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Recruiting Trips

​Quarterback Lessons in Dallas will teach you about recruiting trips. Trust your Quarterback Coach in Dallas. Listen to your QB Lessons in McKinney in Dallas. I am going to tell you the truth about recruiting trips. You get 5 of them. They book your air travel & hotel for the recruiting trip. You get to stay at a nice hotel. They get you a cookie cake. You get a tour guide. You meet every single person in the school. A few boosters. Tommy Frazier says hi to you. You meet with the coaches individually. They send an assigned group of guys on the team to meet with you and tell you how awesome it is. They really believe it. You see nothing wrong with the program. It feels great. You are really getting sold. Man this is awesome I love it. You go sit in the stands for a game with other recruits and their dads. Hey Josh Freeman at 15. You go into the stadium at halftime. They have a jersey of you hanging up. Its so exciting. Look mom its my football jersey. You are just sitting there staring at it. Let imagine myself playing here. Done. I just imagined it. The game is over. Lets go to some set up tents and mingle with the players. Lets eat some catered food. So delicious. Man I love it. Great BBQ. You eat a ton and then go back to your hotel room and take a nap. You can't drive anywhere because you are too young for a rental car. You basically just go to a house party where all the players go. You hang out, and don't know anyone. A few people say hi. You get tired and leave. Go back to the hotel and go to sleep. 1 or 2 guys in your recruiting class seem cool. So you get there number and text them. Then you go home back to Florida. They call you about weird shit like lets make a recruiting tape, and coaches call you to ask you to call big time recruits. You call them and pitch. Their parents listen. Its awesome. I love it. They sometimes go, they sometimes don't go. You end up going. Other colleges call you to come take trips, but you get threatened that if you do then it could mean trouble for your commitment. One time Florida asked me to go the LSU game. I couldn't go. Got a phone call. Awesome. I love it. You get promised things like-- man you're the only quarterback we are taking. Can I take a JUCO too? JUCO's suck. They say. Yeah sure why not. Awesome. The end. Go get a lawyer, go get an accountant, a web designer, and build your platform. Have your lawyer talk to the coaches? That is what you should have done. You're a business now, and a celebrity. Welcome to hell.