The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback ‚Äč

Listen to Quarterback Lessons in Dallas. Trust your Quarterback Coach in Dallas. Hear your QB Lessons in McKinney in Dallas. It used to be that a quarterback was not going to play as a True Freshman. You had to go to a college, and their was a pecking order. To wait until your redshirt Junior Year of football. In fact they required it. At FSU it was the rule of thumb. You had Brad Johnson at Quarterback. It was a miracle to see a Casey Weldon. The only coach in town playing true freshman quarterbacks were the Florida Gators and Steve Spurrier. Rotating them in out. Shane Matthews, Doug Johnson, Jessie Palmer. Everyone was like -- man that must suck for the quarterbacks. But the reality is that, no they sucked. They would play good for a series, or quarter, and then you would have to play the next one. Which is what happens when you are young, and lack the concentration required for the quarterback position. Steve Young once suggested that the quarterback position was harder than getting your law degree. He would know - he is a lawyer. Anyways - it was also great that Steve Spurrier was playing these freshman quarterbacks because every one got a chance to participate and play. Which was totally unusual back then. You sat and waited. Like I said. But fast forward to modern college football, and basically if you are a junior or senior, and you haven't started as a True Freshman, and you aren't already gone for the NFL. You're either a terrible quarterback, not good enough, or your spot is taken by a True Freshman. There are no more 4 year starters in college football, hardly any three year starters. At two years - Deshaun Watson had declared he was playing 1 more then leaving because of the NCAA rule for 3 years of football before turning pro. Its a young man's game. These kids come from throwing the ball in high school 50-60 times a game. They throw for 90 touchdowns a season now. Back in 2005 you had Ben Mauk throw for 75 and it set the world on fire. Chris Leak threw for 220 touchdowns and it was a national record. No you might get to 200 by year 3. Judging by the number of plays & throws a high school kid makes, they basically equal in history & experience that of the redshirt junior quarterback in college. In the 2000's a redshirt junior might have thrown 500 passes in a game situation in his life high school to college. Now that is their freshman year of high school. They have over 2000 passes by their true freshman year. This has accelerated the growth, experience, and fear curve for young quarterbacks. They are no longer afraid to stand in the pocket, to deliver throws. They used to learn how to throw in college. In high school they ran the wing t and threw ten passes a game. Went to college, and ran the iformation and threw 20 passes a game. That is why you are seeing all these true freshman tear it up. Its not that they are more talented. Its that they have more reps. More muscle memory. They learn offense at a young age. They learn reading coverages, and passing combinations, and are required to make serious throws as young kinds. Hell in 2000 reps in high school. You have put all their flaws in a washing machine, and by the time they go to college. They are sanitized, and perfectly clean. Ready to wear out for a night on the town. Lets go throw 5 touchdowns and celebrate. The kids who are juniors and seniors at quarterback now are all bums. All rejects. All guys who didn't make it hogging up scholarships. They are no longer needed. They are the new backup strong safety. They are a backup special teams player. No one knows why they are even on the team. They are like a graduate assistant who has to wear pads during the game. Instead of a cool breeze underarmour shirt and hat. They are pissed, mad, bored. Want to get on with their life, but trying to prove their last relevance of football with shitty "smart," plays, and "cerebral," plays and "leadership plays." Great job knowing how to audible and the run game bro. That is how they stay on the team. Like a security blanket for the coach. At least we got old 25 year old Matt over there, in case the freshman sprains his ankle. He can at least go in and run the iformation, and throw to the fullback. But if we ask him to drop back get sacked fumble and lose the game for us on national television. But there is problems with true freshman quarterbacks. If their back hurts they might leave a game or with a concussion. I used to get knocked out 5-10x a game and still play. These guys leave for the whole game and next week. They are soft mentally with smaller more fragile "sports" bodies from shitty lifting programs that tell them to do crossfit, instead of lifting heavy weights for speed & agility purposes. They get hit once and die on the field. The other issue is that when you play a true freshman quarterback. He tears it up. His clock starts. He is gone after 3 seasons. Well you better have recruited another true freshman starter, and he better be baller. And then his ass will be gone quick too. So you better have a system in place to protect your program. Coaches use to have rely on 4-5 year starters, and a development program. Now they burn out true freshman quarterbacks like a pack of cigarettes. Butts everywhere. Quarterback bodies flying everywhere. Hey Jake Fromm, Hey Justin Fields, Bye Jake Fromm, Hey Justin Fields, guess what we just got the next kid, to battle you, and I am just going to let you breath for one season, and worry the next. Just burning out quarterbacks like camp fire logs. Jacob Eason is like thank god I am at Washington. I have a year to breath and watch Jake Browning and mature. Or his career might have been over at Georgia. Him, Fromm, Fields, who the hell plays. Then the fans like the latest quarterback. Quarterbacks in NCAA are like a pop song now. Its getting hot in here by Nelly. It plays for 3 months, then its Katy Perry Darkhorse, plays for a few weeks, then Lady Gaga Applause. All of these true freshman quarterbacks are going to end up on a Now 50 cd. or Better yet an Elite 11 Greatest Hits album led by that flunky producer Dilfer Dimes. He will coach you up to be worth a nickel. Drops out of your pocket grabbing your wallet. You just left on the ground next to your truck in the parking lot at Kroger. Cause who gives a shit about a dime right. 

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