​QB Lessons in McKinney in Dallas will teach you about your throwing motion. Listen to your Quarterback Coach in Dallas. Trust your Quarterback Lessons in Dallas. The throwing motion of a quarterback is extremely important. Its not just a throwing motion. Imagine like Superman with that S on his chest. Your throwing motion is that S. Its that light that batman puts on to notify the city he is going to be in a fight with joker night downtown. Its special to you. Its your social security number, and your birthday. Your throwing motion is your haircut or beard. It is your swag and your style. Its what you wear the second day of school. The first day you wear something crazy and new to try it out. Let the kids know you are back and different this year. The second day you wake up late and throw on some basketball shorts, and a white shirt, and Nikes. That is your throwing motion. It is your accent, and native language. Its the things that you like. Man Harrison loves cheeseburgers and mac and cheese. No doubt. That is your throwing motion. And its natural. Its not learned. You are born with this software installed into your brain. Its like when you get a new computer at work, and they already gave you the Microsoft office key to access PowerPoint and excel. Its just in there ready to use. Ready to make a presentation. Your throwing motion is the apps that come with your phone. The camera icon, the text icon, the call icon, the email icon. You cannot learn a throwing motion. I will tell you what. When I was a kid I had a rocket launcher by about 15 I could throw 60-65 yards. But when I was about 12-13 I kept asking my brother the fastest way to throw. I could already throw a spiral. I would watch television. One day I would throw like Chris Rix, the next day Brett Favre, the next day Ken Dorsey. The next Rex Grossman, Jeff Garcia, Carson Palmer, Dan Marino. I would switch it up to whoever had the swag in the games that week. Man, how in the hell did Chris Rix not make it in the NFL? That kid would throw a football like you have never seen. He would put his finger on the tip or the point of the ball, drop back and throw rockets. I remember watching his play the University of Florida, and at the last second, throwing a semi-hail mary flick of the wrist to Crathonzo Thorpe. For a touchdown. My mind blown. So I asked my brother the fastest way to throw. He said up and down. Right off the ear. Up and down. Ball from the chest, up to the ear and back down. Using only your forearm and wrist, and extreme hip torque like a baseball catcher. So every day I would just stand with the football against a wall. I could not cock it back or it would slam into the wall. Then I would throw forward. By doing this I needed to be extreme with the front half of my body to get the ball forward and far from the wall. You watch Brett Favre he takes the ball up and down with the bicep near his ear. He throws like a great boxer would punch. Right off the ear. With the final part being this insane snap of the wrist. The wrist is the entire key to throwing a football. It is that fire explosion that you see underneath a rocket launch for Nasa. Like twisting open a wine bottle. Like throwing darts at the local bar. The wrist is the entire key to your existence. Like a slap to the face. The wrist is the jet engine behind any throw. You ever throw a paper airplane. Its all wrist. You try to use your whole arm and the airplane goes straight into the ground. From any angle, any body position, the wrist is the rocket launcher. Most quarterbacks cannot understand this and they want to take 3 years to throw with their legs, body, entire both arms. Its just throwing darts. You throw to the person delivering them a message,-- almost to the point where if they are 40 yards down the field, your hand feels like you could touch them on the nose. Steve Young said he never learned how to throw until Jim McMahon taught his to snap his wrist like a spin top. Josh Rosen throws like he is spinning a dradel. I don't know. But its all natural. It is a gift from god. Only for you. Your native code. Your uber app. There is only one throwing motion. It will define your entire existence as a quarterback. People might not know your name, where you are from, but they know that throwing motion. It delivers a sound clear message that you are here to win and lead. You drop back, and you see a curl route, and you fire that pigskin like a rocket, snap that wrist, torque that belly, and vrooom like the sound of the air becoming a xylophone. It slices through the wind, cuts in half like Trump to a democratic campaign. Like a scythe through glass. To its target. If you watched the game with no sound, the motion