Quarterback LessonS

The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback â€‹

​Quarterback lessons in Dallas will explain the importance of reflections. Trust your quarterback coach in Dallas. Listen to your quarterback lessons in McKinney in Dallas. Life is a cup of coffee in the big time. One minute you are there and the next minute you are not. But life doesn't have to happen on the fast track. Instead you should take a deep breath, and reflect on where you are, and what you are doing. Just be calm, and relax, shoulders relaxed, stretched and limber-- well rested, clear eyed and focused. Just sit down, outside and stare up into the trees. Let the wind blow. and relax. Just think about how you have the strongest arm in the history of the world, and you are the best throwing quarterback to ever live ever. And no one can ever take that away from you. You have the most pure bred blood & genetics out of anyone you know. Perfect hair, perfect skin, and perfect muscles and ligaments, and heart. Perfect legs, calves, and quads. Perfect. The best sized feet, and hands. The most beautiful and elegant voice to ever sing a song. Beautiful green & yellow eyes. You are absolutely a stunning and magnificent horse of a man. And everyone is jealous of your incredible talents, your sharp witted humor, your perfect teeth, the way you always smell great. You are a god on earth among humans. As you stare up into the trees. The wind blowing around the backyard. You are in basketball shorts. Relaxed and calm. Short black socks and Nike shoes (the $65 dollar generic black kind). You don't really care about clothes and stuff - just about yourself. Feeling superfly. You're just relaxed and you hear some birds fighting each other up in the brush of the tree. You just stare, wink a little bit, and laugh softly. I can fly better than those birds can fly. There is almost nothing that I can't do better than someone else. In fact, so much more so, and so much better, that I don't even attempt half the things I am capable of because its not even a challenge to me. Painting, Art, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Running, Throwing, Working out, cooking, Loving & Caring, Cleaning the house, driving my car, going to the movies, ordering food at restaurants, eating food at restaurants, filling my car up with gas at the exact dollar amount, shopping for groceries and spending just the right amount and getting the best groceries where everyone is happy. There is nothing on earth that I am not great at. And I feel bad that some people will never know what that feels like. My self awareness is so powerful that my mind is like a Waze App, and everything I do is a direction to greatness. No fear. Every person I meet I can download their entire app, rate & review, and call their developer and tell them to rewrite parts of their code so that I can have a better user experience. If your parents come over for dinner then I might make the best vanilla bean cream cheese frosting cake that they have ever tried in their entire life, and can't believe that their daughter ever dated someone who couldn't cook as good as me. I can give myself the most perfect haircuts that you would have to pay money for. I don't have to pay money for. Instead I just cut it perfectly and I look brand new everyday. I pull my guitar out and I strum a little song. You can't believe the rhythm and soul, and that I will sing almost any song on the planet better than the person who originally wrote the song. I am staring up at the clouds, watching the wind blow, hearing the birds tussle. Relaxed and calm, sitting in my chair. What a beautiful day it is. What a great man I am. So many talents. Animals always love me best because they can feel my big beautiful heart beating and because I always give them the last piece of deli sliced (not pre-sliced) shredded turkey from the fridge. They eat it and stare at me, and say I love you dog. I love you too dog. And I rub his back and go back to what I was doing. All my laundry always active, washing & drying, and properly folded and put back into the closet & into the dressers. My bathrooms always cleaned and smelling great, and perfectly stocked with toiletries and shampoos and conditions. My home feels like a hotel. Home and comfy. Just like me -- one of the greatest men to ever live. Everywhere I go people stare at me, and think that is one hell of a guy I bet. Then they see me get into the cleanest Mercedes of all time, perfectly vacuumed carpets, and wiped down leather interiors, perfect air conditioning. They say wow. He really takes care of himself. I can tell. Just sitting here on the porch, staring at the wind and trees, listening to the birds tussle. Nobody speaks to god these days. I get up, and stretch out my back, and I open the back door, and I walk inside to go take a 2 hour nap. I always stay well rested so my body is always charged, and all my apps and websites work. My IPhone always has perfect charge and never runs out of batteries. I always have available phone chargers everywhere in my house. And always something delicious to eat, and always have milk in my fridge. I go inside and lay down. and rest. Good talk. I bet I practice great today. And those passes no one in this world has ever attempted ever. Except me, and everyone will be amazed and marvel at me. Closes my eyes. And asleep I go. A champion.