars
  • Find yourself a nice solid apartment or house close to the facility so you can walk, jog, run or ride your bike to the facility at any time during the day.
  • Make sure you have an appropriate room and place to sleep and get rest and relax without people opening your door and knocking on your door 
  • Make sure your house or apartment is fully stacked with televisions, fully packed refrigerator with snacks, meals, drinks and milk. 
  • Make sure you have an awesome living room for hosting your offensive line on fight nights, boxing matches, NFL and College games, Beers & Burgers 
  • Make sure you have older and great neighbors and a safe neighborhood.
  • Make sure your neighborhood and home are close to areas where you can run, jog, or hike safely for exercise on the weekends, and out of season

Football Practice 

  • Always be the first person on the practice football field 
  • Be out there lightly throwing, working on mechanics, working on getting snaps, working on your feet
  • Make sure that before practice that you get all of your offensive lineman down on a knee and you tell them a grand story -- and make it funny, and great
  • Have them all laughing and loose and having fun 
  • As a good quarterback you better be great at stand-up comedy and have routine or skit, and handful of at least 7-10 jokes that hit at all times 
  • Make sure you assert dominance by having nicknames for people on the team 
  • Stay away from the walk-on players, the third string players and any second string players who do not play. They are jaded, and depressed and their drive is low and ineffective compared to a starting or playing player. 
  • Practice is always about energy. So the quarterback has to have great energy or the entire practice is low and unfulfilled. 
  • Be a Peacock - cocky and confident, running from drill to drill, playing full speed, and being the MVP of practice, win the heisman of practice 
  • The best quarterbacks are the best practice players 
  • Some folks say Tim Couch was the most accurate quarterback in history at practice.
  • Typically starters only get 5 reps to a backup 2 reps. So in between reps you need to get some gatorade, and watch. Try to take a mental rep. As sorry as that sounds. It still counts and the coaches watch for you to be interested. 
    • ​Coaches are very critical about quarterbacks always seeming interested. So always look interested. 
  • I would get the practice script and keep it tucked in a hand warmer. Also some gum, and maybe some IB Profen in case someone steps on your toes, or you twist your ankle, or hit you hand on a helmet so you can make it the entire practice
  • You need to practice with fever, sick, not sick, hurt, not hurt, no matter what -- unless its a broken bone, or you cant physically walk or throw
    • ​Literally if you miss practice, even 1 rep you could lose your job 
    • ​And that is real
    • Dont be the guy with a sore arm --- because you cant play quarterback if you cant handle a sore arm
      • ​My suggestion is to wrap an ice pack on your shoulder and elbow every single time you are done throwing and forearm. Let it heal in 30 minutes. 
      • Also make sure you put your legs into the cold tub to heal in 30 minutes every day after practice. So that your legs heal and are fresh for the next practice. 
      • Also chug about 10-15 bottles of warm water a day. No matter what to keep your body lubed up and ready to rock. 
      • Take IB profen before bed, or drink chocolate muscle milk to help also heal overnight.

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