​QB Lessons in McKinney in Dallas will teach you about relationships. Trust your Quarterback Coach in Mckinney . Listen to your Quarterback Lessons in McKinney in Dallas. Here is the challenge with young adults growing up is that they take relationships for granted. Especially in an Instagram culture where you connect online, and you can just unfriend someone at the click of a button. Its a very impersonal process that does not require a lot of soft skills, or a lot of long term investment into folks. I simply have a bad hangout or text, and I unfriend you. You can't do that at the quarterback position. You need to be like the ACORNS app and invest a small amount of change, pennies on the dollar into all your relationships, your friends, your teachers, your community and more. Give everyone a nice smile, and positive vibe. Build up your supporters. That way when they are at a party, or an event, or they go to another football camp, or a business meeting they feel comfortable, and mention you. They say he is a great guy. Your credibility currency starts flowing through society. Well this person likes him, this person to, and wow this person to. Next thing you know you have a strong current of data suggesting credibility, and integrity. Now you have to be a great guy, but also back it with huge throws and big play. But the two create a fierce competitor, and mayor of the community. This isn't always just about getting a scholarship. Because most of you will fail. You won't get past being a college quarterback. But if you treat folks well, and have solid relationships. When you are done playing as well, you can do things like go back and coach your high school football team. You will have friends, and local leaders who get you on the inside track of great jobs. You have a great online presence for when folks look you up. You will save your life pretty much. Because once you hit Division 1 you are going to blow up on the Google Algo and message boards. You don't want this AI soaking up bad news, and not showing you in a favorable light. I didn't follow this rule myself when I was younger. Now when I go to get a job I have to get asked why some sports writer thinks I am a jerk. I mean I don't know. Maybe he didn't like my swag. But I can't control it. Well you sort of can. Keep in mind your swag ratio. Always try to make sure when you are in a room at least 80% of it likes you. They will drown and flood out the naysayers. Being a quarterback is a lot like being trapped in a political campaign for President. Especially the higher you go. You need friends, and supporters to vote for you, to pressure others to vote for you, to make it to the top of the food chain. As much as being an individual and having individual talent is awesome. Its like being a human iPhone, but AT &T and Verizon, and Sprint don't like you and won't offer you their platform or services. How the hell are you going to sell the phone? That is the quarterback position. Its also a very quixotic position. A very polarizing position. Folks are going to try to love or hate you in very sincere and deep rooted ways. The same way folks debate if Eli Manning is a great quarterback. The guy won two Super Bowl MVPs and folks still question whether he is Hall of Fame. Like how. You know how he is going to get in. Because him, and his family always act with respect, and have long developed and deep rooted relationships. I promise that he will get voted in because of this lone fact- if anything. Look at the greatest throwing quarterback to ever live- Jeff George. This guy had a rocket launcher arm. Best arm in the history of football. Everyone hates him. He will be forgotten in history because he failed to develop relationships with the community, and has no to support him. My college roommate Harrison Ritcher, his dad Jim Ritcher was a lineman for Jim Kelly for 16 years, and a few years with the Atlanta Falcons. He said the Falcons got their ass beat one time, and Jeff George stood up in a team meeting and rallied the troops by saying he isn't having fun. Who cares about winning or losing, its about the fun part. They just fucking stared at him like who farted in the room. Fun -- go play fucking ping pong at a frat party with some fuck named Wyatt who knows where the Kush is at. They just all think he is a jerk off. BTW to sit in Jim Ritchers recliner chair you have to do 10 reps of a 60 pound dumbbell. He keeps by the chair. If you can't curl that shit then go shit on the fucking couch you bum. You have to be a political candidate. Go ahead and get yourself a great suit. A great smile and pumpkin pie haircut. And build some relationships with key stakeholders and donors, and common folks like Trump. Be smart about it. Get Russia to funnel money through the NRA. The people love the second amendment and technically the quarterback has a gun right. Use your fucking brain man. Hey go download the Pokémon app and record your backyard for the CIA with your cousins.  Get that grassroots blue collar support for your abilities, and your leadership. They will carry your legacy forever. Forever. I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. I think about it every day and night. Spread your wings and fly away home with Jeff Daniels. Build a makeshift drone that looks like a duck, and teach the ducks who live near your house but lost their mom to fly in a V on their way home with your daughter. Relationships man. 

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