Quarterback LessonS

The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback 

​QB Lessons in Mckinney in Dallas will teach you about your wrists. Trust the Quarterback Coaching in Mckinney. I need you to listen to the Quarterback Lesson in Mckinney. Your wrist is the most important part of your body. You don't even need your legs. Its all about the wrist. Think about it. Go open a door. Twist the handle. When throwing the football its all about the wrist snap. The torque. How much pressure can you pack into a 180 degree rotation of your wrist. You know how they talk about that an alligator packs like a 1000 pounds of pressure per bite. They could bite a jawbreaker in half. A lot of young quarterbacks are using their shoulders, their biceps, their triceps, their legs, whatever the hell else to throw. They need it all. They need the entire body to throw. Then the realest quarterbacks just need a wrist. They just snap their wrist like you lighting a cigarette with a lighter. Snap. Glee club finger snap. Snapchat. Red snapper. You catch a shark on your fishing boat, and that tail is just snapping on the deck. That is your wrist. Sometimes I just stand in front of a mirror with a 20 lb dumb bell, just curling my wrist up and down, side to side. Most powerful wrist in the history of mankind. In the 1800's I would herd cattle, and just crack whips from my horse. Whipppshhh! Snap it right on the back of that cows ass. Whenever my wife goes and spends all my money getting groceries. I just load up all the bags on my wrists, turning my hands turnip red, trapping all the blood into my hands. I carry all 30 bags into the house in one swoop. Because my wrists are so strong, and so powerful. A rick james pimp slap to Charlie Murphy. Strong wrists. Just laying in bed with a football, and throw it straight up from my nose to the ceiling using only my wrist. Hundreds of times per day. That fat catfish part of my forearm flexing, huffing and puffing, blow the three little pigs house down. My forearm hyperventilates like the guy who won your local turkey trot. Runs 3.5 k his lungs pumping oxygen and blood back into his central nervous system. My wrist and forearm look like a heartbeat. Bum bump Bum Bump. Throbbing. A nitro booster stuck in there. Look at your TV remote, and unslide the part where you put your batteries. That is my wrist/forearm. A couple of double A batters in there. If this was ESPN 2 my forearm is one of those drag racing vehicles waiting for the whistle to rocket off. When I throw the football sounds like a christmas miracle. Sounds like you are lost in the grocery store, and can hear your mom whistle for you. Needs a parachute to come back down to earth. All from the wrist. Torque. Hold your hand out in handshake form with your thumb up. Now turn your wrist all the way down with your thumb to the ground. Do that 100 times a day. Get fast at that turnstyle. Thumb up to thumb down. Snap. Fast. Throw motion should be stronger than a horses thigh. With the agility and flexibility of a ballerina dancer. You are going to drop back. In a phone booth. No one can help you. Ryan Renyolds in the movie where he is trapped in a coffin. Can move his arms or legs. How do you get the ball to the checkdown? Do I under hand it? I literally only have my fingers and wrist. Are they strong enough? I should be able to stand still with nothing but my wrist, and throw a legit 12 yard curl route 40 miles per hour. I should be able to getting sacked, and have only my wrist. Nothing else. And I can complete a pass 50 yards down the field just snapping my wrist. My wrist should be stronger than goosebumps writer R. Line Stine. All 67 books worth of strength. When I go to buy watches, they need to add extra links. A quarterback should have the best handshake on the field. It should feel like a fly buzzing into a venus fly trap. Like you're on a South African shark tour to touch a great whites nose, and you accidently touch his tounge. Each finger should have a six pack. The top of your hand should like stronger than a grill bracket. I could lay a hamburger on top of your hand, and it would get grill marks during a hot summer. Pure steel grate of a hand. I would stand behind a tree. Pretend I can see the receiver, and the only way that this ball is going to get complete. Is if I throw side wrist, and it better be deadly accurate pass. In fact all your accuracy comes from your wrist. You ever play darts at an old smokey restaurant in Las Vegas. You are trying to hard to aim for the bullseye. You toss the dart, and it hits the red or green part. That was because you had a strong healthy wrist. Your wrist guided that dart home safely like an Uber driver with a gps on your football. You snap your wrist to the receiver, like you are pointing at him when the ball leaves your hand. You are going to poke his chest with the tip of your pointer finger. The ball is for you delivered by UPWrist. A strong wrist will save your life. Defenders can't rush a quarterback with a great wrist. They can't sack you if you have a strong wrist. They can grab your belly, your legs and thighs, head and back. But the wrist is too small, its like swatting a mosquito. Hard to catch the wrist. Its a stick of dynamite. They could blow up a building with 400 of quarterbacks wrists. Its K4 explosion. Filled with gun powder. Put it in the old vice grip Favre says to Rodgers. He is a french duel gunslinger. Ill be your huckleberry. Shot. Val Kilmer flicks his wrist. All in the wrist. Saves you time. You can't be stepping into your throws, and taking up space, taking up circumference. A big ass wingspan. You are not a bald eagle slowly soaring through the sky. Your wrist snaps like a bear trap on an ankle. You need to practice throwing a football like you are throwing darts. You need to practice throwing a football thumb at 90 degree to wrist to downward obtuse. Imagine how a cobra snaps his head to strike his victim. Coil that wrist up and down. Throw the ball with your arms and legs, and the last part is the cobra bite. Shoots out of your hand like a rocket. Up and down snap. Vroom. Flys out of your hand like a javeline. Basically your career is over if you can't just throw with a wrist. Can you type fast on a computer? If yes, it means the wifi between your brain and wrist is working. If you can't it means that that you haven't trained your wrist enough. You need to become a snake charmer. Can you raise that wrist out of the basket with your mind? Anyways - look I don't know. Go stiff arm someone.