Quarterback LessonS

The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback 

​QB Lessons in McKinney in Dallas will teach about using SEO to build your brand and fame online. Trust your quarterback lessons in Dallas. Listen to your Quarterback lessons in McKinney. Look, and I am dead serious that no one in football is smart enough to do this online. But if you are a high school recruit I know how you can get a D1 scholarship beyond just having talent. In fact you could have marginal talent. Trust me. All you have to do is engage search engine optimization. You could literally become a third world dictator like Kim Jong Un level of propaganda. You could write hundreds of articles about how great your arm is, or how fast you are, or how strong you are, or becoming the greatest quarterback living on the planet. And you can engage for a low cost content distribution. Local & regional newspapers all across the country would pick up your articles and content. Giving you citations and links on the internet. You could make a Wikipedia. You could start an Instagram, twitter, Linked In, Angel List, Crunchbase, Word Press, and $11 website on GoDaddy. And within days your name would explode on the internet. They would not be able to type your name in or your position without you dominating the entire web page of search results. In fact you would literally buy a domain like quarterback something, start a google business listing, and you would literally almost own anything to do with quarterbacking in your city or region. I am dead serious. You upload 10-20 pictures, a blog, get all your family and friends to rate and review 5 stars your name, and you will absorb into the search engine and become an internet sensation. Its an unreal deal. And no one is doing this. They are waiting for Rivals.com, and Scout.com, and all these platform companies to do videos and write articles, and their opinions on folks. You can outreach all of them on your own, and explode the internet in your brand. By the time you get to college already have 20-30 thousand twitter followers, and maybe if you are a 5 star recruit have hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, Facebook, etc. All you have to do is start now engaging search engine optimization for your name. Seriously just write insane articles about how you can throw 85 yards, and you can run a 4.4 forty. And distribute them online and the internet. Become an instant cult hero. No one player is doing this. Imagine the pressure on college coaches who have time as their greatest asset. They want to an offer a player. Do they fly to them and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on recruiting efforts, going all over the country and missing their families in the off season. Or do they go online and use Hudl, Rivals, Scout and try to find players. Well the reality is that they go online for a lot of scholarships. If Miami offers you, then Florida State and Florida will. Then if your own state offers you others will. A coach once told me that major colleges say- is his own state going to offer him? They wait until that happens, then the other major colleges swoop in to offer these athletes. Well imagine all someone had to do was type in Harrison Beck Quarterback, and every single link that popped up was about how great you were and amazing you were. You can do that. Get ahead of the curve now. That way you can drown out and sabatoge beat writers who will attack you in college. That is another thing. Is that you can actually burying their criticisms and negative articles. Because once you have a certain number of followers on twitter, instagram, wikipedia, and google business listing. You get credibility in the search engine. And they will actually believe your posts more than the negative posts. And you can eliminate all criticisms of every one, and drown out their articles, and keep them from trending. Basically take total control of your brand awareness. Its a startling fact. That no one is doing this. This is because most folks in sports are not that tech savvy, and they think about lifting and running only like meat heads. Its basically almost free too. You can get crazy with it. Their are articles about Kim Jong Un bowling perfect scores, and getting 18 hole in ones on the golf course. You can do that too. And no one can stop you. How do you think the "Russians" hacked the internet? They just upload 2 million tweets and videos all day and get it trending. You can do that, but just for your personal brand. I mean you could be a 2 star, and start getting interest from major universities. Half of these D1 schools they just offer you scholarships without even looking at you. Take 1-3 of your great throws at school. Edit them. Filter them. Upload them to Instagram. They will think all you do is throw dimes. Next thing you know you will be a D1 athlete for Bowling Green. Free college. Free education. Free living and food. Its that easy. Look I mean I want you to have talent. I want you to be great. But I also understand that is not all that it takes. You need more than that. Introduce SEO to your game, and you will be an internet sensation too. Your 2 star will boost to a 4 star. Trust me. 

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