Quarterback LessonS

The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback 

​QB Lessons in McKinney in Dallas will teach you how to stare. Listen to your quarterback coach in McKinney in Dallas. Listen to quarterback lessons in McKinney in Dallas. The most important part of the quarterback position is your ability to stare at people. It is the most important way to communicate with your teammates without having to say anything at all. You just look at them like a mountain lion stares at a goat eating grass. You can express disappointment, happiness, sadness, grit & determination, joy & pleasure, and hit every end of the spectrum. A picture is worth a thousand words, that is why they invented Instagram instead of twitter. Its the same for a stare. Instead of saying do your fucking job, you can just stare at someone with enough intensity to shatter a bathroom mirror. Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the greatest quarterback of them all? The whole team can see your face at all times. Your eyes. The fear, the angst, the intensity, the desperation, the fight, the will to win. Sometimes you will be in the huddle, and the same way a sled dog would challenge another sled dog, a wide receiver or a lineman will try to talk back to you, or question you, and you just stare at them like you are carving an ice sculpture out of an ice block with a chainsaw. Sometimes you throw a touchdown, and 25 yards down the field your wide receiver turns and stares back at you, and you fall in love harder than Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in Born to Be A Star. Remember Shane Falco and the deaf tight end in the replacements. They just gave each other a look, and boom game winner. All from the face. One time Greg Jennings of the Packers said he was at the facility late, and he walked into the film room where Brett Favre was at, and Brett just looked up at him, and his werewolf eyes pierced his soul, and Greg quietly shut the door on Daddy, and went to another room. No words were spoken at all. Dan Marino is famous for having the most intense nasty mother fing look on his face the entire game. It just screamed lets go score some g d points. Everyone knew what he needed done. And no one dared cross that line. A stare can close the oxygen in the room. You just stare at someone and say nothing, you can literally close the width and length of the room into a shoebox. You can literally feel the walls caving in, and oxygen escaping your lungs. One time when Nick Saban came to my high school. Him and Jimbo Fisher walked down the hallway to my head coaches office. I hurried up and went into the office. So Saban walks in, and says I am here to offer you a full scholarship to LSU. He just stared at me. His eyes connecting to my eyes. If someone would have walked between our gaze, their head would have been cut off. It was like when you plug your Iphone into your laptop and download songs. It says syncing. Saban used a stare to download my souls eternal playlist. My entire human library downloaded. He looked away, and took my life with him back to LSU. There was no doubt. He was going to win a National Title. All from a stare. That is all it takes. Next time you go to recruit a kid watch his eyes. See how much they move around, or how deadly they are. The same way you go to a zoo and see a lion watching you. Human eyes can work the same way. Is the person with you or watching you? Is the person looking at you like you are a BBQ sandwich ? The same way someone gets that look when their dog bowl is placed in front of them in a restaurant. Do they have they look when they are talking to you, or leading the team in the huddle? I am not suggesting that you should always be intense or serious. But you can tell someone is observant from their stare, and dumb from their stare. Eyes are the portal to your chops. To your toughness. 90% of intimidation is from your eyes. Why do you think when you go for a job interview, or do a deal, they want eye contact. You ever had someone stare at you-- its horrible and uncomfortable. Really hard to deal with. 

But like I said- sometimes folks just want a stupid dumb big smile, big open mouth and tounge wagging, exciting smile. Just a dumb goofy face- and you can't be afraid to just act like a fool. Like I said the quarterback is always monitoring energy and the situation, and should be the ultimate performer, actor. They should have tons of characters, and stage presence, and self awareness. And have a stare for every situation. It could be down and out, and you are losing the game, and everyone is nervous as a damn street cat, and the crowd is booing, but the quarterback has so much unrelenting swag, and confidence, he just does the Joe Montana and says John Candy is in the crowd, and smiles, slight laugh, and all the sudden everyone is in the saddle ready to ride a donkey down the canyon together. You can make fun and mock people, you can be serious, you can be funny, and the stare is the touchstone of them all. It controls the heartbeat like the drop in a Chainsmokers song. Rip off a word guitar solo, but keep that stare at the backbone and tempo of it all. To keep the band together.