Quarterback Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you about how to us your voice. Follow the Quarterback Coach in Mckinney in Dallas. Listen to your QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas. The quarterbacks voice is very important. It cannot be a meek and mild mannered voice. It cannot be a high octave weasel voice. It has to almost sound exactly like Stone Cold Steve Austin when the quarterback talks. It has to be deep with a solid rasp to it. It has to sound a touch grainy, and like it comes right from the back half of the jaw and top of the adam's apple. Your throat has to have a vibrato to it. It has to be somewhat deep. It is very important. If you come into the quarterback position with a voice like a dolphin then its not good. I need to feel like at any moment the glass is going to break, down the ramp is going to walk Stone Cold Steve Austin, and he is going to whoop my ass, then lecture over for a lunch box full of beer to be thrown at him. Especially once the quarterback is in the game, and in the huddle. 90,000 people screaming, and no one can hear. The quarterback has to be able to speak aggressively and their tones change pitch on key words. So I am calling Green Rt Z Short 92 weak, black to a 58 Fup XON. Then what I would do is I would scream certain words of importance. So GREEN rt ZZZZ short 92 WEAKKKK, BLACKKK to a 58888 xon. When you change the tone and pitch of the play call, then it causes wide receivers, and folks in the huddle to listen more closely. Because their brain snaps like when a fire alarm goes off or a car horn. If you spazz on certain words, it creates an ironic sense of urgency in their ears to listen more closely or die. The same way someone would shutter hearing a gun shot. You almost become a singer as a quarterback. Playing a word zylophone. Then you call the play-- well you look at everyone in the ears like their life is on the line, and call the play, then the snap count. The snap count or cadence has to vary, not just in the number, on 1, on 2, etc. It has to also have a musical act attached to it. DOWNNNN red88, redddd88, set hut, hut hut, hut easy easy black22, black22sethut. ​

You create a haiku poem with your cadence. So most pop songs has an intro, a chorus, intro chorus, bridge, chorus, end. However this can be your cadence, but the higher level you go it needs to become a more intricate song. So you might start out with a Britney Spears catchy cadence, but by the Pros you are Dillinger Escape Plan calculus level math signatures, and drum cadences. Your cadence is like a multiplication problem. I am telling you this is dead serious. You need to become a master at your cadence. Or you will get sacked every single play. Your O Lineman will suck. And you will never complete a pass. All famous quarterbacks spend hours in front of the mirror, literally just practice their cadence. Just them a mirror and their cadence. They don't just lineup during the game, and say whatever they want. This is a very practiced and measured deal. 

The other deal with you voice. Is it says a lot about your character. Its like a dogs bark. You can't just have a yappy voice, and a little voice. You are a big dog. So it needs to reverberate through the room. It needs to sound like a woof! It needs to say that I have a big dog at quarterback. Not in a silly obnoxious way. But like a Paul Bunyan I chop wood way. Like you wear overalls during the summer, and do yard work with your bare hands. Some quarterbacks get away with nasely voices like Jeff Garcia. But for the most part it needs to sound active, energetic, tough, passionate, and capable of commanding rooms and attentions. When you are fighting with a teammmate like Dan Fouts with Kellen Winslow, he has to feel it when you say, "come out of your god damn breaks." He has to feel like Daddy is home, and its time to clean up your toys. 

A good quarterback needs to know how to play guitar & sing. Every great quarterback has a favorite song, can whistle songs, and can hold a tune over a guitar or piano, and is not afraid to sing or serenade a teammates, their wives, or whoever. They are all showman. All of them are actors & showman that can sing & dance. 

On one final note -- my voice was still changing when I was 15 years old. And I went to do my cadence, and I said, set hut, and my voice cracked. And the coach blew the whistle. and everyone laughed at me. It was really embarrassing. So don't be too hard on yourself when you are a young man. 

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