The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback 

​QB Lessons in McKinney in Dallas will teach you about the spread offense. Listen to the Quarterback Lessons in McKinney in Dallas. Trust your quarterback coach in McKinney in Dallas. The spread offense is all glitz & glamour. It is your ratchet neighbor on Instagram with a filter who turns into a model at the click of a button. Its that fast.  It is a $300 champagne bottle in the club for the cast of Jersey Shore. Served in a tub of ice with sparklers on the side. Same bottle is $20 at True Wine. Drink it up. Cabs are here. The Spread Offense is a new haircut on Friday before a Tinder date. No beard & you took her for a handful of candy for dinner. No I just got done pulling weeds in the front yard, and have dirt in my fingernails. The Spread Offense is a fake, and fraud-- the greatest ever perpetuated onto football kind. Look at Michigan. The first of the great programs to go under. Rich Rodriguez brought in his no laces lee quarterback, and he had these big 250 yard rushing games. While losing to Notre Dame. And everyone else. It got him 4-5 years as coach. Because when you run the spread you don't get fired. You throw for 500 yards a game, and lose 56-42 and everyone is like -- yeah but they did score 42 points. Its just the defense, right. Yeah it is. Everyone on the field is as tough as a wide receiver now.  Its why all the coaches are running this offense. Its like when you sign up for a new job, and you select dental, vision, health & oh yeah, why not life insurance too. You are totally protected and insulated if you run this offense. Because its a red bull for the fans. By the way did you know that red bull is a beer that you can drink at work. Oh man. Look, the spread offense is a rap music song that plays on the radio for 30 days and you find on a NOW 57 CD infomercial. Its getting hot in here by Nelly was hot in 9th grade. There are no fundamental pillars, no roots, no depth, no poetry, no Othello in the garden posing a silliquoy you hear with your eyes. Nope- its a Chainsmokers song. Its Las Vegas. Its a casino in MGM grand that makes noises. Its a UI/UX design of your favorite app that makes your dopamine drip on every retweet and like. An addiction. The old saying is that you put a 6 foot quarterback in the shotgun and hell turn into Joe Montana. Old Missouri offenses uses to put their quarterbacks feet at 8 yards. How do you think John David Booty and Brock Berlin got recruited years ago. They were the first spread quarterbacks. Then what happened. They came to college and got put under center. And it was all downhill from there. See Blaine Gabbert. You find out the quarterbacks cant throw with folks at their feet & face. The entire program has to change. Your recruits, your coaches, your lineman, your weight room & condition, your culture. Its all sped up and crazy. And out of whack- warp speed. Look at the fall of the greatest programs in modern history - USC, Florida, Florida State, Michigan, Miami, UCLA, all of them are dead and gone. The spread got into their village infected them like Ebola. Colt McCoy & the spread  decimated Texas. Never been the same again. Nebraska left the option, and it ripped the heart out of the program, city and fans. Now they are wandering the desert looking for water. That is what happens when you drink too much coffee. You get dehydrated, and thirsty, and a headache. Just like your football program. The NFL tried to warn us by refusing for years not to run the spread. That it had to be under center. That the quarterback had to learn to throw under center. You saw Vince Young, Dave Kilinger, all go to the NFL and have short lived careers. But then the NFL drank the cool aid-- and brought in Cam Newton, RG3, and others. They are killing the game man. All of them. Super Bowls everywhere, and funny hats too. Cam Newton man-- he has the best hats. RG3 is Johnny Manziel on bible verses, instead of molly. Now the NFL scores 40 points a game, and all of them teams lose 38 to 31 like the Rams vs. Minnesota last night. Wow man-- but the coach won't get fired because he did score 31, and Kirk Cousins did throw 3 touchdowns. So he is definitely worth the $98M on paper. Meanwhile the Patriots kept is cool, calm and under center, traditional, and they have been to the Super Bowl 8 times with 5 victories. You tell me. Please folks-- go get a flu shot. Protect yourself from the spread. It is football Viagra. And you better have your pills every weekend. Don't run out. Keep a doc on payroll. What's the "spread," Its a term folks use in Vegas to bet on games, and win money. That should tell you all you need to know about it. Hiring a coach that runs the spread is the girl who dates a hot guy with no job. But he's got great abs, right. And also drives a 2 seater with a spoiler and no room for a family & kids. But who needs to be an adult in this offense. Ill just ball out of control, a real weekend warrior.  Beware of the spread offense. You'll go get a manicure, and the nail will break trying to take the trash out. AKA your entire team. Once the AD finds out your offense is bitcoin -- and its stock goes from 20,000 to 7,000 overnight, looks into his wallet. Thank god he has a $20 bill, and can still get enough gas to get home. Back to traditional football. Where people call plays in the huddle. And run the ball, and block, and catch, and play defense, and manage time. And everyone plays a part. Its not just a quarterback running, and pump faking bubble routes. Dear god, please help football. Please help James Franklin. 

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