Quarterback LessonS

The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback 

​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you how to get recruited by college football coaches & teams. This is a very difficult process, but like I keep trying to tell you. Trust Quarterback Lessons in Mckinney. Because I know how to get your son a football scholarship. Everyone wants to go to D1 major college football. Good luck buddy! That is a great goal and dream. I want to help you accomplish that. Listen to the Quarterback Coach in Mckinney because I also want to tell you about the other options. Maybe instead of being the 5 star quarterback that goes to Clemson. You become the 5 star quarterback that goes to East Carolina. Now instead of waiting to play, you just start as a True Freshman. They like to say - oh well he is afraid to compete or go compete against the best. Yeah, no! Go ahead and be the big fish in the little pond, and lead from Day 1. Because the only thing that matters is Tape of you playing football. You throwing the football. You leading & competing. You can't get to the NFL from the bench. A curl route throw from East Carolina is the same throw from Alabama. Drop back 5, hitch and throw it in there son. This is the biggest mistake that young quarterbacks make. Except Ben Rothlisburger. He could have went to Ohio State on Scholarship. Instead he went to the University of Miami (Ohio) and started Day 1. Played 3 years as the starter, broke all their records, got on ESPN in the MAC championships, and boom first round pick. No one cared that he played at Miami (Ohio). Now he is a 2x Super Bowl Winner. Why? Because the only way a quarterback goes all the way to the Pros is Reps, and playing. Here are some other tips for getting recruited:

1. Go to 5-7 camps per summer

  • Every 2 weeks you should be attending a football camp at a college or university, Nike Camp, or some kind of quarterback camp where college coaches are
  • The camps are part learning, and part showcasing, and part competing against your peers
  • You think you have to beat out the quarterbacks on your own team. Try you have to beat out the other quarterbacks in your county. In your region. In your state. In the country. In the world. 

2. Make DVD's and mail them off

  • You have to have a solid 30-45 minutes of tape showing all kids of throws from slants, to curls, to digs, to go routes, to bubble screens. 
  • You have to show throws from under center, 1 step, 3 step, 5 step, 7 step, quick game- from shotgun, screen passes, short intermediate and deep passes, and tempo passing. Play action passing. 
  • Mail off 100-200 DVD's to every major college in the country. Send them to Rivals.com, Scout.com, ESPN, and more. 
  • You have to get your page published on Rivals and Scout. Get video updated and live on there

3. You have to email and cold call coaches. 

  • Dial for dollars 
  • Go to the football team websites and search for the position coaches
  • Call them and leave a message
  • Email the coach 
  • Drive to their university and meet them at the office 
  • Go tour their campus unofficial and official 
  • Ask them for tickets to the game, and meet other recruits 

4. Sports Writers

  • Get to know local writers & internet recruiters 
  • Call them unofficial and official 
  • Talk to them
  • Tell their about your career
  • Get them to post & write articles about you​