The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback 

​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you about stats. Trust your quarterback coach in Dallas. Believe in your Quarterback Lessons in Dallas. Belicheck says that stats are fake. He does this to pin the game back onto the players, and eliminate individuals running a by-committee approach to football. Stats have a tendency to become Thanos-- a Marvel Character. They become Robert Downey Jrs. new acting career. You know the one where he makes a ton of money making comic book movies. Basically stats are comic book movies. Anyone on any day can have a big day. Stats are Chris Pratt. Stats are for Hillary Clinton. Stats are when you buy a Facebook Ad to target a customer, and its gives you 600 followers for $250 and make no sales. Stats are what happens to celebrities at the end of their career and they go to Las Vegas for a residency and play their greatest hits every night. Stats are a rich guy who buys a Porsche for no reason. An Altima is just fine. Now you have to pay $1000 bucks a month to take your wife on a date every once in a while. Stats are cigars that guys smoke. You don't even know what the cigar is doing. Is this thing even lit? They are getting your car fixed. You have no clue what you just paid for. But it works. You find out you could have just went to AutoZone and got the same part for $40/ and did it yourself but you didn't want to. Stats are a tweet. A tweet is your first beer at a party and you are throwing out topics to different groups to try to find out who you might be conversing with, and hanging out with at the party. Maybe you start talking about the deep state in one group. But they don't believe in conspiracies. So it doesn't work. So you exit, and send out another thought. This time about the game last night. Oh look Dan bites. He watched it. He likes and retweets. You spend 10-15 minutes, finish your beer, and you're like- hey maybe I will have another one. That is what Twitter is. Sometimes you just have to leave the party. Sometimes your stats don't work and the jerk off who went 5/21 for 100 yards and 2 rushing touchdowns and 3 pics wins the game. Why? Because stats are artificial sweetener in your tea. They are the sugar packets you dump into your coffee. They are the 89 at the gas station pump you have no idea why people pay for that when 87 is good enough. And who the hell gets 93. Stats are a club with music, mist, and hot girls. Then 1am comes, and its all over. The entire facade is gone. And you are back at home in your apartment. That is stats. The key to a great football player is consistency. Just right down the middle. Stats are a celebration. Football is the sun and the moon. Every day at 6am, and every night at 8pm they come and they go. It doesn't matter if you are at work, or sleeping, or playing or resting. The world just goes on and on. With the same rhythm. Nothing changes. Its the same day every single day. And the problem with this is that people cannot handle the same day every day. Ask Bill Murray in ground hog day. By day 10 he is jumping off buildings, and driving off construction cliffs with the groundhog. People can't stand consistency. They hate it. They want monster energy, and red bull. They want diets, they want MTV, they want Chainsmokers. They want to party. They want to sleep. They don't want to sit on the couch and stare at the wall. Tom Brady does. Three years ago the Seahawks entire game plan was simple. And really every defensive coach has one basic motto. I can guarantee that this quarterback will not be happy taking a three step drop and throwing a 5 yard stop route. Every single throw. That is why they invented cover 3 and quarterbacks. Because no one believes a quarterback will just take a profit. Eli Manning the other day said his dad taught that you will never go break taking a profit. No - these folks want the home run, they want to create the next big tech company, they want to get on the news, get likes on Instagram, get followers, become a celebrity, get a Netflix special. Stats. So the Seahawks basically said,- Hey Tom, throw 5 yard speed outs the entire game. I dare you to relax at the beach and just stare into the sun for 7 straight hours. I hate the beach personally and could never do this. Tom just dropped back, and threw the 5 yard speed out for 3 hours straight. Bored out of his god damn mind. Worst day of his entire life for any other quarterback. Brett Favre would go absolutely insane. And just starting throwing post routes to see what happened. Just setting off firecrackers, and bottle rockets for fun. Its not even fourth of July. This guy has a whole stock of fireworks for no reason. Just loves drinking beer and setting off glow rockets in the field by his house. Tom just clocks into work at 8am and does TPS reports. What's today boss? We are going to run 50 times, and throw swing routes. Awesome. Puts his socks on, and cleats, and goes does hand offs for 4 hours. Doesn't even care. You will notice that most Hall of Fame quarterbacks never really had great stats. John Elway had a career 53 completion percentage. Terry Bradshaw threw interceptions and only played good in 4 super bowls. Sucked the entire time before and after the playoffs. Ask Joe Gilliam. Broadway Joe had like 80 more interceptions than touchdowns. No one cares. When he got into the playoffs with the colts. He just audibled to handoffs the entire time to beat Johnny Unitas- a throwing machine. Stats are like a weather report. It says its going to rain, and it doesn't. Its going to be cold, grab a jacket. Its hot. Its fake news. Stats are your gas light. It says you are empty but you are pretty sure you can drive at least 10 more miles, and you pass the gas station coming up. But then you get nervous you wont make it to the next one. So you open the Waze app to see where it is located. It says 4.6 miles. You are like oh man. Then you get stuck at the light 100 yards away from the gas station with the needle on the line. You are just like man I am in walking distance. Then the light goes, and you pull into the gas station easily. You get all cocky. Damn I could have made it home. That is stats. Stats are spending $100 at Foot Locker on New Nikes. But you could have just bought the ones at Famous Footwear for $56. Stats are clothes you got as a kid from Pac Sun. You could have got 4 shirts from TJ Maxx or Marshalls for the same price as that one Fox Racing shirt. Stats are the fact that you could pay $750/month to live in an apartment. Easily. A place to cook food and sleep. Save all your money every month. Save $5-6,000 a month. Retire at 35. But you wanted to live in a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with a pool for $2800/Month. Stats are Las Vegas. You arrive by airplane, and you can see all the buildings. Its like a Disney World but for spending money, eating, drinking, and fun for adults. And you see the city, and it says, "come to me," like in Lord of the Rings when you put the ring on. It starts tracking you like you're an uber driver. Come to me Harrison. You don't even want to. You just want to do something safe like rent a red box, and get some Popeyes chicken, and go to bed at 9pm. People forget to sleep well. They all want to stay up late, and watch TV, sleep like 4-5 hours. A human body is like an I-Phone. You want to be the I-Phone with the 27% charge you are nervous is going to die the whole time because you forgot your phone charger. Go ahead. I am going to be the phone that is constantly sitting at 93% charge. No app, no function, no call time, or email is off limits. I have all the time in the world and I feel great. Don't get me wrong. Stats are beautiful. They are true harlequin of football. They are Kylie Jenner's lips. They are Kim Kardashians Instagram. Just amazing. Stats will change your life. But not everyone who wins the lottery is happy. Some see it as a curse. Some end up cursed. Some folks with stats end up Kanye West. Is Kanye West just Tom Cruise jumping on a couch? Was it the stats? I don't know. You don't hear a lot about James Taylors Grammys just his guitars he sells at Guitar Center for $3,000. You do hear a lot about Britney Spears Grammys, and her meltdowns. What are stats doing to people across the globe, in sports & entertainment. I am pretty sure Leo DiCaprio has 1 academy award. He has made about 10 of the greatest movies of all time. Doesn't care about the academy awards, cares about the characters. The award is nice, but Marissa Tomei also has one. Just saying. Your best bet is to just relax. Calm shoulders. Calm mind. Calm body, mind and spirit. Think logically. Think consistently. If a decision comes into your mind. Don't act. Take time. Let it hit 2-3-4 more times. Then act. Never mind you'll get sacked. Look, don't be a stat (me) guy. Coach I literally can't play quarterback without stats. Well then son, you're fucked. 

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