The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback 

​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you all about peripheral vision. Trust the Quarterback Coach in Mckinney. Listen to the Quarterback Lessons in Mckinney being taught here. So a lot of professional quarterbacks never even look at the target they are throwing to. Instead they keep their head right down the middle, and they throw to a target based on their peripheral vision. They might even actually throw the ball better. Do this. Go home and put two wood posts up and a tire nail gunned on top of each post. Drop back and stare down the middle of the two posts with tires, and never move your eyes. Fire the ball into the tire whole without looking at it. Watch it go right through the tire hole. Most quarterbacks look at their targets, and this is how you get picked off as you advance in your career to more experienced defenses. Tom Brady hasn't even seen half of his passes completed, because he is starting down the forehead of the safety in the middle of the field. The safety is frozen and can't move because he has a lion looking at him in the eyes. Meanwhile the ball is being delivered to the seam route down the hash right on time. Steve Deberg - a famous longtime NFL quarterback who was the backup to Elway, Marino, Montana and more taught me this game. He would play safety in the middle of the two tire posts. I would drop back, and I have a rocket arm. I would throw into the tire and get picked off. So he lined up next, and keep in mind that he is fifty years old. He would stare at me the entire time. He would throw it right through the tire, and I could never pick him off. Because I had no idea where he was throwing. Some times he would stare at one tire, and throw into the other tire. Like a no look basketball pass. He told me here -- as he cracked a heineken beer that most NFL quarterbacks never look at the Wide Receivers. The best ones never do and that is why they never turn the ball over. Pretty soon you will staring down a curl route, and throwing the swing pass in the flat without even looking, and the defense will be so frozen he will run for 15 yards before their bodies can plant and react. Aaron Rodgers says that the most important part of his game is eye control. Not his arm. I don't even like Aaron Rodgers but he is dead accurate here. Watch the young quarterbacks in high school and college, and their eyes and feet make their choice up and that is it. In the Pros you better disguise your decisions the best you can. I can teach that you. However, please make sure that you don't choose your next girlfriend this way. Actually check to make sure she is pretty. Thanks, 

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