alone would feel like you have surround stereo speakers, and would be so violent and obnoxious, and deadly that it would be like watching the movie skyscraper with the rock. Holy shit! you would say watching the body throw. Every single time. Undeniable, unmistakable. That throw. Did you see that throw? No one in the world even cares about winning or losing, or competing. Its all about that throwing motion. Its all about that haymaker, that punch, that delivery, that symbolic and natural throw. All great quarterbacks have a signature throwing motion. Brett Favre - extreme rotation. Peyton Manning high and tight dart throw. Carson Palmer - the cleanest most natural beautiful throwing motion on earth. Dan Marino - that fierce mother fuck you snap. Jim Kelly - like when a bank robber cuts through the final chord of a vault with a blow torch, and the safe opens. Its really like poetry, like morning music. You just want to go on your Instagram, on your twitter, on your YouTube, in the film room, wherever, and you just want to watch the throwing motion, pausing a the start, the up, the down, the elbow, the ball by the ear, and then play- boom it snaps out. Only part of the game you care about. A throwing motion is the crescendo in the morning. Its the part where the scream guy you think is dead pops his head up, and you didn't realize Jamie Kennedy was still alive, and shoots him in the head. Boom. The movie ends. Its the part of the Jaws movie where they put the oxygen tank in the sharks mouth, he shoots it with a spear gun and blows it up chunks everywhere. Yippe Kai Yay mother fucker. Its Val Kilmer coming out from behind a tree- I'm your huckleberry. The throwing motion has so much meaning, so much power and influence, your right arm could run for President of the United States on the platform of its ability to throw. An NFL team will have to write the IRAN Deal to try to get other teams from engaging the nuclear buildup in your elbow. You could sell 20% of your throwing motion cartilage to Russia for a $400 million donation to your charitable foundation. No one remembers a terrible soft limp dick throwing motion. Its weak, and malleable, and slow, and drifting, and flutters like a flag pole in the wind. No one remembers that. They hate it. Its against everything America is about. Chad Pennington got voted right out of office in New York. The Jets said no thanks. He won too. But you know why-- because of his throwing motion. He wasn't raw power. He wasn't a beast from the east. It doesn't mean you have to have a strong arm. It means you have to have a unique arm. You have to be Tim Wakefield, and throw a signature knuckleball. No one else can get away with that knuckleball. One of the most underrated throwing motions of all time was Kellen Moore from Boise State. Him and Steve Young had a smooth stroke. Like when they tell you to hold a golf club like there is a baby bird inside your hand on the grip. Don't squeeze it and kill it. Nice soft cushion, and swing. Throw.  He was very clean. But the top arm. You have to have an arm that can shoot t-shirts into the crowd. Brett Favre and Jerry Glanville use to make bets for $100 that he could throw it to the 3rd deck of the stadium in pre-game warm ups. However you have to beware of loser throwing motions. Think Jamarcus Russell. It was too little for his big body. It had no imagination. Big guy little motion. Looked weird and awkward, and didn't siloqouy well in the garden. Othello had nothing to commiserate about with his throwing motion. Gone. Lastly, the problem you will see with the throwing motion. Is the same way beautiful skin starts to wrinkle. The throwing motion at the end is tired. It becomes a laundry line that you hang clothes on. It begins to get long winded, and sing long notes. It turns into a Whitney Houston song. It gets longer than the Gangs of New York. Because you get tired. You get weak, and need more and more to sail across the ocean. More than just the wind. This is why they put engines on sailboats now. So you can nap. And toward the end of your life. It won't be able to make the journey anymore. It will get lonely and old. You will have to read it a diary that you wrote it just so that it can remember it once loved you. And you will have one game where it remembers you. Your best friend. Your lover. You will play the Oakland Raiders the night your dad dies, and throw for 400 yards. You and your best friend. I love you man. I fucking love you dog. My hero. My best friend ever in the history of the world. None of my teammates, not my coaches, family or friends. My beautiful and handsome right arm. I love you player. 

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